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Daughter of the Sea, Lost Princess.

Taken from of the Sea, living upon the rocks.

Sixteen years of peace will last.

But destruction will come.

This shall call her return,

and lead the Guardians of the Sea.

Unite her worlds,

gain her power true.

Son of the Sea, Mysterious Knight.

Belongs to the oceans, but gone from the Sea.

Home in a palace of pink.

trained by father unknown

to bring back the lost art of the Panthlassa Sword.

Protector of the Lost Princess.

His loyalty unbound,

by her side he will stay.

And light may return.

However, should these Children of the Sea

be left in the arms of the Sea,

destruction will come.

Princess, unlost and unknown

shall fall in to the darkness and die.

Knight, lost of loyal, will fade.

So the ocean and all it's seas will wither,

the light of the Princesses of the Sea will fade,

and all shall die.

Ask anyone, saying I'm physical active is an understatement. I felt the wind race through my red colored ponytail as I ran, cooling it. I pushed myself harder, harder. My muscles burned. I rounded the track, passing the finish line.

After a warm down lap, I walked over to Sam, my best friend and just about as different from me as is possible.

"Great job, Lusia," Sam pushed his glasses back to the bridge of his nose, "You beat your best record. If you preform like that this weekend on Saturday you'll win for sure."

"Thanks. You'll be there, right?" I asked. We both preformed better with the other one there.

"Of course," Sam smiled, "You coming to my debate on Sunday."

"Duh," I grabbed my backpack and slung it over my shoulders. Sam slung his over his shoulder, and we walked to the two-hundred building for the first class of another mundane Monday

When the school day was over Sam and I hiked back to my house to do our homework.

"See, simple?" Sam pointed a an algebra problem he had just explained. My brain was fried. Sam clearly saw this, "Um... let's take five, and start from the top."

"Ugh!" I breathed out of frustration, "I'll never get this."

"Not with that attitude, you won't," Sam said getting up from the den floor and walking to the kitchen, "Just look at how far you have come,. May I?" Sam grabbed a bottle of pop from the fridge..

"Help yourself, grab me a coke," I rolled my eyes. He didn't need to ask, he practically lived here.

"A little sugar in your sugar in your system should help you focus," San smiled.

I grabbed the bottle, "If that was all I needed-"

The doorbell interrupted my train of thought. I went to the front door, confused. My parents aren't expecting a package, were they?" I looked through the skinny window next to the door.

Two girls I didn't recognize were standing at the door. They were about a year younger than me. One had dark blue hair and stormy gray eyes. The other had black hair with dark green highlights and the purist green eye I had ever seen.

I eased the door open, "We don't want any?"

"We're not selling anything," The blue-haired one said, "May we speak to Luchia Thomson?"

Why do they know my name? I thought, "It's pronounced Lusia, what do you want?"

They jumped a little in a seemingly happy surprise.

"Are you aware you're adopted?" the black-haired one asked.

"Lani!" The blue-haired one yelled.

"What?" the black-haired one, Lani, said confused.

My heart skipped a beat. How did they know that? I questioned. "I am aware of that," I grunted.

"Oh, see Nicole, I told you that parents not telling their child they're adopted was a clich'e," Lani said cheerfully.

The black-haired one, Nicole, rolled her eyes, "You see, Miss. Thomson, we know where your biological mother is from, and we need to talk to you about her-"

"No, you don't," I barked, "I have no interest in my biological parents. They chose to be out of my life sixteen years ago." I slammed the door, hard.

I stomped my foot and let out a frustrated growl.

"Are you really going to let them go?" Sam asked. I was hardly surprise he was listening.

"Why wouldn't I?" I said overly roughly, "They left me sixteen years ago. They are strangers to me and have no more influence on me than I on the tide."
"Lusia..." Sam pressed gently.

"I don't resent them if that's what you think," I said defensively, "I'm indifferent to them."

"Lusia..." Sam then said the last thing I expected, "You won't hurt you parents by looking for your birth parents. Love can only grow." Sam grabbed his books, "See you tomorrow."

He left. He knew me better than anyone. He knew when to leave me alone. He knew the truth I barely acknowledged, let alone tell anyone. I wanted to know my birth parents, ask them why they left me. But I had a great thing going with my parents. We never fought. Why would I mess with that?

I sighed and went upstairs, emotionally drained. I change into a pair of red running shorts and a plain white tee. I went back downstairs, and left the house. I did the only thing I could to clear my head, I ran.

