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He wouldn't say he liked it, but he wasn't really sure if he didn't like it either. It was mostly the lack of control that he was uncomfortable with. Izaya lay on his bed in a similar position that Shizuo had been in before, with his arms handcuffed over his head to the frame of the bed. Only once that had been done, Shizuo took the next step and used the extra bindings to tie his legs so that his knees were bent, pressing his calves against his hamstrings. With such limited movement, Izaya suddenly felt trapped, yet at the same time, there was a sort of thrill to it all.

Merely knowing that he was completely helpless against anything Shizuo wanted to do to him was both terrifying and exhilarating; nevertheless, he still struggled against his bindings when that feeling of powerlessness began to creep back into his subconscious.

"Calm down, Izaya-kun." Shizuo said teasingly in response to Izaya's thrashing, "I promise, I won't hurt you."

"It-It's not that, Shizu-chan…" Izaya began, trying to loosen the bindings on his legs a little bit with his struggling, "I-I'm not sure if I can do this…"

"Sorry, Izaya. But this is payback for before. You had your fun with me, now it's my turn."

Izaya swallowed hard at the look in Shizuo's eyes. He rarely saw that predatory look since they had begun their relationship, and seeing it now, while he was naked and helpless before him, was very unsettling.

"So then," Izaya tried his best to keep his voice level, "What are you planning to do with me, dare I ask?"

"Don't worry, Izaya. I'll make you feel good." Shizuo said with a sinister smile.

If it hadn't been for the fact that those words sounded a little too familiar to Izaya, maybe he would be able to relax a bit more. He was put even more on edge when he saw Shizuo search through his closet pulling out random articles of clothing until he found a small box on the floor of the closet.

Izaya knew he was doomed when he saw the smile on Shizuo's face as he pulled out a long cloth strap with buckles on either end. He couldn't even remember when or where he had bought the damn thing, but as Shizuo brought it over to the bed, Izaya couldn't help but wish he could go back in time and slap himself for being such an idiot.

"This'll hold you." Shizuo said as he attached one end of the strap to the bed frame to Izaya's right before wrapping it over Izaya's waist and attaching the other end the left side of the bed. Izaya's heart began pounding in his chest when Shizuo tightened the strap until Izaya couldn't move his lower body.

"O-okay, Shizu-chan… Seriously… I can't do this… I—"

Izaya was silenced when Shizuo sealed his lips over Izaya's and lightly licked at his tongue in a way that was so gentle, he could hardly believe that this was the same man who had just tied him up.

"Izaya…" Shizuo breathed as he parted their lips, "Trust me, I promise I won't hurt you." Shizuo emphasized his point by lightly running his thumbs over Izaya's cheekbones before giving him another light kiss. "Just calm down, okay?"

Taking a deep breath, Izaya did just that as he closed his eyes and let himself go limp on the bed, only to nearly jump out of his skin when Shizuo walked away and returned with what could only be a blindfold.

"It's okay, trust me." Shizuo whispered as he leaned in with the blindfold in hand.

Then everything went dark. If he didn't feel helpless before, he definitely felt so now. But he wasn't afraid. Maybe it was because while he tied the blindfold, Shizuo continued to leave small gentle kisses along Izaya's forehead between his comforting whispers of the phrase "Trust me".

Tightly gripping the chains above his head, Izaya tried to relax as Shizuo began trailing kisses starting from Izaya's lips, and slowly moving over to his left ear which he lightly nibbled on.

"Nnn!" Izaya bit his bottom lip to hold back the moan forming in his throat. His ears were very sensitive, and being blindfolded meant that his other senses were working at a much higher level—especially his sense of touch. He could feel every little sweep of Shizuo's clothing against his body, every brush of his lips along his bare skin, and every breath that Shizuo took as he exhaled hot air over his neck.

And yet he couldn't touch back. He strained against the bindings, wanting nothing more than to run his hands over those hard muscles, or thread his fingers through that course blonde hair; however, the handcuffs prevented all of that.

And yet…

He was beginning to like the feeling… He was completely at Shizuo's mercy, and there was nothing he could do about it, but now instead of frightening him, it was beginning to become quite the turn on.

Izaya attempted to grind his hips up into Shizuo only to be reminded that he was held down by that strap across his waist. "Shizu-chan…" He whispered.

"Yeah?" Shizuo's response sent more hot breath trailing along Izaya's ear and down the side of his neck, making him shiver at the contrast between Shizuo's warmth and the cool air around him.

"T-touch me…" He said, again attempting to move his hips to call attention to his half-hard arousal.

"Not yet… You're gonna have to wait…" Izaya could tell Shizuo was smiling by the sound of his voice.

A few moments later, Izaya could feel the heat from Shizuo's body move away before the sound of rustling fabric filled his ears.

