Many thanks to TIRN33 for suggesting a Indi Moments. I really love her character. :)




Jason, dressed as Robin, was jumping rooftop to rooftop, trying to follow Batman silently.

According to one of Bruce's informers, Joker was going to have a killing spree in West Gotham, and his Joker gas would be spread everywhere.

Batman stopped abruptly and Jason silent halted to a stop. At least, he thought it was silently.

"I do not want you coming on this mission, Robin." Batman stated. Jason revealed himself from the shadows, and glared at his mentor.

"Why not? I am ready, I can take on Joker and his stupid gas." He debated.

"You are not coming with me Robin. It is too dangerous." Batman stated in a voice that meant finality. "Patrol the rest of the city while I take care of Joker." With that, Batman went running off again, leaving Jason on the roof, forbidden to follow.

"Too dangerous." Jason grumbled as he started to jump roofs in a different direction. "Dangerous my ass. I know dangerous. Joker isn't dangerous. A maniac yes, but to me, not dangerous." Jason grumbled.

He quickly changed into some civvies and started to walk around the streets of Gotham. Why patrol when he couldn't fight against Joker? Jason was too angry to do any patrolling and figured that he'd go to one of his favorite dinners and grab a burger. However, on his way, he heard a sharp yelp coming from an alleyway near him.

He raised an eyebrow and sprinted towards the ally where he heard the sound. He glanced in to see that far back in the shadows there was some movement.

He could see a girl about his age wearing a green shirt, with black boots and jeans. Her skin was dark, Hispanic. Jason thought. She was being man handled by a group of men.

"Manos fuera!" the girl barked, and Jason was grateful that Bruce taught him Spanish. She was saying, "Hands Off!"

"C'mon babe. You're good. Really good." Stated the man who had a strong grip on her, but the other looked alert, ready for her to break free.

"I am finished with gangs. No. I will not join. Now let me go." She growled in a strong voice.

"C'mon, don't be like that." Stated one of the guys behind her."

"Yeah, word on the street says that in Puerto Rico, you were a legend. How many people she kill again Roger? 67?" questioned the other guy.

"No, she killed 68. You know how to handle a gun, don't you kiddo." Chuckled the man holding her still.

"I only killed because I needed to help my family. The gang protected my family and I, but now that we are here, I do not need protection. I hated killing. Now, let me go, or I will do the very thing that I hate and kill you." She growled, but the man kept his grasp on her.

"Oh, you need some incentive to work for us?" he questioned as he pinned the girl to the wall and his friends helped to keep her pinned.

"I'll show you one of the perks of working with us." He smirked as he started to undo the button of his pants.

That was when Jason was going to run in, however, the girl was able to kick the man in front of her in his stomach, and then swiftly elbowed the man to her left in his face. her left hand was then free to punch the man to her right in the gut, and she quickly had herself freed from them.

Jason watched in awe as the girl unleashed skilled kicks and punches on the men. Unfortunately, while she was punching one man, another who she thought she knocked unconscious, came from behind and grabbed her arms while the other punched her harshly on the face. it didn't knock her out, but it disoriented her.

Jason ran into the ally, and easily knocked out the man who punched the girl before he could do so again, and then the girl elbowed the man holding her in the gut while Jason knocked the man out as well. The third man had been knocked out by the girl prior to Jason's help.

"Who… are you?" the girl questioned, taking a fighting stance in case she needed to defend herself, but Jason could tell that she was in a lot of pain, due to the punch she received in the face, and how her eye was swelling.

"I'm Jason. Jason Todd." He introduced, not making any sudden movements so she wouldn't feel compelled to attack him. "What's your name?"

"Indira." She answered. "Indira Xavier Rispoli." Jason took a small step towards, her but she stayed in her stance. "Why did you help me Jason? Are you part of another gang trying to recruit me?" she questioned.

"No." Jason said, shaking his head. "I'm just a guy who saw that you needed help." He informed gently.

Indira slowly relaxed, but then brought her hand to her face, wincing at the tender skin.

"Do you need any help? I can get you some ice from a Diner I was just heading to." Jason informed. Indira looked reluctant, but then her brown eyes looked into Jason's blue ones.

"Please, Jason. If that's not any trouble." She nodded, and Jason lightly grasped her hand.

"No trouble at all."