The Perfect Beginning. . . Or Not.

LONG, LONG AGO IN A LAND FAR AWAY, there lived a king, queen, and their daughter, whom is the princess. This is basically my life. Hey, if you

don't know me yet, I'm Constance McGruder. People call me Connie for short. My life is perfect, I have rich parents, I'm an only child, I get spoiled,

and we have a huge red-brick house with heavy iron gates and big oak double doors. So you can basically call me a princess. I do well in school by

getting straight A's, doing after school activities, I do extracurricular activities, etc. Now, don't judge me by the things I have, I'm not snobby and

stuck-up like other rich kids. I don't wear pretty, up-to-date, fashionable clothes either. Anyways, enough about me, my mom's name is Anne

McGruder. My dad's name is Jim McGruder. My mom is skinny and slender. She looks fragile, elegant, and poised. She has wispy, light blonde hair

that looks almost white and deep green eyes. My dad is tall with short brown hair. His eyes are sea-blue and he has a splash of freckles across the

bridge of his nose. Many people say I look mostly like my mom. I guess I do. I have light blonde, wavy hair that reaches half-way down my back. I

have deep forest green eyes, like my mom. But I also have a little bit of freckles across the bridge of my nose. I got that from my dad. I'm tall,

skinny, and slender. People say I look like a model and should try out, but I denied to those who suggested I should. I live in Prescott, Alabama and

I'm a senior (12th grade) in Northpoint Academy (NA). I started noticing something funny well, "funny" lately and it's the second semester of the

school year. I've been realizing that people around me would start jittering and having spasms. The next thing I know they're crying or yelling for

help and mercy. I try to help them and sometimes they stop and they feel better thanking me. But other times they end up dead. I'm not sure if it's

me who's causing this or someone else's doing. At first I sort of laughed at it. Thought it was a joke or a prank they were trying to pull on me. But

as the days and weeks went by, it was a serious problem. I told my parents and they thought it was a joke at first too, but when we went to a

restaurant, a man was having a spasm or seizure or something. That's when my parents searched on the internet about what was happening to me.

They couldn't find anything about it and so my dad started making me see a psychologist and my mom started breaking down into tears. Both my

parents acted nervous and scared every time they were around me. I can sympathize, but I don't think they should be acting like this when I'm the

one who has the problem to deal with. Later, my parents found Mr. Zetes Institution and called a sleek young lady named Joyce Piper. I don't know

how they got in contacts or how my parents found them, but they managed. So they discussed some things and I overheard Joyce saying that she

studies supernatural stuff and has three other students in Mr. Zetes Institute. There's supposed to be five altogether, but another won't hurt, she

said. Also, I overheard Joyce saying that a case like mine is new and that she will do whatever she can to figure out what my special talent was.

Later my parents told me to come in and Joyce's hair was blonde and short. It was slicked back and she had big excited aquamarine eyes. She told

me about going to school and staying at the institute for a year and after I was going to get a scholarship to any college I wanted. It was too good

to be true until Joyce told me it was in San Carlos, California. My parents and I discussed about it and they agreed because then I would be able to

control my power so I won't kill anyone unintentionally. Not that I would intentionally either. Now I'm on a first-class plane to San Carlos,