Authors Note:So here it is. My first Teen Titans fanfic. This story went through a lot of changes before it became what it is now. In the beginning it was just a simple story revolved around Raven and Beast Boy. But I wanted it to be more than that. Also, I'm not very good at writing out the action parts as I'm still a total NOOB when it comes to that stuff. Have patience with this girl here, I'll get better as time goes on. Till then, please enjoy. Something you should also know before proceeding with your reading, the characters are a bit older in this story. I would say this is set 4 years after the series end. If I'm correct in guessing at least Beast Boy's age, he's about 14/15 in the series, so he's about 18 in this story. Also Robin is Nightwing. It's been done before in other stories, thought I'd give my hand at it even if it doesn't seem chronological. Eeehhhh I hope I'm not damning myself by doing that (jumps out a window)

I do not own the Teen Titans in anyway. They belong to the brilliant people of DC.

Chapter 1: Night in Tunisia

Once 10:00 pm rolled around, the proverbial ghouls came out to play. The night life was home to many a person with a background one could easily write a book about. All the terrors that were written in fictional novels and poorly made 1950s crime movies were brought to life under the dark veil of night. Anything you could possibly imagine went down during this time, and the monsters who thrived in the excitement loved every bit of it.

The situation at hand painted a detailed picture of the crimes that breathed, drank, and spat all over the city's already soiled grounds. A newly opened casino claimed a block of Jump City's middle section and loomed four stories high with glistening white wide golden double doors. The bright flashing sign of its name enchanted passerby's and whispered sweet nothings with the sound of slot machines and roulette. Enchanted it did. Hordes of finely dressed people had formed in the streets earlier waiting to be swept inside with the promise of fortune, luxury, and hopefully, fame. It was a dizzying sight once inside. Sparkling crystal chandeliers hung high from the ceiling, collecting the light from the shining machines which many people had stationed themselves at. A plethora of dealers, waiters, and entertainers walked amongst the many guests, along with darkly dressed individuals who dispersed an air of intimidation and curiosity as they preferred the dark lit corners. Eyes like hawks as they over saw the goings on of everyone they could get their sights on.

The casino was alive tonight. Laughter, curses, applause, and cheering were the sounds that came from the many men and women who gave their lives to the night. Though elsewhere, tucked inside a room where sound was impervious and life was non existent to those in the main sections of the casino, a different kind of excitement was deep in the works. Being guarded by two burly looking men who were armed to the teeth was a room filled with gentlemen looking to be apart of a sweet deal that offered much in the ways of satisfaction. They all sat around a rectangular marble table with looks of hard steel seriousness. Some shifted their eyes from person to person, while others mumbled words of uncertainty to their colleagues. There was one face, however, that displayed the light smugness of a man who had all the cards on his side. He was confident that he would not be beat, and the other poor gambling men where at a horrible disadvantage. Tonight, he was winning the jackpot.

"Well gentlemen, there ya have it. Ya'll can either be a part of the game, or be a part of the gravel. 'Cause that's what's gonna happen in the end if ya don't warm up to the plan."

His accent was thick with a southern hostility. His slightly aged features highlighted his curly handle bar mustache and dark business suit. The twinkle in his eyes were as bright as the rings on his fingers, and that ever present smirk on his lips showed that he had won his game. Looking around at the other men, it was obvious to him that they knew they had no choice but to follow in his demands. Faces were grim, foreheads were creased in defeat, hands held folded together under chins to hold back the sneers that wished to be shown.

"Very well Dubson," One sulking looking man piped out. "We're in. As if you're giving us much of a choice." The last few words were stretched in venom as he reached under the table to grab a black, heavily locked briefcase. Once hefted onto the table, the man began to work on the lock and open it for all to see. Many leaned forward to have a glance while others remained in their seats with indifference. Inside the case only two small items resided. A strange gray device in the shape of a square, and a tiny clear piece of plastic with what appeared to be a circuit of wires inside. With a shake of the hand, the mustached man named Dubson allowed the case to be shut.

"But if this goes down bad, a shit load of trouble won't be the only thing on your hands." The man then shoved the case toward Dubson where it stopped only an arms length away.

"Not to worry 'gents," Dubson reached over for the case and grabbed a hold of the handle. "Luck will be on our side."