'Well, if Shizuo is undressing this quickly, he must be just as turned on…' Izaya thought as he waited somewhat patiently for his lover to return.

Listening intently for Shizuo's movements, Izaya soon heard a small shuffling noise to his right before he felt the mattress sink down as Shizuo moved back closer to him. He had to admit, not being able to see anything did bring a little more excitement to the whole thing, especially when he felt Shizuo's hand rest on his abdomen. It simply rested there, just barely above his navel, and did nothing else. Izaya could feel his stomach muscles twitch in anticipation under Shizuo's hand as he silently begged for Shizuo to lower that hand just a few more inches and give him the contact that he so desperately needed.

Just as Izaya was about to complain, Shizuo's hand moved. However, instead of moving towards his now fully erect arousal, Shizuo's hand trailed up and rested on the center of his chest for a minute. He was sure Shizuo could feel how quickly his heart was beating by now as adrenaline pumped through his system while he waited helplessly for Shizuo to make his next move.

And then it happened. Suddenly, a wet lick trailed over Izaya's right nipple while Shizuo's hand moved to rub at the other with his thumb.

"Ahh!" Izaya gasped at the sudden attention, hips thrusting up automatically only to be stopped by that damn strap holding him down.

And oddly enough, rather than being terrified of the unknown, Izaya was quickly becoming even more aroused at the prospect of not knowing what would come next. Every little bit of information his other senses gathered allowed him only the knowledge of where Shizuo was, but when he decided to move his hand, Izaya could only wait in anticipation to find out where it would be going next.

It was downright exciting. Especially as Shizuo's hand began trailing down lower and lower, finally passing below his waist, but not yet where he wanted it. Izaya let out a small whimper as Shizuo traced small circles along his hipbones before skipping over his groin completely, only to rest on his inner thigh.

Izaya could feel cock twitch with every touch from Shizuo. When he began to slide his hand up closer to his arousal, Izaya instantly spread his bound legs wide, silently asking Shizuo for what he wanted, and finally, Shizuo gave it to him.

"A-Aaaahhhh! Shi-Shizu-chaaahhhnn!"

The first stroke was long and hard, eliciting a cry from the back of Izaya's throat as the sudden forceful touch made him once again attempt to thrust his hips up against his bindings as Shizuo's touch quickly became light, slow, and teasing.

Izaya let out a frustrated groan as Shizuo began frivolously running his fingertips up and down Izaya's shaft, ignoring the small whimpers from Izaya asking for more.

Then the contact stopped. Izaya shifted as much as he could on the bed, trying to sense where Shizuo had moved to.


Izaya froze when he heard the sound of the vibrator he had used on Shizuo whirl to life. Adrenaline surged through his system when he felt Shizuo move closer to him—more specifically, between his legs. Izaya waited, wondering what Shizuo was planning when he suddenly felt Shizuo's hand grip him tight, and Shizuo's lips lightly kiss the head of his cock.

"Nnghh… Shizu-chan…" Izaya moaned at the light touch. It wasn't enough.

Clutching the handcuffs above his head, Izaya let out a small yelp when Shizuo unexpectedly took the head into his mouth and suck hard while simultaneously pressing the vibrator against his testicles.

"Sh-Shizu-Ohh!" Izaya tugged on the handcuffs and tried again in vain to thrust his hips up into that warm mouth. It was no use. All he could do was lie there and moan as Shizuo had his way with him.

Panting, Izaya threw his head back when Shizuo ran his tongue along the underside of the head, while moving so that he could gently press the vibrator into Izaya's perineum. He couldn't stop the low groan that left his mouth as the vibrations reached his prostate from the outside.

With his blood pounding in his ears, Izaya quickly felt himself approaching the edge. "Shizu-chan… Ah! I-I'm gonna cum…"

Shizuo's only response was to press the vibrator in harder and replace his mouth with fast strokes up and down Izaya's cock.

Izaya came with a cry as his hips continued to fight against their binding as his body gave in to the overwhelming feeling of euphoria while spasms tore through his lower abdomen. Shizuo continued to give him a few long hard strokes as he came, drawing out every last bit of his release, and making him shudder each time Shizuo touched his oversensitive head.

By the time Shizuo let go of his softening cock, Izaya was basking in his afterglow, allowing the tingling feeling to spread throughout his body.

But he knew it wasn't over yet. Not after what he had made Shizuo go through. There was no way that he would be able to talk his way out of this one, so why not enjoy the peace while he could?

Of course, said peace was very short lived as Izaya felt Shizuo return to the bed, most likely with another toy.

Izaya's suspicions were proven correct when he felt cold plastic rub up against his leg. There was no mistaking that texture. Shizuo was holding the anal beads that he had used on Shizuo the last time.