I didn't get much sleep that night. Thinking about my birth parents and stuff I guess. I finally couldn't stay in bed anymore. It was four a.m. I slid into my red and black wetsuit, and tip toed downstairs, as not to disturb my parents. I scrawled on the white board "Gone Surfing, be back in time for school". They wouldn't be surprised. I went to the garage and grabbed my board. It was pink with a red hibiscus on it. For some reason, though I'm not a girly-girl... at all, when I turned thirteen I started really liking the color pink. I walked the three blocks to the ocean.

It would be dark for another hour or so. Only one surfer was out. Nerd Sam maybe, but man, he can surf. I entered the water, a chill ran through me. I shrugged it off as best I could and pattled towards Sam.

"Yo, Ningyo-chan," Sam smiled, referring to me by my swim team nickname, "Don't you have swim practice in an hour and a half."

"It's off-season, we only have practice Wednesday and Friday morning."

"Speaking of off-season, when does football practice start back up?" Sam asked.

"Not till summer," I said. Yep, first girl on our mediocre football team. My speed came in very handy and, though I'm only 115 pounds an five feet six inches, I can push a two-hundred and fifty pound dummy faster than anyone else on the team.

Sam knew why I was out so early. I knew he did. But he knew it was a sensitive topic and if I wanted to talk about it I'd talk to him. With him I didn't need to hide the truth underneath a mass of pleasantries.

I caught a few waves, feeling freer than I had all night, exchanging waves with Sam.

The sun had begun rolling up the sky when Sam said, "We'd better head in. It's already six." Sam glanced at the shore, "Man, they don't give up do they?"

I fallowed his gaze, and to my horror, the two girls from yesterday on the beach staring at us. I pattled towards them. The black-haired one smiled, no doubt thinking I'm coming to talk to them. Well, she was in for disappointment. They approached me. I walked past them not even acknowledging them.

The blue-haired one called out, "Hey, wait!" But she stopped.

It was easier than I thought it was. I walked back home, dropped my board in to the garage, and ran to the bathroom. I showered and dressed. I plopped on my bed and looked at the posters on my wall. One was of my favorite surfers, Kaito Domoto. I had meet him and his wife, Lucia Domoto, at a surf competition two years ago. They were really nice, though Lucia looked like she had seen a ghost when she first saw me. Maybe she did since, except for my hair, I looked like a teenage version of Lucia.

I grabbed my backpack and rushed downstairs.

"Hey, Mom," I smiled. She was in her firefighters uniforms. Mom was a volunteer firefighter, Dad is an ER doctor. They had met in the ER.

"Hey Honey," Mom smiled, "How was surfing?"

"It was good," I grabbed two slices of toast and gobbled them down. Then I rushed to the garage. I grabbed my bike and went out the side gate. I stopped in my tracks. The two girls from yesterday were standing right in front of me.

"Geez, you two don't know how to quit," I said in frustration.

"Not when it is important," The blue-haired girl said, "I'm Nicole and she is Lani."

"And I'm out of here," I hopped on my bike and road around them on my way to school.

The school day past quickly, but boringly.

"Ugh, Do I need to get a restraining order," I huffed as I exited the school at three. They were standing at the gates.

Sam laughed, "Maybe you should listen to what they need to say? After all they'll leave you alone and you don't have to do what they asked."

I sighed, "There is no guarantee they'll back off if I say 'no'. I have a feeling they'd pester me until I help."

"Plus your unsure if you'd be able to say 'no'," Sam said, again proving he knew me too well.

"So you coming to watch track practice today?" I asked, ignoring his comment.

"No," Sam said, "I have to practice for my debate Sunday. See ya." He headed for the public library, which was a block away from our school.

I headed towards the track. Two hours passed quickly. Practice was over, but I wasn't ready to go home. Dad wouldn't be home until eight and Mom would be at the station for the next two days, so the house would be empty, and I didn't have karate until six.

"You heading home?" Sasha, a dark haired girl on the track team, asked.

"Not just yet, I want to run a few more laps," I smiled.

"Just don't stay out to long Miss. Olympic-Athlete-in-training," Sasha smiled.

"I won't," I smiled as the last of the track team left.

I lined up at the starting point. I started running lap after lap, pushing myself harder and harder. The world was absolutely silent. I crossed the finish line for the last time and heard a rush of cheers from a crowd of thousands. Real clapping snapped me out of my fantasy. I looked up to see the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen leaning up against the chain-link fence surrounding the track. He was my about age. He had dirty blonde hair, cut in a jagged style, and he had crystal blue eyes. He was extremely toned but not overly muscular. He wore jeans and a light pink, almost white, shirt. Around his neck was a sword pendant.

