Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I don't own anything Merlin, etc.
Summary: One Shot. Arthur's first nightly visit to Guinevere.

Inspired by the scene in 4x05 where Arthur comes to Gwen's home to break up with her. Their manner at the door indicated this was not his first nightly visit. :) Hope you enjoy!

Out of the Ordinary

It was an ordinary end to an ordinary day after a string of ordinary weeks.

Since regaining Camelot, Arthur Pendragon had been absent on various quests, as he was now. When in Camelot, he and Guinevere had drifted to their respective corners of familiarity – he being the prince; she, the servant.

It seemed, at times, as if the courtyard kiss never happened.

As if Arthur was expecting the proverbial shoe to drop.

As if Gwen was holding her breath, waiting.

Waiting for something out of the ordinary…

Gwen answered the light tap on her door.

"Arthur? You're home! But I thought…"

"We took a shortcut. I...wanted to see you. May I…"

She took in his appearance. Disheveled hair. A few streaks of grime that a hurried wash had missed. A determined demeanor.

The door opened wide then closed behind him.

"You came here first?"

"After seeing father, yes." Brows furrowed. "Is...that alright?"

"Oh, yes." Gwen beamed. "Yes, quite."

Arthur visibly relaxed then pulled something from behind his back. "For you."

"Arthur, you shouldn't have..."

"I had to. It called to me."

Gwen shyly opened the offering and was stunned speechless by the silver comb now lying in her hand.

"Someone once told me that girls like pretty things..." Arthur prompted.

A reassuring smile. "Someone is wise. And this is much more than pretty, it's…exquisite." A delicate finger traced the design. "So simple. So elegant."

"So Guinevere."

Their eyes met. Held. Said more with one look than most speak in a lifetime.

"I'll wear it every day."

"No, don't."


He swallowed hard, gathering courage. "Guinevere, I've been thinking that I might have occasion to visit you here. After dark. If you are, of course, not otherwise engaged."

His not-so-subtle inference was not lost on an astute Gwen.

Just as she suspected.

Lancelot and his longing looks.

"For you alone, Arthur, I am always free."

It was all he needed. "In that case…I want to court you, Guinevere. I know our situation is not what one would call...ordinary. I'm not sure I'd want it to be. I thought perhaps you could wear this on the days you would favor a visit, then I would know it was alright to come round. It could be like..."

"...a secret signal?"


"Something that's ours alone. No one else's." Gwen mused, a delighted smile lighting her eyes. "I rather like that." She switched gears. "Why wouldn't you want ordinary?"

"Because an extraordinary you deserves an extraordinary everything." A soft answer. A nonchalant shrug. "Besides, we've already kissed."


"Under ordinary courting customs..."

"...that would not occur for..."

"..quite a while yet." He took a step closer, his intentions clear. "And there are times, Guinevere, when I very much want to..."

"...be extraordinary?"

A flashed smile. "That's one way to put it."

"And another?"

A hungry gaze prompted hovering lips to close the distance...

It was an ordinary end to an ordinary day. Yet out of the ordinary, the extraordinary began.

The End