Song: Holding Out For A Hero by Ella Mae Bowen

Story: Percy Jackson And The Olympions by Rick Riordan

Alright, I know that it's been a while since I last updated, but things have been busy lately. I've also been lacking inspiration. But I just had to do a songfic for this song. You see, on Saturday, July 14, at 7 AM, I have an audition to be on The Voice, and this is one of the songs I'm going to audition with. So I hope that you like it. You'll have to forgive me, I'm a little rusty, I haven't written any songfics in a long time.

Annabeth POV:

Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods
Where's the street wise Hercules to fight the rising odds,

It's been months since Percy went missing, and we've sent all of our best men out, but with no only ones who've stayed stayed at camp are Chiron, Jason, Leo, Piper, myself, and those that were in the infermary. We also still had no contact from any of the gods. Where were they when we needed them most?

Isn't there a white knight,
Upon a fiery steed,
Late at night I toss and turn and dream of what I need,

Now that Percy was missing, several of the male campers thougtht that I was now available, and tried to hit on me. But I didn't want any of them. I just wanted my Seaweed Brain.

I went to bed late each night, because I was checking maps, working on the Argo II, and trying to help Chiron to the best of my abilites. I tossed and turned, trying to fall asleep, but my thoughts and dreams kept straying back to one thing: Percy.

I need a hero,
I'm holding out for a hero til the end of the night,
He's gotta be strong,
He's gotta be fast,
And he's gotta be larger than life,
Larger than life,

I needed Percy. I was so excited when Leo told me that the Argo II was ready to sail. I've been holding out on Percy, untill the day that I see him again. I knew that he would be larger than life, and I couldn't wait.

Somewhere after midnight,
In my wildest fantasies,
Somewhere just beyond my reach there's someone reaching back for me,

Sometime after midnight, while I was in my my bed, I started fantasizing about my reunion with Percy. I must have fallen asleep, because every time that I tried to reach out for Percy, he reached out for me, but was just beyond my reach.

Racing on the thunder,
And rising with the heat,
Isn't there a Superman to sweep me off my feet,

The ship got caught in a storm, somewhere above Kansas, so Leo took us up as the heat from the lightning started to crackel. It was just like we were racing on thunder.

Percy would have loved that. He perfered to stay near the water, but this was pretty close. He more than likely would have done a "king of the world" or "Superman" bit by now.

I need a hero,
I'm holding out for a hero til the end of the night,
He's gotta be strong,
He's gotta be fast,
And he's gotta be larger than life,

Leo said that we would be landing tomorrow. Good. If I didn't find my Seaweed Brain by the end of tomorrow night, I was going to lose it.

I pray the mountians meet the heavens above,
Out where the lightning spilts the sea,
I can swear there is someone somewhere watching me,

As we got closer and closer to California, the mountian ranges looked almost as if they met the sky above, like if you climbed to the top, you could touch the heavens. The water was also playing tricks on my eyes, because when we passed over a lake in the middle of a storm once, it looked like the lightning that came down behind us split the water in two. It alsmost felt like a sign, like the gods were watching us, finally paying attention to us as we got closer to the Roman Camp, urging us forward.

Through the wind and the chill and the rain,
And the storm and the raging flood,
Oh his approach is like a fire in my blood,

We sailed through all sorts of bad weather, except for snow. We passed over storms, and floods, but didn't stop. I couldn't stop. I need to get there soon. The closer we got to Jason's camp, the more I felt a connection to Percy. It was like a fire was burning through my blood.

I'll meet a hero,
And then we'll dance til the morning light,
Dreaming he will lead me,
Held tight tonight's the night,

We were so close. Just a little longer, and I can finally be with my hero. Half of me was expecting some grand reunion, like in the movies with Piper's dad, but the other half knew that there would be no such thing. What I did know though, is that we would hold each other tight. I missed his strong arms around me.

I need a hero,
I'm holding out for a hero til the end of the night,
He's gotta be strong,
He's gotta be fast,
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight,

As we hovered just above the west coast camp, my imagination began to run wild. I could picture Percy in the middle of a fight, finishing off the monsters, then running up to me, and embracing me. I quickly shook the idea out of my head as we began to decend. This was it.

I need a hero,
I'm holding out for a hero til the morning light,
He's gotta be sure,
And he's gotta be soon,
And he's gotta be larger than life,
Larger than life.

The sky was just breaking morning light as we landed in the Roman Camp. We landed in what looked to be a camp meeting. My eyes quickly scaned the crowed for my Seaweed Brain. It took two seconds for me to find him, and him, me. He quickly walked up to me, so sure and confident, that it almost made my knees week. He stood infront of me for about half a second, before his lips came crashing down on mine, in a kiss that was larger than life.

I couldn't believe it. I had finally found my hero.

Alright, so what did you think? Was it any good? Or, in my absence, did I just get worse? I would love to hear your thoughts. I would also love it if you could send me a songfic idea. I don't know how soon I would get to it, cause I only write this stuff when inspiration hits, but if you give me the song title and the name of the artist, I would gladly put it on my list. Anyway, I've got to go rehearse for my audition. Wish me luck!