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Kiyoko's pov

"What's this?" I asked, confused. In my hand was a small envelope with golden calligraphy on it that said 'To Miss Kiyoko Suzuki'.

"That is an invitation for you to go to Ouran. Your friends and your sister have received one too," My mother smiled as she added, "Ouran Academy is an prestigious school in Bunkyō, Tokyo meant only for the rich and, not necessarily, beautiful! Oh, you'd love it there! I went there to school as a kid. They have a great Elementary school, Middle school, High school and College facility!"

I scowled, "Does that mean Haruko and I are moving to our mansion there?"

"Yes! Of course, we are moving there permanently! We'll use this mansion as our summer house, here in Kyōto! Won't that be fun?" Yea, sure, whatever floats your boat and doesn't sink mine and Haruko's...

I nodded before turning around and calling to my mom, "I'll go tell Haruko, then."

"Ok! Just be sure to have your things packed for tomorrow! Tell that to Haruko too!" Yea, yea…

I sigh as I walk to our room upstairs. (See profile for room image)

"Hello, Imouto-chan," Haruko smiled at me. She was sitting on the steps that lead to my bunk, in her hands was a sketch pad and a pencil. She must have been sketching the scene from our window. I sat down on her bunk watching her draw, she would sometimes look up and glance at me. I inwardly sighed before speaking up,

"Hey, Did you know we're transferring to Ouran Academy?" This made her pause and look at me, curiosity shining in her eyes, "No? Well… Mom said we, meaning us and the gang, are going to learn there."

She stood up and put her sketch pad and pencil on our desk before plopping herself next to me, "Well, I see no negative thing there… We were, after all, thought of as freaks in our school.. Maybe a change would be a good thing?"

I sighed, "Yes, I suppose so… But they only think that since use 8 refuse to wear those… things.. I mean have you seen the skirts? They, like, barely cover our area! And those tops? Ugh.. So old school…"

"Yea, you're right," Haruko nodded before saying something that brought my attention to her, "Wait… Are you talking about Ouran Academy? The one that are only meant for the rich people in Japan and other places?"


"Well, since it's an academy… Wouldn't we be expected to wear uniforms as well?"

"…Yea… So?"

"…." Haruko gave me a look… OH!

"Oh! We should search it up!" as soon as those words left my mouth, Haruko was sitting on our desk typing on her laptop… Wait… That wasn't there before… "So, find anything?"

"Not yet," She replied. I sighed and got off her bunk and went up to mine. Without even looking, I grabbed the DS XL off my shelf and started playing Mario Kart. 5 minutes have passed and nothing came from my sister so I assumed she hadn't found anything yet, but I was wrong.. So wrong. Instead of searching, she was staring in horror at the girl's uniform while I was here playing Mario Kart, about to beat my previous score in 150 cc.

"Um, imouto-chan.. I think you should come over here…"

"Not now! I'm trying to overtake stupid Wario! Damnit! Wario you fucking asstard! MOVE!" (Yea… I get into my games a bit (a lot) too much…)

Haruko sweat dropped before trying to get me near her again, "Um… imouto-chan… You should come see the uniform…"

I, of course having overtaken Wario and am currently leading 1st place, just ignored her.

"…." Without a word, without a warning, Haruko was next to me. She grabbed the DS XL out of my hand and turned it off much to my horror. I mean you DON'T EVER do that when someone is 1st place in 150 cc!

"DUDE! What the hell? I was winning!" I screamed as she grabbed me and dragged me down the steps my butt hurting every time it landed. She then proceeded to haul me up and plop me on our seat. I was still screaming when she turned my head towards the screen, towards those… things… And that was when I finally noticed it…


"I.. I can't believe that…. They expect us to… wear that… thing?" I whimpered as I sat huddled in my corner of woe. Haruko just sighed as she read her invitation. Even without looking I knew what it said, for I had read it over and over. It said:

'Dear Ms. _ _

I, Mr. Yuzuru Suoh, invite you to become a student at Ouran Academy, located at Bunkyō,Tokyo. This school welcomes many teenagers/kids from very rich families, but we do offer scholarships from time to time. Anyways, I would like to give you an invitation to study at Japan's finest school. Please consider this since an invitation to the school is very rare. I hope you have a nice day.


Yuzuru Suoh, Principal'

I whimpered more at the thought of wearing those over-grown yellow marshmallow dresses. I mean the boy's uniform certainly is cute, but the girl's uniform is… uh… How does one say this? Interesting…

"Oh, suck it up. It's not like we can't alter it," My younger sister said as she turned around in her chair to give me a look.

I sighed before standing up and sulkily walked to the door, just as it suddenly opened. Which, of course, sent me face-down on the floor. Without even looking, I knew who's fault it was since there was only one maid who was very.. um… clumsy…

As I stood up, I stared at the girl. I stared at her purple hair that was recently dyed not long ago. I stared at her chocolate colored eyes. And lastly, I stared at her outfit that replaces the usual maid uniform that our mom had the maids wear. It was a baggy white top with a black halter top inside. She had on dark, destroyed jeans with black converse.

Everyone… Meet Haruko and I's personal maid,

Kisa Fujioka

She's our maid simply because a) She needed a job and b) She's poor. Out of all the maids, Kisa has got to be our favorite. She helps us a lot with things such as boys, outfits, etc. She's like an older sister. Whenever we talked, she would always tell us about her younger sister, Haruhi Fujioka. There were many stories, such as the one where their mother died when Haruhi was young and how their father became a cross-dresser. We always wondered how she got to Kyōto when she said she lived somewhere in Tokyo. Ah, well.

We felt sorry for her so we took her in, she turned to be our newest older sister. She finished her last year of college thanks to my family, so now she works at our house.

"OMO! I'm so sorry!" Kisa quickly checked me over for any bruises and when she found one on my head she freaked out, "AAAH! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to! I was just excited to tell you that my sister goes in the same school that you will be going to soon!"

"Oh… That's all?"

"Yep! I better go and clean/dust your weaponry collection, Haruko. And your shuriken and otaku/manga collection, Kiyoko! See ya!"

And with a whoosh she was gone.

*sigh* Gotta love our maid… With her around, nothing's ever dull around here.

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