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Click. Yes, I've got his picture.

"What are you doing?" Edward asked looking at me through the mirror. See he was shaving his face in the bathroom, which was right next to their bedroom, while I was seated on his bed. He was naked to the waist, a sight I strangely enjoyed... Of course he was looking good but I never looked at him that way, you know?

Now I was noticing different stuff about him. He looked hot and manly, stuff I liked immensely.

"Hello!" I looked at him in surprise when I realized that I was caught checking him. "I was just taking your picture" I said and averted my gaze. Awkward much.

"You're so deleting that" he said and gave me a pointed look. I immediately hid my camera. Who knows, I might need it when I…


"Yeah sure" I said dismissing him.

It was our last two days in Spain and though the past few days were nice and calm, we were all getting sad about the fact that we were going home. Not me though, I needed to get out of here before I did something stupid.

With Edward nonetheless .

"What are we going to do anyway?" I asked him as I got up to stretch, my muscles were tired after walking so much today.

"We're going out for some drinks, just you, me, mike, Emmet and Jasper" my smile got pretty big when he didn't mention Anna. Finally a night without her!

Now actually a night alone with Edward…


Maybe I just needed to get laid because that's all this was; physical attraction. But I was a virgin so I wasn't really thinking about getting laid here in Spain and sex with Edward? Hell no! Besides he has a girlfriend.

"Sounds good. I'm gonna go and change then" I told him and walked to the door after one last look at him.

"You need me to come help you?" He shouted from the bathroom.

Hell yeah buddy!

"No, thank you" I snorted and left the room all the while giggling like a little girl.

Soon our night and following day had passed and our last night had come.

"We're going back home tomorrow. I can't believe how fast it all went by" Alyssa whined as she packed her bag. "I'm glad we're going home. Spain is nice and all but I really want to get out of here" I told her honestly.

I was sick of being here with all these people. The only thing that got me going was being with Edward, Jasper, Emmet and Alyssa. They were my real friends.

"But it hasn't ended yet" Alyssa said sounding very excited.

"True, we have an amazing night waiting for us" I agreed and hoped that I hadn't jinxed it by saying that.

"I'm glad we're finally going out together. Too bad Anna is coming too" I sighed. That almost had ruined my night but Edward assured me that it would be all about us.

"I know you don't really like her but screw that, it'll be nice tonight" she said and smiled at me.

A knock interrupted me before I could answer Alyssa.

"Come in" I yelled and then wished I hadn't because Anna walked in. The minute I saw her I wanted to stay in. She looked gorgeous in her peach colored dress and matching heels.

"So what do you think? Do I look good?" she asked us while I wanted to kick her out of my room and pout for the rest of night.

I was wearing a short black dress with matching flats. I didn't have any heels with me and I really didn't think we would be dressing up like that anyway.

"You look beautiful" I said and it wasn't a lie but I hated it that she looked so beautiful while I was so plain. Who would look at me while she's walking next to me.

"Thanks. What are you guys going to wear?" she asked and took a seat on Alyssa's bed… I guess she wasn't leaving.

I pointed to my dress and sighed. "Oh, it looks good on you" the liar commented.

Okay maybe she wasn't lying because I did look good…just not as good as her. I smiled at her and then walked to the mirror to apply my make-up.

"So the plans have changed a bit" Anna said causing me to look at her in wonder.

Please, please tell me you're not coming with us, I thought.

"The girls really want me to go and have dinner with them so I said yes," fuck yeah, she wasn't coming with us!

"But I will join you guys after dinner" she continued.

Damn it, I was happy too soon.

"Great" I said and turned back to the mirror. I added some eyeliner and mascara to make my eyes come out a bit more. I was always told that I had beautiful eyes and this way they would really stand out.

There was another knock on the door while I was applying some blush.

"We're not here!" I yelled and then a chuckling Maya walked in. "Funny Bella and wow look at you, all dressed up" she said with a smile.

Maya was also one of my classmates. She was nice but she's fake just like the rest of them. They are nice to you if they need you otherwise you're like air to them.

I didn't even answer her, just gave her a small smile.

"Anna we're ready to leave so let's go" Maya said as Anna got up.

"See ya later girls" that was Anna. "Have fun" that was Alyssa. "Sure, we'll be counting the seconds till we're back together" now that was me, I even added a wink. Then they finally left.

