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Alyssa and I gave the boys a pretty good show, moving our hips to the beat and dipping down every now and then. I loved dancing, so when it comes to that I'm never insecure. After a while others started to join us and soon the place was packed with people.

I had noticed three people watching me Henry, a classmate whose looks were very creepy, Edward and a guy in the back who was incredibly hot. Tall, had a nice tan, brown hair and green eyes. Totally Edward's opposite but still so hot.

"That guy is so fucking hot" I said to Alyssa when we took a seat next to Edward, I knew he could hear me. "I know and he has been looking at you since he walked in!" she grinned at me. "I think it's time I gave him a private show" I winked at her and got up to dance.

I made sure he could see me and then just let go. My body was on fire but the thing was, it wasn't his eyes that put me on fire. It was another pair of fire that made me dance like that.


Of course the alcohol I had running through my system had a lot to do with it too but Edward was a different story all together.

He had noticed that I was making eye contact with the hot guy but he didn't seem to be bothered by that. At all.

I was looking at the hot Spanish guy when I heard a voice behind me. "Maybe you should fuck him and get him out of your head" Edward whispered in my ear.

"Maybe I should" I answered without looking at him. It amused me and angered me at the same time that he would say something like that.

Suddenly his hands were on my hips guiding me, getting me closer to him while we moved to the beat together.

I let myself go and put my hand on his neck, getting him even closer to me. "You're really looking good tonight Bella" he whispered, his hot breath covering my neck.

"I'm glad you like it" I replied, getting all warm inside and totally forgetting the hot Spanish guy.

"A lot" he answered and then let go, which made me look at him in question. "Let's do shots, you in?" the sexy, mysterious Edward from a second ago had changed back into my best friend.

"Definitely" I answered with a sigh. I needed it more than anyone else in the room because my head was so fucked up. I was flirting with my best friend, the one who had a girl waiting for him miles away…

A bit later every one of us was on the dance floor but this time Edward was dancing with Anna, which annoyed me but his eyes, they were on me and that's why I walked outside. I knew he would follow me.

I was right because a couple seconds later he was standing behind me.

"What's wrong?" he asked softly.

"I'm going to miss you" I answered, my voice breaking at the end.

"Bella" he sounded so sad. I turned to look at him when he wrapped his arms around me. I put mine on his waist and placed my head in the crook of his neck. So fucking comfortable.

"Let's not think about that now, shall we?" he said while playing with my hair. "Okay" I agreed and decided that all I wanted was to enjoy this moment. I wanted to forget that he had a girlfriend in Ireland and that he was leaving in a couple months to Ireland so he could go and have a fucking happily ever after with her.

It felt so good and so right to be in his arms. There was just one thing I wanted to do…very badly. Kissing him. It was probably because of the alcohol that I was thinking this but the way we were standing there. So intimate…

To an outsider we would look like a couple and that's what it looked like to Anna when she walked outside.

I immediately let go of Edward when I noticed her.

"Uhhh hi…I'm going back in" I said not liking the way she looked at us. I knew it wasn't fair to Edward to just leave him there like that but I needed a minute to clear my head to.

When I looked back at them I noticed they were in a heated argument. Anna was probably just protecting her best friend Elena, but still it wasn't her business.

After that Anna and Edward walked back in and continued to party like nothing had happened. Problem solved, I guess.

When we had to leave I immediately pulled Edward to my side.

"You're taking a cab with me, not with her" I said not giving a shit that I sounded jealous, then I looked around and noticed Jasper. "Jazz, you're coming with us!" I yelled as he nodded.

Jazz, Edward and I took the first cab. Jasper in the front and Edward and me in the back. We immediately got comfortable, his arm draped around my shoulders and my head in the crook of his neck.

"Hmm, so comfortable" I sighed contently. "Mhm" he agreed.

We didn't say anything during the rest of the ride and just enjoyed being together.

The night ended beautifully when Edward walked me to my bedroom and wished me goodnight like a true gentlemen. I knew that night that a lot had changed but I also knew that this was a night I would never forget.

The following morning was evidence of that. Edward was acting weird and distant when I went to his room with breakfast. When he started to give me short and cold answers, I left his room feeling irritated and very pissed.

I continued to ignore him when we waited for our bus outside that would take us to the airport. I noticed the looks he gave me but didn't walk up to him. I was not in the mood for it and definitely not after such a beautiful night.