"I'm sure you can handle these without preparation, right?" Shizuo asked, making Izaya's breath hitch at the thought. "After all, the first few beads aren't much bigger than my fingers."

Yes, he probably could take it, but the thought of those beads inside him before his muscles had a chance to fully relax still made him shudder.

However, before Izaya had a chance to respond, Shizuo already began lightly massaging his entrance with a lube-covered finger.

"Just relax, okay? I won't be too rough." Shizuo teased as he continued to let his finger circle Izaya's hole.

Izaya bit his lip as he felt the lube-coated toy press against his entrance and slowly push inside. The beads slipped inside rather smoothly, allowing that tight ring of muscle to open and close around each bead. As the beads got bigger, Izaya could feel them rub over his sweet spot with more and more pressure, quickly bringing him back to full hardness again.

When he reached the final bead, Shizuo only pushed it in half way and held it there, stretching Izaya's entrance around the bead.

"Nnnaaahh!" Izaya arched his back, trying to get that final bead to push inside, but Shizuo simply held it in place against Izaya's struggling.

Falling back on the bed, Izaya went limp, knowing it was futile to even bother fighting anymore. He could feel the beads nestled inside of him as his muscles involuntarily tightened around them. It was then that Shizuo pushed the bead in the rest of the way. Izaya moaned quietly when his muscles closed over the bead, locking it in place.

Izaya lay panting, unable to think clearly as Shizuo lightly massaged the quivering muscles tightly clamping down in the beads. His mouth dropped open and his toes curled as the constant pressure over his prostate slowly began to drive him crazy.


Izaya didn't even have time to react before the vibrator was pressed directly against the underside of Izaya's cock. Shizuo wrapped a hand around both the vibrator and Izaya, holding the toy in place. His grip tightened on the handcuffs, and his muscles clenched hard around the beads still deep inside of him as he grew closer to the edge. The vibrations rippled up and down his shaft, feeling the most intense pleasure on the base of the head.

If there is one thing that amazed Izaya, it was the way that Shizuo could always read him in the bedroom, especially the small changes in his body language as he grew closer to climax. And now was no different.

In the instant before he came, Shizuo pulled the beads out quickly while tightening his grip on the vibrator and his member, making the vibrations more intense as Izaya felt his release shoot out of him. His hips strained to try and thrust up into the toy—once again, to no avail—while the feeling of the beads pulling out one by one prolonged his orgasm to a point where Izaya was seeing stars behind his blindfold.

Giving Izaya a short amount of time to gather himself, Shizuo set the toys to the side and soon began pumping Izaya's sensitive cock, not allowing him to go soft quite yet.

Izaya squirmed underneath Shizuo, still much too sensitive to handle the sensation of a hand slowly stroking him. Less than a minute later, Izaya could feel the familiar sensation of the tip of Shizuo's arousal pressing against his entrance.

Slowly, Shizuo pushed inside, filling Izaya up much more fully than the beads ever could. His back arched and his eyes rolled back as Shizuo entered him, finally stopping once he was fully inside.

The pace was torturously slow; however, Izaya appreciated it considering he was still at such a high point of sensitivity that every little touch or movement sent his body into overdrive of ecstasy.

Gradually, the pace quickened while Shizuo continuously stroked Izaya in time with his thrusts, rapidly bringing both of them to their peak.

Shizuo bit into Izaya's shoulder as he came, spurts of white hot cum coating Izaya's inner walls. The sensation alone always had a profound effect on Izaya's arousal, and even after already releasing twice, Izaya came yet again at the sensation.

In that moment, Shizuo sealed his lips over Izaya's in a dominating kiss that made his limbs feel like gelatin before it has been refrigerated.

And then all awareness faded away.


When his eyes opened again, Izaya found himself wrapped comfortably in Shizuo's arms, with the blonde gently running his fingers through his hair. Shifting slightly closer to his lover, Izaya could feel that Shizuo had already cleaned both of them up, and had most likely put away everything that they had used.

"Nnnggh… How long was I out?" Izaya asked, still feeling rather exhausted.

"About an hour." Shizuo responded quietly. "Sorry, I hope I wasn't too rough…"

Izaya let out a small chuckle. "No, it was good." He whispered, burying his face into Shizuo's chest. "Could have gone a little easier on the restraints though…"

Shizuo's grip tightened around Izaya. "Sorry about that…"

"It's okay I guess… After all, this was supposed to be your revenge, was it not?"

"Yeah, well…" Shizuo trailed off.

"Let's just go to sleep, ne?" Izaya suggested, letting his eyes slip closed again.

"Okay… Yeah…" Shizuo whispered, suddenly feeling tired as well.

"…Love you…" Izaya mumbled.

Placing a small kiss on the top of Izaya's head, Shizuo closed his eyes. "…Love you too…"


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