Broken Hearts

Normal P.O.V

Kisara kept reading her romance/tragedy book, that's how she felt her relationship with her boyfriend is like.

He was always working. They rarely saw each other in a while.

Sure he was Seto Kaiba, CEO and owner of kaibacorp. and he was only 19 years old but this was ridiculous, right? She looked at the clock, 8:45 pm. Seto been working until midnight or later lately.

Kisara sighed, 'it's hopeless.' she thought brokenly. She pulled her legs to her chest and started crying.

'I can't take the heartache anymore.'

Suddenly she heard a knock on her apartment door. She quickly wiped her eyes but they were still really red. "I'm coming!" Kisara said trying to fake enthusiasm. She opened the door and to say the white-haired girl was surprised was a understatement.

Standing there was her boyfriend.

Seto Kaiba raised a eyebrow, he was slightly surprised at Kisara's strange behavior.

"what?" he said confused.

"I wasn't expecting you. Most people call prior. " she said simply. 'even if you did I wouldn't have believed you.' she added bitterly in her mind. He walked into the small and slightly messy apartment.

He smiled slightly, not a I'm-so-much-better-than-you trademark smirk, but a true smile. 'Holy Ra, what's wrong with him?'

Kisara thought.

She also noticed he didn't have his laptop or his suitcase holding all his duel monster cards.

By this time Kisara was really worried.

She looked at him with her bright-blue eyes, "Seto are you feeling alright?" she asked. But he didn't answer her because he picked up Kisara's book and looked at it really confused.

"I thought you hated romance tragedy books." he said.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I just started reading it and I liked it a lot." I replied. Seto put the book down and got up. At first she thought he was leaving to back to kaibacorp. but was surprised to see he was coming towards her. He was smiling again, it's kind of creepy when he smiles like that!

He was standing so close in front of her Kisara could feel his breath. Then Kaiba kissed her! But Kisara's heart held back. Kaiba confused pulled away to see her crying, what did he do wrong?

"Do you think you can just waltz into my apartment after weeks of not seeing me, Heck I haven't heard from you in a while, and kiss me and expect everything to be better? You have another thing coming Kaiba!" she shouted.

The young CEO took a step back at the sound of his last name. Kisara couldn't help but see the slight hurt in his eyes.

"Kisara if you were hurting why didn't you tell me?" he asked. This explained a lot, like how Kisara has stopped visiting his at his office. She rolled her eyes.

Kaiba carefully wrapped his hands around his girlfriend and embraced her. Kaiba nuzzled his face against Kisara's, she blushed slightly.

"I'm sorry." he whispered seductively.

She frowned deeply. "Your not out of the woods yet, Seto Kaiba." but Kisara knew she was helpless against him. 'Da*m! I'm way to forgiving.' she thought angry at herself.

"I love you." he said and kisara's heart stopped.

"Fine." she eventually said. Kaiba smiled to himself. "Will you please stop smiling like that? It's creepy." she said. Kaiba frowned at the comment.

"I love you Kisara." he said again.

"I love you too Seto, even though you drive me crazy." Kisara replied. Kaiba laughed slightly and kissed her again, except kisara didn't hold her heart back.

The end