"Your fast," He smiled. He seemed friendly. "It's getting late, you should probably head home."

I was surprised by the genuine concern in his voice, "I don't see how that's your concern."

"It isn't, as far as you can tell," He said.

I was unaware how close I had moved towards him until I was about a foot away from the fence.

"Hey," a voice startled me from behind.

I turned quickly to see Lani and Nicole standing around me. They had cornered me. I glanced around, the boy was gone.

"Listen, Lusia," Lani said, "You're a mermaid,"

What? I thought, I knew it, these girls are crazy.

"Half-mermaid, to be accurate. Your mother was a mermaid," Nicole corrected, "We're half-mermaids too, and like us you can control when you transform into your mermaid form when in water, by clearing your mind and allowing your instincts to take over."

"You're nuts!" I yelled, hopping the fence, grabbing my bag and running to my bike. I made it to karate with twenty minutes to spare and changed into my gi there.

After karate, I went strait home, thankfully I had no encounters with the stalkers.

I sighed as I soaked in the tub, hidden among the bubbles. To say today was stressful is an understatement, I thought.

Nicole's words ran through my head, "Half-mermaid, to be accurate. You mother was a mermaid."

I did as she said, clearing my mind, letting my instincts take over.


I laughed at myself for expecting... something.

I froze. Out of the corner of my eye I saw silver hair. I grabbed a strand of my hair and pulled it to my face. It was silver and much, much longer.

My hand slid beneath the surface and brushed it against my knee. What met my touch was almost scale-like but smoother. It felt like glass. My eyes clenched shut. I raised my knees above the water. I couldn't get myself to open my eyes.

I was scared to see what I secretly knew would be there. I managed to get one eye cracked open. My eyes flung open. Even though I had expected it, it still startled me.

Once I got over the install shock, I was able to take how it looked. It was truly very beautiful. Each scale was tiny, not much bigger than a pinhead. The scales merged together smoothly. They were the most beautiful shade of pink I had ever seen, the kind man would never reproduce quiet right. If they did, pink would have been my favorite color as a child. Though the scales were pink, they had an iridescent quality to them producing other colors as well, and they had a sparkly too.

The tail itself was just as beautiful, though it was a subtle beauty. It was smooth and streamline, yet clearly powerful and well toned.

"This... can't be happening, it's... not... possible," I said before hearing my voice. It had a musical quality to it that hadn't been there before. I leaned back, So, my legs weren't the only things to change.

The problem was overshadowed by a bigger problem.

"How am I going to change back!" I said in a panic. I looked down at my tail, only to be surprised, again. My legs were back. That's going to take some practice, I thought as I climbed out of the tub and quickly wrapped myself in my long plush pink robe.

I exited the restroom and headed to my room, but as I past the door to the attic I stopped. Something crossed my mind. Maybe it was all the confusion about my lineage, but the fact remains, I opened to the door and walked up the stairs. I was hit by the musty smell of old photos and old memories. I found the basket that I was found in by Mom. I wasn't a door stop baby or abandoned at the hospital. I was left at the town's fire station.

A glow from the lining of the basket caught my eye. I grabbed it. When I pulled it out I saw it was a key, and the key stopped glowing. I starred at it. What is- I thought before it hit me, not even finishing the thought.

I rushed to a dresser in the corner of the room. I pulled open the top drawer, then slammed it when I saw it was empty. I moved down to the bottom drawer and pulled up it open, unnecessarily rough. I found what I was looking for. I grabbed it, closed the drawer, and ran to my room.

I sat the object, a box, on to my desk. It was square wooden box, about twelve by twelve by four inches. It really was beautifully crafted. It was mainly a honey colored wood, which I could not identify. On the top was a lovely inlay. It was of a large pink shell covered by a strange cross with arrow-like points made out of ebony.

It was the only thing found with me. I had never been able to open it. I slide the key into the lock. It fit perfectly, but I couldn't make myself turn it. I pulled out the key and placed it on to the lid. I wouldn't be able to turn it.

"Hey," Sam said, sounding very surprised.

"Hey," I looked up from my book.

"I've been looking for you. I checked everywhere. I finally found you in, of all places, the school library," Sam smiled.

"Is that a surprise?" I said.

"Well, yeah. Since when have you been into reading?" Sam sat down. I smacked him with the book. "So I haven't seen your stalkers today. Think they found someone else to annoy?" Sam observed.

