After walking for what felt like hours, the lights went out. I look up above me to see all the little lanterns being put out. Great. I thought just great. Walking blindly, without out any light but the moon I wouldn't be able to find any shelter! Why does Neverland have to be so hateful towards me? Feeling sorry for myself, I slumped to the ground and rested my cheek on my fist. I wonder if my mum and dad miss me. Are they looking for me? Have the police already set out on search? Are the pirates here really that bad? So many questions raced through my mind but one stood out in piticular. Why doesen't Rufio like me? Well, I don't like him much either but I do have to admit he is charming. No! No, no, no. I cannot be thinking like this towards him. I mean, he's abandoned me for Christ's sake!


I jumped up and looked all around me. What was that? It sounded like some kind of bird. Maybe a parrot? My heart beat thumping loudly in my chest. I rest my hand on to slow it down. Nervously, I began walking backwords, but stopped when I heard footsteps behind me. I froze, being cornered both ways. My head now glaring at the ground could see the shadow of something large infront of me. Exactly where I heard the bird from. I gasped out and ran the oppisite direction, towards the footsteps. My run quickly turning into a sprint. I started shouting.

"Rufio!" My voice cracking at the end.


"Gotcha!" A scratchy voice cackled and grabbed me. Before I could do pretty much anything, he threw me into an itchy, old bag. But not before tying a gag around my mouth and hands.

These people seriously need to come up with better kidnapping ideas. I thought bitterly as I kicked who ever was holding me hostage.

I muffled my pleas and screams while being man handled to where ever these weirdos were taking me.

"Quiet you!" A deep voice hollered.

I rolled my eyes even though he couldn't see it. I did shut my mouth though. I mean, even though I'm not acting scared, I definatly am.

Suddenly, I froze. Wait, these men have to be...pirates. God, why am I so stupid!? I mean, c'mon! I don't think any body that wouldn't be a enime would kidnap me. Well, the Lost Boys did but they didn't sound like a crusty old man. Mnerves suddenly got the best of me and I began to freak out again. I flopped all around in the bag hoping they would drop it or something. With as much force as my little body could muster, I punched and kicked as hard as I could. The pirates kept shouting and yelling at me to "knock it off." But I did not. When I thought my plan was working, I was slammed into something hard. Before I could even realize what was happening, I was consumed with darkness...

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