Chapter 12

It was December 7, 1941 and Eunice was getting ready for a meeting of the Metropolitan Opera Board of Trustees when the phone rang.

"Hello Eunice, this is William. We've been attacked. I'd much rather listen to the radio to hear what's going on. I've decided to cancel the meeting", said William.

"What? Who has been attacked? William are they re-airing War of the Worlds? I'll never forget when you called me from your house at Sans Point and ask if the Martians had attacked the Met. That goodness Oliver and I had heard the disclaimer at the beginning of the broadcast", said Eunice.

"Eunice the Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor. I think war may be declared", said William.

"They've attacked where?"

"A Naval Base in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor", said William.

"Oh dear! How horrible! I will defiantly have the radio on the rest of the day. I'm sure this means war. Goodbye William", said Eunice.

"Bye, Eunice", said William

Eunice spent the rest of the day glued to the radio. That evening she called her children. Cynthia was a Freshman at Radcliffe, who planned on majoring in English. Oliver was a Junior majoring in Political Science before he'd go on to Law School. Cynthia had brought up the fact that she was terrified about the possibility of her boyfriend going off to war. When Eunice called Oliver the first thing she did was make sure he didn't have a wild 21st.

"Oliver, when I called you on your birthday, you said you were just going to have one glass of wine. I want to make sure you didn't have any more than 2 glasses", said Eunice.

"Mother I had one glass of white wine with dinner. I do not want to become like father. I went out with Helen. Mother, have you heard about Pearl Harbor?"

"Yes, if you are drafted, don't join the Navy! Your father was in the Navy", said Eunice.

"I was going to join the air force Mother! It will be wonderful to fly over those farm fields!", said Oliver.

"Oh Oliver! Stop talking about farming. I think the air force would be wonderful, though. I have a feeling our president will declare war soon", said Eunice.

"So do I, mother. I'm going to read some more for a class. I promise I'll call you soon", said Oliver

"Have a good rest of the day dear, and do call me as soon as you hear a war declaration", said Eunice.

The next day Eunice had the radio on when she heard that President Roosevelt was going to address a joint session of Congress. It was the official declaration of war against Japan. Eunice decided she would call Oliver later in the evening. As she head off to Bible study she prayed for her family and the nation. She remembered how worried she had been when Horace had gone to war.

At Bible Study there was a lot of discussion among anxious mothers and wives about war. They spent a lot of time praying before reading the 23rd Psalm and discussing it.

After Eunice had dinner she called her children and again discussed war.

"Oliver you must keep me updated about everything. I am so worried about you going to war. I know I should be calm and pray, but I'm so nervous", said Eunice.

"Mother would it help if you knew that I'll pray for you? "Asked Oliver.

"Oh, would you dear? Thank you dear", said Eunice.

After calling Cynthia and trying to comfort her daughter who was worried about the possibility of her boyfriend going to war, which wasn't easy to do because Eunice was so scared herself. That night she cried, prayed and even sang a few hymns. She knew she could get through this with God's help.