"No, they cornered me after track yesterday. What they had to say was crazy," I put my book down in frustration. There was nothing useful about mermaids in the school library, though it had a few things about fairies in the Celtic mythology.

"Yet," Sam prompted.

"Yet, it makes sense. And it scares me," I said.

"You realize that makes no sense right," Sam said.

"Yeah, I know," I put my head on the table.

"You don't want to talk about it," Sam stated as a fact, not a question.

"I'd prefer not to," I sighed. How could I tell him I was a mermaid? We had never had a secret before.

"Alright. Word of advise, don't worry about it to much. If it's important it will sort itself out when the times right," Sam ruffled my hair, his way of telling me it would be okay, " Looks like your stalkers are back."

I jumped. Nicole and Lani were standing in the courtyard. "I have to go," I grabbed my bag and left. I walked right past them. I was right. They followed. I led them back to the track, where I knew no one would be. Well almost no one was there. The gorgeous guy from yesterday was on the other side of the stadium.

I turned to face them, "What do you want?"

Lani, who I strongly suspected was the younger of two, was clearly surprised.

Nicole spoke, "We weren't finished talking. I know you don't believe us-"

"I know I'm a mermaid or half-mermaid or whatever," I said blatantly.

"Oh," both were surprised. Nicole said, "I know you have many questions but your mother-"

I stopped her, "Whatever questions I have I don't need answers to. When it comes to my birth parents, they have lot what little respect they had. What parent leaves there child with a secret like that?"

"But..." Nicole started.

"I don't care about their excuses," I huffed.

"They didn't want to!" Lani said.

"What?" It was my turn to be surprised.

"Your parents didn't want to do any of that. They wanted to raise you. They loved you more than anything else. They were force to by a prophecy," Lani said, "The type of prophecy is hard to do and even harder to understand, but always a hundred percent accurate when it comes to the future of princesses just born. And yours stated clearly that if you were raised by your parents, all would die!"

"Woah. Back. It. Up. Princesses? Prophecies?" I was officially confused.

"Your the princess of the North Pacific and the Pink Pearl," Nicole explained.

"And your insane," I said. The bell rang and I took the opportunity to leave, "I have to go."

They let me go. When I got to my homeroom, Sam was waiting.

He came over to me, "What did the stalkers want?"

"Can I just have time to think about it," I said, perhaps a little harsh than necessary.

"Sure," Sam said clearly trying to hide his hurt. He succeed to all, but me. It hurt that I hurt him, but I knew he understood. I was confused and angry and, as my last year English teacher would have said, having a "Katharsis".

The day past in a blur. All I remember about my English lecture was "Erikson's Theory", "Stage 5" and "Huck Fin". Oh, and my English teacher throwing a pair of keys, an iphone, and a wallet, all of which were laying out on the desks of the front row, out the second story window when the discussion died down, or he got bored. I love my English class. It funny like no tomorrow. I've fallen off my seat, laughing, twice. So that made me feel better.

I wanted to go to the public library after school to look up more on mermaids, but coach was working us hard for the track meet on Saturday. We were all staying an extra hour. By the time practice was over, we were all tired.

I collapsed on the football field, which the track surrounds.

"You look exhausted," Sasha said.

"Shut it," I panted.

"That's what happens when you push yourself too hard," she laughed.

"That's how I became the best runner on the team," I spat back. I ran harder to day because I had a lot to think about. I had just had the view I had of my birth parents turned upside down and I didn't know if it was true. Not to mention that when Nicole spoke of my mother she always said "was" not "is". You don't have to be at the top of your class to figure out what that could mean. It could mean Mom, birth Mom, was dead. I couldn't except that, I may have been in denial, but I knew that wasn't true.

Man, I over did it, I knew I didn't have enough energy to get home.

"Lusia," a voice called. I felt a surge of relief.

I sat up, "Dad!" I got up and walked over to him, "What are you doing here?"

"I got off early, figured you could use a lift home," Dad smiled. He somehow knew I'd over do it today.

"Thanks," I smiled. We got my bike and put it in the back of the pick up truck.

On the ride home we talked about how my day went and if anything insane happened in the ER. Any other teenager would think it strange, but I have no real secrets from my parents, well, except the tail. I never really had a reason or saw the point of it.

Later that night, I lay in the bathtub. I had phased into my mermaid form. I just couldn't get over my tail. I turned my attention to the actual fin. It was just as beautiful as the tail. It was slightly trainslusent around the tip of the fin, but when I touched it, it was a good one to two centimeters thick. It was beautiful in how sturdy it was. It was meant to be used and not just sit around, like me.

