So Much For My Happy Ending

Chapter 1

Eunice Smith was finally done with her high school education at the private Baltimore School For Young Ladies. She was planning to go to a college for women in Cambridge Massachusetts, Radcliffe. She was exited to get a degree in English and to a date a certain rich and handsome young man who she wanted to marry. She had her eye on this very handsome young man who she had met last summer, Horace Douglas. His family was friends with her family and had come to Baltimore from New York to visit last summer. This is when he had told Eunice that he was planning on going to Harvard this coming fall. Eunice's college was in the same town as Harvard. Her college Radcliffe was created because Harvard did not allow women to attend Harvard. Eunice had not told her parents about what she had thought about Horace, until it came out in conversation one summer night without it meaning to.

"Oh I am so excited to go to Radcliffe. My friend Eleanor told me how there is so much to do for fun. I can't wait for the dances becauseā€¦",said Eunice regretting that she had almost told her parents about her crush.

"Eunice, are you already fond of a Harvard student who you hope will take you to a dance?" asked Eunice's mother Elizabeth. Oh no, Mother senses I like someone, thought Eunice.

"Yes, Mother", replied Eunice.

"Well who is it? I hope it is a very respectable young man who would be able to support you in the manner you are accustomed to", replied Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth, we don't even know who this young man is! How do we know that he would even want to propose? Who is this young man, Eunice?", asked Eunice's father, James.

"Horace Douglas, father", replied Eunice

"Oh how wonderful. He's a delightful young man. Has he told you how he feels about you?", asked Elizabeth.

"I will let the two of you to discuss this while I go to my study for the rest of the evening Goodnight Elizabeth, Eunice", said James before giving his wife a quick peck on the cheek. His wife and daughter then wished him a good night.

"Mother he has said that I am a nice girl, but nothing more", said Eunice.

"Well I hope he asks for your hand in marriage", said Elizabeth.

"So do I mother I'm very fond of him, but first I must wait for him to ask me out", said Eunice.

"Oh, I hope he will, but Eunice I do hope you spend much time on your coursework. It would be a disgrace if you fail because you spend too much time at parties or socializing with your friends", said Elizabeth.

"Oh Mother, I love English and can't wait to study it some more", said Eunice.

"Good, your father will be happy to hear that. I also want you to remember to stick with your kind. I hear that some that go to college are not of the same class as us. I do not want you to associate with those girls. Do you understand Eunice?", replied Elizabeth.

"Oh yes mother. I don't know why I would ever spend time with them!", declared Eunice.

"Good, now it is getting rather late and I am going to retire to my room for the remainder of the night. Goodnight Eunice", said Elizabeth.

"Goodnight Mother", replied Eunice. Eunice spent the rest of the night reading romantic poetry while thinking of Horace. In two weeks, she would be attending college and hopefully she would become Horace's sweetheart.