When the bus arrived, I was first to take place. I wasn't in the mood to deal with anyone and hoped that the seat would remain empty, except if-

"Can I take this seat?" Edward's voice interrupted my thoughts, right when I was thinking about him.

"Sure" I replied.

Edward was the first one to break the silence after a while.

"Bella, we aren't best friends anymore" he sighed. "What?" I said in shock, looking at him like he had lost his mind. "What are you talking about?" I wondered feeling the pain in my heart when the meaning of his words dawned on me.

"You can't be serious! Are you nuts…you just can't say that" I was completely freaking out and he just stared at me.

"Say something!" I said a bit too loudly.

"April fool, silly" he chuckled. When I realized what he said I started to get mad.

I hit him repeatedly on his chest, arms, anything I could reach. "Are you fucking stupid?! You can't say something like that" I was so mad at him. The idea of us not being friends… impossible.

"That was not funny, Edward. Not at all" I glared at him. "Yeah okay, I know. I'm sorry" he said while hugging me to him.

"Bastard" I said and hit him one last time in the arm. "I said I'm sorry, shorty" he chuckled.

"I'll get you back for that" I promised and was already thinking of stuff I could do or say to him.

When we got to the airport Edward and I were first in line. We wanted to sit next to each other and therefore we had to stick together but we still had to wait a while so Edward and I decided to wander a bit.

"You know Edward, everything has changed. You, me. Us… I don't think I see you as my best friend anymore. I think I've grown feelings for you and I just think you should know this" I told him seriously and honestly?

"Bella, I…" he looked sad for a reason but not surprised.

"April's fool, silly" I grinned at him, but it was so fake. I just hoped he couldn't see through me, "I was just kidding."

"Funny Bells, because I don't think it was a joke at all. A lot has changed" with that said, he walked away, leaving me standing there in shock.

My thoughts were all over the place but worst of all it seemed that I had lost my best friend.

Edward and I did have seats right next to each other on the plane but as soon as we were seated, I took my IPod and started to listen to music. I couldn't talk to him at that moment, I was too confused.

At one point I even cried because I couldn't keep it bottled up anymore. I did everything to hide it from him but I knew he had noticed. I was just glad that he didn't say anything about it.

A couple minutes before we arrived in Seattle I put my IPod away and nudged his shoulder. "You're finally going to talk to me?" he wondered.

"Yes, we really need to talk" I told him honestly.

"I know but not here" he said and pointed to the people behind us, our classmates. I nodded in agreement and leaned back into my seat.

"It'll be alright, shorty" he said and squeezed my hand softly. "I hope so" I answered.

I was so happy when we landed in Washington, finally home. I had to get away from all this school drama. I needed to be home, in my room.

"Will I see you before you go to Ireland?" I asked him as we waited outside for the ones who would pick us up. "Of course you will Bella" he answered, "you really think I'm leaving like this, without even talking to you?"

"No…I just, I don't know" I sighed in frustration.

"Stop being such a pessimist, shorty" he chuckled and I glared at him.

"Isabella!" I looked up when I heard someone shout my name, it was my mother. I guess my ride was here already.

"Who's picking you up?" I asked Edward, ready to offer him a ride. "My friends are picking up, they'll be here in a minute. You go, your mom is waiting. I'll see you later" he smiled at me.

I returned the smile and picked up my bags, "Text me."

"You know I will Bella" he rolled his eyes.

I waved him goodbye and then left with my mother.

"How was Spain?" my mother asked excitedly.

"Awesome" I sighed.


The next day Edward and I met each other at our usual place. In front of an old theatre where they had made a big playfield for youngsters.

"So" that was Edward.

"So" and that was me.

We had so much to talk about and that was all we could get out.

"Jesus Christ! We're best friends and look at us now, we're fucking uncomfortable in each other presence" finally, I got it out!

"I have an idea" Edward started, " let's enjoy this day, just the two of us. Let's forget Spain for now because all I want to do today is spend time with my best friend before leaving to Ireland" he finished.

"Yes please, let's do that" I agreed because I knew it wasn't the right moment to talk about what was going on. Whatever that might have been.

So Edward and I got up and decided to walk around. After getting some food and drinks we went to the shore and had a nice lunch there.