"Princess," I mumbled in my new sing-song voice. The girls said I was the princess of the North Pacific. They were right about me being a mermaid, were they right about this? Did that mean my mother was a queen? My father, a King? If so, that explained why they where in trouble. But that would make me the heir to the North Pacific. They wouldn't send the heir to the kingdom away, would they?

I had lied when I said I didn't need answers. I didn't want answers, but I needed them. I was finally admitting it to myself. I couldn't stay in the world I now lived. Whether I was willing or not, I knew I could not stay the same.

I phased back to my human form and got out of the tub. I wrapped myself in my robe and walked into my room, where I changed into the fuzzy pajamas I got for Christmas last year.

I stared at the box. Dad knocked on my door.

"Come in," I called, sitting on my bed. Dad came in, he had an envelope in his hand, "Hey Honey," He sat on my bed, "I had to clear this with your mother."

Strange way to begin a conversation, I raised my eyebrow.

Dad sighed as he turned the envelope in his hands, "You know how your mother found you on the fire station's doorstep."

"Yeah," I said.

"Well, it wasn't that simple," Dad said, "When your mother found you... A few months before we found out your moth couldn't have children, after we had been trying really hard for years to have children. But then your mom found you with the box and a large envelope with her name on it. When she opened the envelope she found adoption papers filled out except for our signatures and two letters. One was for us pleading with us to take care of you. From the letter it was clear that they, your birth parents, love you very much. They had clearly been watching us for a while to make sure you would be safe and loved with us. The letter also asked us to give you the second letter when you were, quote, "ready". We had no clue what she meant but..." He glanced at the box, "Since your starting to wonder, I figure it was as good a time as any."

He handed the envelope to me. "Um... there is something else," Dad continued, "When we found you, if you had a name, your birth parents didn't tell us. So we named you after your birth mother, sort of. You see, her name was written L-U-C-I-A. That spelling has to pronunciations, Lu-s-ia and Lu-chi-a. We choose Lusia, as we thought it was more feminine."

Dad openly laughed at that, "That is why your name is written L-U-C-I-A and pronounce as Lusia. It was later that I learned your biological mother pronounced hers as Lu-chi-a. Before you ask, as for your biological mother's request, I will not reveal their full names."

"You seem to have so much respect for them," I observed, that puzzled me.

"Of course I do. They brought us you. Good night, Lusia," He said, kissing my forehead.

"Night, Dad," I smiled softly. He shut the door behind him.

I turned my attention to the letter. It had "To My Beloved Daughter" scrawled on it. I broke the wax seal, and pulled out the letter.

My Dearest Daughter,

So many things run through my mind as I write this letter. How old are you when you read this letter? Do you enjoy surfing, like your father? What name did the Thomsons give you? Are you happy? Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?

As I write this I find myself crying for I know I cannot be in your life the way I wish. You mean the world to me. I never thought a love like this was possible, and you aren't even born yet. I cannot be with you for if I did it would cause death and destruction. I know this must be confusing. But you are half-mermaid, through me.

You are a princess. Not only from me, from which you are the Princess of the North Pacific, but your father's side as well, from which you are the last princess of the Panthalassa. Don't let it go to your head. I know this is a lot to take in, neither your father or I were raised with knowledge of our royal heritage.

In your sixteenth year a darkness will descend upon the sea and, unfortunately, it is your destiny to stop it. If I could do anything to change it I would, but the sea has chosen you for this great destiny and I can do nothing to stop it. If I am not mistaken the previous Aqua Regina said something similar, with regards to me, to Madame Taki, my guardian, when I was six.

I am sorry I cannot tell you everything now. There are so many secrets this prophecy has forced me to keep. But when the time is right, these secrets will reveal themselves to you. And please know, if nothing else is true to you, that you are loved now and forever. I love you.

With love,

Your Mother

A tear dropped on to the page. I quickly blotted it out with my sleeve. I prayed it wouldn't ruin it, I hadn't realized I was crying. She loved me, I could feel it soaked through her words.

I walked up to the box and ran my hand over it. I picked up the key and placed it in the key hole. I took a deep breath and turned the key. It clicked open. I gently raised the lid.

The interior was lined with deep red velvet. The contents were jewelry. Not normally my thing, but these held a distinct appeal. There were two pink pearl bracelets. There were also two slightly larger rings of pink pearls, that were to large to be bracelets ans to small to be necklaces. Then it hit me, they were bracelets for my fin. There was one other thing in the box a pink pearl necklace with a shell. It felt right holding it. I put it on.