New Years one-shot for Tenae 3 This is mostly just a typical New Years fic that you've probably read it a million times before, I just felt like writing one.

Waiting until midnight to drop glitter on the people of Babylon was unheard of, considering glitter was dropping all the time, no matter what the occasion. Tonight, though, was special. Tonight was the first night in almost four years that Justin would be back in Babylon. In the light of the cancelled wedding and his moving to New York, Justin hadn't set foot in the city of Pittsburgh since. Mostly it was long-distance phone calls, e-mails, or Brian hopping on a plane to go see him.

What changed? What was making Justin come here? Nobody knew, nobody except Brian. Hell, not even Justin knew why he had received a random plane ticket in the mail for New Year's Eve.

When Justin had arrived, Brian had picked him up at the airport, taken him back to the loft for some 'fun time' and then ushered him out to Babylon.

Entering the club, Justin was all smiles.

"Wow, this place hasn't changed, at all." He looked at Brian who wrapped a posessive arm around his waist.

"Some things aren't meant to change." He said, dragging his lover over to the bar and ordered two beers. Justin drank his beer in silence, watching Brian survey the dance floor.

"So, you going to tell me why you dragged me here for New Year's Eve?" He asked. Brian quirked an eyebrow.

"You mean you would rather be at the loft?" Justin shook his head.

"No, I mean, why did you have me get on a plane to come out here?" He looked at Brian earnestly, begging him with his eyes to tell him. Brian looked away from those pleading eyes, they would be the death of him.

Brian ignored his question and instead grabbed Justin's hand and led him out onto the dancefloor. As they danced, it was as if four years faded away and it became just them, moving to the thumpa thumpa without a care in the world, it was when he heard the countdown did he stop and stare into the blue eyes bearing into his.

When people cheered and yelled 'Happy New Year', Brian leaned down and gave Justin a slow and passionate kiss, nibbling slightly on his bottom lip. After a few minutes, they pulled away to catch their breath, glitter falling between them.

"I want you to move back." Brian said.

"What?" Justin couldn't believe his ears.

"You've done pretty good for yourself so I think you should move back to Pittsburgh." He gripped the back of Justin's neck and pulled him closer while they began dancing again.

"So, that's the point of the random plane ticket?"

"Yeah, I figured if I could get you here in person, you couldn't say 'no'," Brian smirked. Justin was smiling ear to ear.

"Well, you're right, as usual." He leaned in and kissed the other man, trailing kisses down his neck. Brian pulled away.

"And, I want to get married." Justin stopped and stared.

"Brian, we don't need-," He began, Brian interrupted him.

"You're right, we don't need rings or vows, but maybe I want them, maybe I want the wedding reception, maybe I want the cheesy first dance, and maybe I want to carry the groom across the threshold." He smirked through all of this. His token 'Brian Kinney' smile never leaving his face. A tear fell down Justin's face, Brian reached forward and wiped it away gently.




"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I will marry you."

They smiled and laughed as the celebration continued around, oblivious to anyone but themselves in their own happy little world.