Mission to the Outside

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It was known to the elite of the elite of ninjas that there was a place known as the unknown (a/n: I know, stupid name). No one knew where it was or what it was. The hokages knew the most of its existence. Then again, the first hokage was the first to access this outside world, a parallel universe to our own. He sealed all his knowledge inside a scroll until one day, when the unknown would find out about them, Konoha would be prepared. Soon, he deemed it too dangerous for the village to find out about this place and kept it secret, hoping that the shinobi would not try to take advantage of this.

During the time of the Shodaime, some information leaked out about this wonderful world, one shinobi claimed to have ventured out and saw civilians holding "sticks of chakra". No one believed him and he was quickly taken care of by the Shodaime for his insolence.

Soon, people started losing interest and the reality turned into a legend and was soon forgotten until the Godaime received a mission from the legendary place known as the unknown. Who hired the shinobi? No one other than one named Albus Dumbledore.

This now brings us to the present, this moment Tsunade made a decision that would change the wizarding world and change it to the core. Harry Potter's destiny would be changed and the two shinobi that were sent on this mission would face trials on trust, love, and friendship. Thus, beginning the start of a new century.

"Bring Fox and Snake now!" the Godaime of Konoha yelled as she chucked her sake bottle at the wall. Poof! In a swirl of leaves the top Anbu of the leaf village arrived. They bent on the floor, showing respect to the kage of the village.

"I want you to go on a mission, to the unknown." At this, the two Anbu exchanged discreet glances- had the Godaime lost her mind? At this moment, a voice piped up and said "So that is what you call our world? I'm Albus Dumbledore and I'm your client. I asked for the best and I hope these young ones are qualified." An old man with a white beard walked out of the shadows of the office. Fox twitched- this person was too much like the Sandaime for him to bear and how had he known what their age was? Snake noticed this movement and moved his hand on top of Foxes, a sign of comfort.

Tsundade said to some amusement, "Anyhow, you guys are to go to Hogwarts School of Wizardry and protect a boy named Harry Potter. He is in great danger from an evil wizard named Voldemort. Use whatever tactics you like, but get this done." At this Fox and Snake knew they were presented with two choices- disguise as a student or use intimidation as guards. Tsunade continued, "You will have until tomorrow that you decide, oh and Dumbledore needs to know what you really look like."

With that, Fox and Snake took of their masks, showing the hardened face of Naruto and Sasuke.

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