Song: Austin by Blake Shelton
Story: Percy Jackson And The Olympions

I love this song. I'm actually going to preform it for a coffee house that my church youth group does, along with the song Reason Why by Victoria Justice. Anyway, I hope you like it. If it pulls at your heart strings, leave a review. Even if it doesn't leave a review. I love them and they make me feel good. Btw, listen to the orignal song Austin, then listen to If Thsi Is London I Still Love You . . . Both are really, really good, but I think that I might like Austin just a little bit more. Austin is country, while London is pop. Anyway, ENJOY!

She left without leaving a number,
Said she needed to clear her mind,

Annabeth POV:

"Percy, I'm sorry, I just need to go. I need to clear my mind, sort out my feelings," I said.

"I understand, Annabeth. Just, call me when you know," he said, his beautiful green eyes filled with sadness.

"I can't promise that," I said to him. I kissed his check softly before walking out the door, leaving him without a phone number and no way of knowing where I was going.

He figured she'd gone back to Austin,
'Cause she talked about it all the time,

Percy POV:

Austin was the first place that I thought of. She had a sister there that she hadn't seen in al long time, and she was always saying how much she missed her and wanted to see her again. I knew where she went. I'll admit, everypart of me wanted to run after her and beg her to stay, but I didn't. I gave her the space she needed, no matter how much it killed me.

It was almost a year,
Before she called him up,
Three rings and an answering machine is what she got,

Annabeth POV:

"Come on, you big baby. Just call him already. Tell him how you feel. It's been almost a year," I yelled at myself. I really did have to call Percy. No, I didn't have to call him, I needed to call him. He had to know. I picked up the phone, dialing Percy's home phone. I prayed to the gods that he hadn't changed his number. Ring...Ring...Ring

"Hey, you've reached Percy," the automated voice message said. Dang it, I missed him.

If you're calling 'bout the car I sold it,
If this is Tuesday night I'm bowling,
If you've got something to sell you're waisting your time,
I'm not buying,
If it's anybody else,
Wait for the tone,
You know what to do,
And p.s. if this is Austin,
I still love you,

"If this is Annabeth Chase, I want you to know that I still love you."

The telephone to the counter,
She heard but she couldn't believe,
What kind of man would hang on that long,
What kind of love that must be,

I knew there was a beep after the messege, but I didn't hear it. The landline had fallen out of my hand, and on to the kitchen counter. I just couldn't believe it. How could he have held out this long? I thought that maybe after a few days, he would've run of to Rachel. But no. He stayed faithful to me. He must really love me. This only hardened my resolve to tell him that I really did love him.

She waited three days and then she tried again,
She didn't know what she'd say,
But she heard three rings and then,

"Come on, come on. Pick up your damn phone, Seaweed Brain!" I said in to the reciver. It had been three days since my first attempt to call him. I admit, I was scared. This was the hardest thing that I ever had to do. I didn't even know what I was going to say to him if he picked up the phone. Ring...Ring...Ring...

"Hey, you've reached Percy Jackson..." Again with the phone messeges

If it's Friday night I'm at the ball game,
And first thing Saturday if it don't rain,
I'm headed out to the lake,
And I'll be gone,
All weekend long,
But I'll call you back,
When I get home,
On Sunday afternoon,
And p.s. if this is Austin,
I still love you,

Gone again. Well, I know what I have to do this time.

Well this time she left her number,
But not another word,
Then she waited by the phone on Sunday evening,
And this is what he heard,

Percy POV:

I had just gotten back from visiting my half-brothers and sisters at Camp Half-Blood when I noticed that I had a new voice mail on the machine. I sat down on the couch and pressed play. I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard Annabeth's voice on the machine, giving me a new phone number. I quickly wrote down the number and called her.

If you're calling 'bout my heart,
It's still yours,
I should've listened to it a little more,
Then it wouldn't have taken me so long to know where I belong,
And by the way boy,
This is no machine you're talking to,
Can't you tell that this is Austin,
And I still love you,
I still love you.

Annabeth POV:

"Percy," I said into the reciver. "I know that you're there, and I want you to know something. You're not talking to a machine, Seaweed Brain. This is really me talking, and I want you to know that I still love you."

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