"We'll be counting the seconds till we're back together?" Alyssa was definitely amused by my sarcastic comment.

I shrugged but didn't hide my smile from her.

"You're crazy" she laughed. "And that's why you love me" I replied and went to give her a hug.

"Ooh lalala, girl on girl porn" Emmet's voice came behind us.

"Ieuw Emmet!" Alyssa shrieked and immediately let me go. "Baby why are you so shy" I teased and pulled her back to me.

"You know I don't do this stuff in front of others" Alyssa played along.

"Fine, we'll have some fun tonight when we're alone" I winked at her and then let her go.

"If I didn't know you guys, I would really think you were into each other" Emmet commented.

Alyssa and I looked at each other and then burst out laughing.

"Anyway what's your deal?" I asked him and searched for my lip-gloss.

"We're leaving in five, so finish whatever you're doing and meet us upstairs" Emmet said and went to stand in front of the mirror to fix his hair.

"We're ready, we'll come upstairs in a minute" Alyssa replied as I went to stand next to Emmet to apply my lip-gloss.

"Looking hot Bells" Emmet whispered in my ear causing me too blush. "Thanks Em. You don't look so bad yourself" I said honestly.

Emmet always had been a good looking guy but the older he gets, the better he looks. I know this because I have known Emmet since we were thirteen.

"And look at you Alyssa!" he yelled, "so beautiful, I will have a hard time keeping the boys away from you" he finished with a sigh, causing Alyssa to blush.

"Thank you Emmet" she replied softly. She was such a shy but sweet girl.

"Don't listen to him Aly, tonight we'll have plenty of boys begging for our attention and if they are lucky we might have some fun with them" I winked at her.

"Okay, I'm out of here" Emmet said looking disgusted. We just laughed at him as he walked out.

A few minutes later we found ourselves in front of the guys room's door.

"We should get inside" I nodded but didn't make a move to open the door, "or maybe we should wait downstairs, in the lobby?" I asked Alyssa. It could be that I was a bit nervous. Edward had never seen me like this before and I really wondered if he would like it.

"Fuck" I cursed.

"What's wrong with you?" Alyssa wondered. I shook my head at her, "nothing".

"I'm going in" she said and before I could react the door was opened.

"Hey girls. Wow, look at you. You're both looking very, very good!" Mike said causing me to relax a bit.

We thanked him and then took a seat, me on Edward's bed and Alyssa on Jasper's bed.

I heard sounds coming from the bathroom and since both Edward and Jasper were missing, they must have been there.

That thought was confirmed when I heard them laughing loudly.

"Don't girls normally take a longer time getting ready" I said loudly making sure Jasper and Edward had heard me too.

"Shut up Bells, we'll be with you in a sec" Jasper yelled. "Bella is right, get your asses out of the bathroom now, you pussies" Emmet yelled causing me and Alyssa to laugh.

"We're ready" I heard him mutter and then they both walked in to their bedroom.

I saw Edward's eyes widen a bit when he took me in but he quickly looked away and I sighed.

Maybe I didn't look so good after all.

"Looking good Aly, Bells" Jasper said as he passed us but not before checking us out. "Thanks Jazz, I wish I could have said the same about you" I joked.

"Really Bells, that bad?" he put a hand over his heart and feigned hurt.

"Not all of us can look good" Mike said while checking himself out in the mirror. "I was just kidding Jazz" I giggled and gave Mike a soft hit on the back of his head.

"Are we ready to leave?" suddenly Edward voice came from behind me. I turned to look at him and was met with a smile, one I immediately returned.

"We're ready" I replied.

A bit later we were seated in a small but very cute restaurant. Edward was seated next to me while Jasper was sitting right over me, next to him were Emmet and Mike and our side next to Edward was Alyssa.

I was sitting so close to Edward and sometimes I really felt the urge to do something… I would place my hand on his leg when his legs bounced up and down, it made me nervous but I would pull away immediately because it felt weird…

Another thing I noticed was that Edward didn't really seem to like that our waiter flirted with both me and Alyssa or maybe I just saw what I wanted to see.

Definitely the latter.

"Save me a dance later?" I whispered to him while the rest was busy talking about…well, about something.

"Definitely. Tonight is about us" he whispered back, making me feel all warm and tingly inside.

