Please listen to Regret Message by Rin Kagamine, or watch it then listen to it if you don't know the lyrics.

"Milady..?" Rukia went inside Kiyoko's tent only to find her gone. She quickly rushed outside to tell the others, "MILADY'S GONE!"


In the harbor, Kiyoko stood there, holding a glass bottle with a note in it, "I hope my wish will come true.." She gently layed the bottle on the water and watched as it bobbed out of sight.

"…Dear sister… I'm sorry…" Kiyoko yelled out, tears in her eyes, "I-i'm sorry! I'm sorry I've been greedy! I'm sorry I caused your death! I'm… I'm sorry I never listened to anyone, but myself.." Kiyoko fell on her knees, tears pouring in her eyes.

"I'M SORRY!" She sobbed, cradling her face in her hands, "I hope you're in a better place… I'm sorry…"

There, the girl in red, cried out, so much until she swore she saw Haruko standing there, offering her hand to her. Kiyoko almost ran to it, but she knew it was just an illusion and watched as it disappeared.

"I hope.. My wish will come true.." Kiyoko sighed.


Kiyoko stood up and turned around to see Kaoru rushing to her.

"M-milady!" Kaoru panted, "we were so worried about you! Something could have happened!"

Kiyoko looked a bit sheepish "Sorry to cause you guys trouble.."

"What were you doing out here in the harbor?"

"Just continuing a tradition my sister used to do…"

"Oh, well. You must be done so let's go,"


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