"I'm so tired" Edward said and was going to lay on the ground. "What are you doing?" I wondered. "I'm going to sleep" he answered and looked at me as if it was absolutely normal.

"Put your head here" I said and patted my leg, "the ground is way too hard" I continued. Edward didn't argue and did what I said.

I took my IPod out and gave him one of the ear buds. We sat there for quite a while, just listening to music and enjoying the good weather. At one point I even started to play with his hair.

"That really feels good" he sighed contently. On the background was Sia's song My Love playing and suddenly something inside of me snapped.

What the fuck were we doing? It was so wrong.

He had a girl waiting in Ireland for him and here he was laying on my legs, while I played with his hair and a fucking love song on the background.

"what's wrong?" he asked in confusion. "Nothing" I quickly dismissed him and decided to keep my thoughts to myself.

"Shall we go?" I asked him. "Where?" he wondered.

"I don't know, let's walk a bit more" I suggested. "Come on, get up" I nudged his shoulder when he didn't make a move to get up.

"Fine, I'm getting up" he muttered. "So, where to?" Edward asked, his beautiful eyes piercing right through mine.

"I have no idea, let's just go" I answered.

We were silent for a long while, just walking ahead. At one point we were holding hands and I can't even remember if it was him who made the move or me. All I remember is how good it felt.

His large hand holding my small one, it fitted. Just like a puzzle.

Suddenly he stopped and took his hand back, "What are we doing?" he asked out loud, the frustration clear in his voice.

"I have no freaking idea" I said and continued walking.

"We can't walk around holding hands Bella, what if someone sees us?" he continued while catching up to me. "I know…" I sighed.

"Hey guys!" a voice I knew all too well came from behind us.

"Hey Anna" I turned around and gave her my fakest smile ever. I was even more surprised to see the whole gang with her and with that I meant all the girls of our class. I was the only one who wasn't invited. What a surprise…

If Anna and the rest of the girls had seen us a couple minutes ago they would have caught us holding hands, I realized. We were very lucky.

"You guys want to join us? We are going to KFC" she asked us. I looked at Edward and gave him my most desperate look, trying to get him to understand that he had to say no.

"Uhm, we have to be somewhere so we can't" Edward answered and I was so grateful.

"Yes next time, when you girls actually invite me" I added with a grimace but it was too low for anyone to hear so the girls just said goodbye and left.

"Come on, I know a place where we can go" Edward smiled at me. "Lead the way mister" I smiled back at him, happy that we were alone again.

We walked for quite a bit until we reached an old building, a place where people used to live, I think. The walls were covered in graffiti and not just silly little stuff but real art. I knew Edward was into graffiti so this was heaven to him.

We took a seat on the stairs in front of the building, sitting very closely next to each other.

"We come here a lot with guys. It's a nice place to smoke weed" he chuckled. It didn't bother me that he smoked pot, in fact I told him that I wanted to try it too. He promised me that we would do it together once.

"Edward…what is going on with us?" I whispered, afraid to look him in the eyes. He had to move closer so he could hear me. My heart started to beat faster because he was so dangerously close to me.

If I turned my head, my lips would immediately be on his.

"I don't know Bella…I just, I'm so sorry" I wanted to asked what for when suddenly his lips were on mine. For a second I couldn't think, I was too shocked until I realized how wrong it was.

I pushed him back.

"We can't do this Edward, it's so wrong" I whispered painfully but that didn't stop him. His lips were back on mine instantly and this time I kissed him back.

But that little voice in my head just wouldn't shut up.

I pushed him back again and then got up.

"Oh god, this is so wrong. I have to get out of here" I said desperately and started to walk away.

"Bella wait, don't go" he said, following me.

"I have to Edward. I really need to go" I said my head still unclear. I was so confused. A part of me wanted to turn around and kiss the hell out of him but the other part knew that it was so wrong.

I spotted a bus stop and walked over to it. I was going to take the first bus that came, no matter where it was headed to.

I took a seat in the cabin and wished the bus would come a.s.a.p.

"Meet me tomorrow, please" Edward rushed out when he saw my bus coming our way.

"I don't know Edward" I mumbled. "Bella please" he said loudly as the bus stopped in front of me.

"I'll let you know" I replied and then took the bus.

I looked out of the window and saw him watching me. I touched my lips, remembering our short but sweet kiss and realized that I would be there the next day.

I had to be.

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