I Will Never Love Like This Again…

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Chapter 15- Save In Heaven
Recap of the last chapter (again… this is because I'm the dork that can't remember what I wrote): Everything after that moment had become a mess of black and gray. He had called in privet investigators and even went out to search for himself, but there was nothing. Misaki was nowhere to be found. Tears stained Akihiko's cheeks. His vision of a family was gone. He will never be able to meet his son. He will never be able to see Misaki again. There was nothing left for him. There was only this dark world of black and gray.

"There, there, little pet." A cynical giggling voice said from beyond the shadows. "There is nothing left for you to grieve of, there is not much time for you." The broken, bleeding body across the room shivered and lifted his shaking head. A boney hand with pointed nails ran down his cheek, poking his skin until another drop of blood revealed itself. "I will put you out of your misery soon." The voice let out a crackling laugh and the figure left the room, the door closing with a loud groan. Tears ran down the broken boy's face.

Usagi-san… Please find me…

Another month passed... Time was nothing more than a blur. Misaki, broken and bloody, laid just barely breathing in an old warehouse. Every day he wished for Usagi to come... And every day he was disappointed. No one came. Everyone probable forgot about him. His only joy was his little one... Silently nudging at his stomach, as if the baby was telling its mother that everything was going to be ok. Misaki sat up shakily and groaned. He was hungry, broken and homesick. He wanted to see his brother... His family... But most of all... He longed to see Usagi again.
With his sad, blurry eyes he gazed around his cell. A woman sat outside, laughing manically. She had tortured him... Beat him... Starved him... But he stayed strong. He had to live, for himself, for his child, and for Usagi. The woman looked at him with a glare. "Still alive? What an annoying boy." She growled. Misaki was wobbly, but he held his ground. He frowned at sat tall. "Stupid boy..." The woman growled. Misaki didn't budge. He just kept wishing that Usagi was there, with him once more...
As if it were an answer to his prayers... There was a noise outside. Everything faded away. The woman got up, screaming and trying to run... But she was tackled. By who? Misaki could tell. He could feel his life slipping away. There was a gunshot, and the woman fell. Off in the distance someone was shouting. "Misaki! Misaki!" Misaki tried to stand... But he fell. The voice got farther and farther away. Misaki couldn't tell what was up and what was down.
Then... Everything went black.

Misaki woke to a white room. Where was he? Needles were stuck in his arm... And a man sat next to him, holding his hand. Misaki blinked slowly and turned his head. "U-Usagi-San?" Misaki whispered weakly. The man looked up, eyes wide and sparkling. Misaki smiled. Usagi... He was here... Misaki was safe. "Usagi-San!" he said a little louder.
"Misaki!" Usagi said happily. He hugged Misaki gently. "Thank goodness you're alright! You were asleep for five days..." Misaki's eyes widened. Five days...? Misaki looked at Usagi with slightly fearful eyes.
"T-The baby..."
"Is fine. Don't worry." Usagi smiled. "Our son is just fine." Misaki sighed with relief. Good... His son was just fine. Misaki yawned. He had slept for five days and he was still tired?!
"W-What happened anyway...?" he asked quietly. The last thing he remembered was him being trapped by that woman.
"The police found a clue that lead us to you..." Misaki leaned against Usagi. He was safe... It was ok... He was safe...
But every part of his body screamed that this was only a dream.

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