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I love school but they make me hate it. They make me want go home and spend the rest of my life in my bed. I call them the mean girls because that's what they are. I've never been good enough to join them, or for them to be nice to me.

The only time they are sweet to me is when they need something from me, but I didn't understand it back then so I let them do it.

A new year started. I was starting my fourth grade in elementary school. I was excited because I had missed school and I had missed my teachers but I didn't miss my so called friends. Oh no, I would love to spend the rest of the year without them.

But no such luck. I was stuck with them and as if things couldn't get worse, I was stuck with them in the same class. There were quite some new teachers at our school, so I was definitely very excited to meet them.

The first day of school in my class they asked us if we wanted to be a member of the reading group. The ones that decided to do it would get extra credit. I of course said yes, not for the extra credit but because I loved reading.

The reading group would be leaded by the new teacher mister Edward. I was so excited to meet him but even more excited to start reading new books. My parents were not on the rich side so I couldn't really buy myself books.

I couldn't really work either since I was only ten years old but I did spend quite some time in the library but only if someone brought me there.

The first week of school we didn't meet with the reading group, but Monday the second week of school, first hour of the day, we were meeting with the reading group. When the bell rang a young man walked to us.

First I thought he was a student until he silenced us. The young man was mister Edward, our teacher.

We silently walked to our class. "Bella where are you going? Our class is here" Tanya, the biggest mean girl yelled at me.

"Reading class" I answered softly causing mister Edward to look at me. "What?" Tanya yelled back. "Reading class, Tanya. Now will you go back to your own class" I looked in surprise as mister Edward said that to Tanya.

Tanya huffed and walked away. I looked down in embarrassment as we entered mister Edward's class. "Take a seat everyone" he grinned at us. He seemed to be a really nice person.

"Now before I give you the first book we'll be reading this year, I want all of you to introduce yourself to me and to your new reading group" he said as he took a seat behind his desk.

I didn't really listen while the other pupils introduced their self, I was too nervous to introduce myself. "Hi there, I think it's Bella right?" oh shoot, mister Edward was talking to me.

I nodded shyly as he smiled at me. "Well Bella, why don't you tell us a bit about yourself?"

"Uhm Okay…my name is Isabella Swan but I like Bella. I like to read…a lot and uhm yeah I'm ten years old or young. Ten years is not old right?" I asked him with raised eyebrows. "That's young" he chuckled.

I sat down with a smile on my face. Mister Edward was a nice person, a really nice person. After we finished the introducing Mister Edward gave us our new book. It was The last holiday concert by Andrew Clements.

A book that I had already read and had enjoyed. "The holidays are over but since we're all still a bit in the holiday mood, I decided to go with this book" he said as he went to take a seat behind his desk again.

I didn't tell him that I had already read this book, I would just keep it to myself. "So this is what we'll do, I'll point someone and that person will continue reading. I'll start, okay?" he told us as he opened his own copy.

I followed intently as he read the first couple of lines. "Bella" he said as he looked at me. I started to read the lines I knew so well. I didn't stutter once or made a mistake because I already knew the story so well.

"Well read Bella. We'll continue with…Emma" he said as I stopped reading. I looked at him and saw him watching me curiously. I immediately looked away.

After class ended, he asked for me to stay. I stood nervously at his desk as the class slowly filled out.

"Bella is it the first time you read this book?" he asked, "No mister Edward, I'm sorry I should have told you" I stammered. "No it's okay. I actually wanted to tell you that you definitely do not belong in this class" he said as tears formed in my eyes.

"But I love reading" I whispered. "Oh no Bella, you misunderstood. What I meant to say is, that you should go a level higher. I'm going to let you read with the fifth graders, I think this group is a bit too easy for you" he ended with a smile.

"But I want to stay in your class mister Edward" I answered nervously. "Then it's a good thing that I also read with the fifth graders" he replied with a wink.

A smile formed on my face when I realized that I would be still in his class. "Thank you mister Edward" I said to him.

"It's nothing, I'm just sending you where you belong. Now, go enjoy your play time while there's some time left" he smiled as I nodded and went outside.

As soon as I walked outside the mean girls came to my side. "Why were you in mister Edwards class?" Tanya asked. "He wants me to read with the fifth graders" I answered.

"Oh I understand…nerdy Bella is kissing ass" Lauren said with a smirk. "That's a bad word…we're not supposed to say that" I said frowning.

"Forget she said it Bella, let's go to class" Jessica said as she threw her arm around my shoulders. From time to time Jessica was sweet to me but she did talk a lot but I didn't care as long as she was nice to me.

Weeks passed and school was going well. Reading class was my most favorite time of the day. We read a book in two weeks but since we could take our copies home with us I had always finished my book before the rest of the class.

Mister Edward gave me books that I could read at home, I had told him that I loved to go to the library but that I didn't have any books of my own.

He started to bring me comic books. I had never read comic books before but I really started to love reading them. I was so happy when Mister Edward told me I could keep them. Never before had I owned a book and now thanks to him I did.

He was becoming my most favorite teacher at school, too bad I only had him for like two hours a day.

One day I was walking home from school like I always did when suddenly I saw a woman who had a bleeding nose. I immediately walked to her side and asked if I could help her.

While I was trying to help the woman another girl came to our side. She also asked if she could help the woman, but the woman shook her head while she held her nose with one hand and a handkerchief with the other.

"I'm Angela" the girl said as she looked at me. "Bella" I answered with a smile on my face. "I live in that block" Angela said as she pointed to the apartment next to the apartment where I live.

"Hey, I live in that one!" I answered enthusiastically as I pointed to the apartment where I lived. "That's great, we can be friends then!" she grinned at me.

That's how I got myself a new friend and not just a friend but a best friend. Angela and I spend our free time always together in the little park in front of our apartment. We have so much fun!

From time to time we also go to her house and her parents really do like me but I couldn't take her to mine. My parents were busy persons, they didn't really have time for my friends so if I wanted to play with them I had to do it outside.

But Angela understood, after all she was my best friend.

At school the mean girls were giving me a hard time again. They were really making me sad. I couldn't really talk with my parents about it either…they didn't understand.

It was lunch time and I was walking to the cafeteria when suddenly the mean girls approached me.

"Hey Bella, are you having fun with the fifth graders?" Tanya said. "We just read Tanya, and I do actually like it. You should try it too" I answered honestly. "Reading is for nerds…oh wait you're a nerd" Lauren said.

"Oh leave the poor thing or she will immediately run to mister Edward" Jessica said. "I don't do that" I said madly as tears started to form in my eyes. "Yeah sure, but it's okay we understand. Ugly girls don't stand a chance with boys so they always go running to the person they get a bit attention from" Tanya said meanly.

I ran away from them and headed for the toilettes. I was going through the clear halls when suddenly I was stopped by someone.

"Hey, hey, hey easy there. Why are you running?" Mister Edward said, "why are you crying?" he asked as he took a look at my face.

I sobbed as he took my hand and walked into his class. "Sssh it's okay" he said as he took a seat and put me on his lap. "You're okay" he said as he soothed my hair. "It's my friends, they are so mean to me" I said to him in a soft whisper.

"They are jealous of you. You're such a good girl, a smart girl…they want to be like you" he told me with a smile on his.

"but they are all so pretty " I replied. "Ha ha, that's funny" he said as he laughed. "How so mister Edward?" I wondered.

"I didn't know girls your age were already pondering about being pretty and stuff. But for all it's worth let them be pretty, because you're one beautiful little girl" he said as he tapped my nose.

That was the moment I realized that mister would definitely have a special place in my life.

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