Written for The Of Weather and Characteristics Challenge on HPFC

Weathers: gust & thunderstorm

Characteristic: carefree

I own nothing


"Dancing in the Rain"

"James!" Lily yells, but her voice is stolen by a gust of wind. "JAMES!" she screams, but the sound is ripped from her lips by the storm. The rain is coming down in sheets around her. Lightning cracks. Thunder rolls, and she jumps a mile in the air.

"James Potter, if you don't get in here right now, you're going to be sorry!" she screams.

The figure in the middle of the grounds stays still, face upturned toward the rain. Lily sighs. She resigns herself to wading through the thunderstorm, which is already puddling in the grass. Throwing up the hood of her cloak – not that it does much good, given she's already soaked just from standing just inside the entranceway, Lily stomps out into the storm.

It's not until she's right on top of him that James notices her. "Lily," she sees his lips move, but the sound never reaches his ears.

"What on earth are you doing, James?" Lily yells to be heard above the howling wind.

"Isn't it beautiful?" James asks in return. He spins in a circle, and Lily wonders how he manages to seem graceful even in robes that must weigh twenty pounds, soaked as he is. His normally messy hair is plastered to his scalp, and his robes cling in a way Lily really doesn't want to think about.

"Beautiful? James, it's dangerous!"

"That's where true beauty lies!" James yells in return.

Lily shakes her head. "You're insane, James! You're Head Boy, mostly because Dumbledore is off his rocker, but you are; you're supposed to be setting an example! This is dangerous!"

James laughs, almost maniacally. "Lighten up, Lily! It's just a bit of rain!"

Lily looks around, then gapes at him in disbelief. "A bit of rain? A bit of rain?"

Another peal of thunder shakes the air, and Lily jumps.

James laughs again. "And a bit of thunder. Isn't it wonderful?"

"James, just come inside!"

But James doesn't appear to be listening. While Lily's distracted by another crack of lightning, he sweeps her up into his arms, dancing as if he hasn't a concern in the world, utterly carefree.

Lily tries to protest, but James is undoubtably stronger than she is. He twirls her around in elegant circles.

At first, Lily struggles. "James, now is not the time to be dancing!" But James appears not to have heard her. He's humming a tune that Lily can't quite catch, dancing an elaborate waltz, twirling Lily despite herself.

And, also despite herself, Lily begins to laugh. James – who at this moment, she's not sure what he is to her, because it's not just an arrogant toerag – makes carefree catchy. And she wonders, absently, when he stopped just being a jerk she didn't want to associate with. She wonders when he started being a boy – nearly a man – who could make her laugh, make her smile.

She wonders when James Potter went and grew up, because he certainly didn't do so while she was watching.