"Too bad Anna is coming with us" I said and looked away from him. "Bella" he let that out there to let me know that he really didn't like my comment.

"What? I just wanted one night with you but she's always there… Never mind" I just stopped talking because I didn't want to fight him on our last night here.

"I promise, it's about us tonight" he whispered in my ear and with that the conversation was finished. I really hoped that he was telling the truth because I wanted him for myself tonight. It was our last night away from our real life.

Tomorrow we'll be going back to reality. Oh and speaking about reality; Edward is leaving to Ireland in three days to visit his girlfriend. Yay me!

Two weeks without Edward… I hated it. After three months he would leave to Ireland to live there anyway so why go this vacation too, right? But who am I to judge or make a decision…

"I'm done. Mike you want this?" I said and pointed to my plate. He always finished what was left of my food. "Hell yeah, give that to me" he rushed out and my plate was gone instantly.

"Didn't you like the food?" Jasper said and I looked up at him, "No, why?" I shook my head.

"You didn't really eat much" Edward continued as Jasper nodded, agreeing with him. "I wasn't really hungry" I rolled my eyes, these guys sometimes acted like they were my father.

Suddenly Edward's phone dinged signaling that he had a message. "It's Anna. I'm gonna go call her" he said and stood up from his place to walk outside. I instantly grimaced. She was probably letting him know that she was ready to join us.

A bit later Edward walked in but didn't take his seat back. "I'm going to go get Anna, you guys wait here for us, okay?" he announced and everyone nodded.

"Sure, we'll be here. I hope you guys don't get lost" I winked at him but he could see right through me. He knew that I didn't like it but left without answering me.

"What's up with you and Anna?" Jasper asked me curiously. "She doesn't really like her" Alyssa answered for me. "She's right" I said and sipped my drink.

"Screw her, you can hang out with us. You don't have to hang out with her" Jasper smiled at me. I smiled back to let him know that I really appreciated that.

I looked at Emmet and Mike to see why they hadn't reacted on our conversation but saw that they were both too busy typing away on their phones.

"Dude 1 and dude 2, we're on a vacation! Put those phones away right now!" I said loudly and was a second away from snatching them out of their hands.

"Yeah yeah" Mike muttered and put his phone away but Emmet kept typing. "Em?" Alyssa asked.

"I'm texting Rosie, just give me a minute" he answered without looking at us. In fact I hadn't even heard him talk properly tonight. I guess they were fighting again.

"Everything okay Em?" I asked softly which caused him to look straight at me and I was right, I could see it on his face. "Just…you know Rose" he mumbled and got back to texting.

I left him alone after that.

After what seemed like an eternity Edward returned with our 'princess' and they both took their seats at the table.

I sighed, this was going to be a long night.


"I owe you a drink Bells, so what will you have?" Emmet asked and got up. "I don't know about them" I said and pointed to the rest "but I want a Mojito!" I finished with a grin.

After wandering around the very busy streets of Spain we found this nice place with great music. See the thing about Spain is that people don't really party inside. Everyone was outside, drinking, dancing…just enjoying. It was Saturday night so all the students were out, that's why it was so busy.

We had to push ourselves through to move away but that didn't even bother me. I was in a good mood. Even Anna didn't bother me anymore. Looking at these people who were so happy just enjoying their selves made me happy.

After walking for some time we decided to get in somewhere and then we found this place. There weren't much people inside and there wasn't a single person on the dance floor but Alyssa and I would change that soon. Right after Emmet brings me my first drink.

Tonight I'm planning to get drunk and to fully let go.

"A mojito it is" he grinned at me and left to get our drinks.

"Why are you sitting so far away?" Edward asked and pulled me closer to him. Anna was sitting next to him, that's why but I didn't say that instead I just smiled at him.

"I haven't told you yet, but you really look beautiful tonight" he whispered in my ear causing me to blush. "Thanks. You don't look so bad yourself mister" I answered honestly. He looked away but the smirk on his face told me that he had heard me.

Emmet brought me my drinks and we all clinked for our last night in Spain.

"Finish that drink soon missy because we're going on that dance floor" I yelled and pointed to said dance floor. Alyssa shook his head shyly but drowned her drink immediately.

I took her hand and pulled her to the dance floor not giving a shit that we were the only ones dancing.

Time to give a show, I thought.

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