In the blink of an eye, something shiny and very sharp shot out from an unknown source and smacked against the handle barely missing Dubson's fingers. This caused the man to flinch back, cradling his hand while the others shot out from their seats. The murmur of the others were lost as Dubson took this time to examine the object imbedded on the handle of the briefcase. It was slick, black, long, and had many sharp curves which was lined in blue. Suddenly everything came to life as Dubson knew exactly what this thing was.

"Ah hell." Instinctively, Dubson swerved around and peered up into the high ceiling where a hollowed out inner wall excluded any light from hitting, and with a squint of his eye saw the signs of movement where five silhouettes made their presence known.

"Looks like your luck just ran out."

Like lightning, the shocked look upon the men's faces faded as they pulled out their individual guns and took aim. But like so many times in the past, the watchful eyes of the city prepared themselves for battle with a shout from their leader.

"Titans, GO!"

Immediately, a barrage of gunfire came flying toward the heroes who quickly moved away and assumed their battle positions. Bullets continued to rain around the room as a slender orange young woman took to the air and sent green bolts of energy from her hands at her assailants, performing loops to avoid gunfire. When it came to long range attacks, Starfire excelled with flying colors. Behind her a big muscular man clad in technological prosthetics brought his massive fists down upon the armed men with a burly shout. Disarming them was a breeze for the muscle machine known as Cyborg. Floating above the long table was a curvy cloaked woman whose face was obscured by her hood. As one of the men reached for the briefcase, prying the sharp blade from the handle, she summoned the dark powers within her and shrouded the man in her black binding and threw him against a wall. She was within reaching distance of the case before she was forced to retreat back from a slew of bullets. With eyes glowing white, Raven chanted her well known mantra and allowed her powers to shroud around the gun and break it apart. Unbeknownst to her, an armed man managed to sneak up behind her and take aim. He was quickly knocked to the side by a strange green ram and the gun was sent clattering to the ground. Raven peered over her shoulder to see the commotion as the ram transformed into a tall green young man who flashed her a toothy grin.

"Watch your back!" He almost sang to her before transforming into a large gorilla and unleashing a string of attacks on the other armed men. Raven let out a puff of air before resuming her own attacks. Leave it to Beast Boy to come swooping in and save her from impending doom.

Soon all the men who had attended this secret meeting where sprawled on the hard wooded floor unconscious. Flying down to the table, Starfire grabbed the briefcase and brought it close to her. Dubson was the only one left standing as he slowly shuffled himself toward the table. He let his eyes wander from Titan to Titan who had effortlessly defeated his many colleagues. He swallowed the lump in his throat, gripped the edges of the table and set his eyes on the darkly garbed man who advanced toward him, domino mask hiding his identity from the world and two short rods in each hand. Dubson let a smug smile grace his lips as he calmly steadied himself and fixed his posture to be more presentable to the tall man.

"We simply must stop meeting like this. Don't ya agree? Mr. Nightwing?"

The Titans came to stand side by side as their fierce leader stopped to glare at Dubson, gripping his weapons tighter in his hands. Gone were the days when he was the Boy Wonder named Robin, now donning a more slick black and blue battle suit that formed perfectly around the muscles that have developed gracefully on his body over the years. His team mates framed around Dubson as he continued to leer at the man who had been eluding him for months. To Nightwing, months without a capture was like pure mind numbing torture. Something his friends knew all too well.

"Don't worry," Nightwing began. "Once you're behind bars, you wont ever have to see me again." His voice was deep and rough with contempt. The little voice in the back of his head that was telling him to beat the living hell out of this man and wipe that smug look off his face was beginning to ring in his ears. So with all the will power he possessed, he managed to silence that voice and allow reason to guide his judgment. At the corner of his eye Starfire hovered to the left of him, briefcase in hand. They got the goods, now to get the man.

"Well that sounds peachy, loads of fun even. But I'm afraid my schedule is jam packed, no time for the big house. We'll have to take a rain check, son." Ever the self absorbed business man that Dubson was, he played off this situation he found himself in as nothing but a greet and go. He needed to make his escape and he needed to make it FAST. That helicopter wasn't going to wait forever for him.

"Not happening scam man. We're taking you in now." Cyborg positioned himself next to Nightwing, aiming his arm cannon at Dubson. The power hissed in his weapon, ready to attack if necessary. The Titans knew Dubson was a man who always carried an ace up his sleeve. They had to be on their toes.

"Well that's a damn shame. I do hate to disappoint the many investors I had planned to meet." Clicking his shoes together and folding his hands behind his back, Dubson allowed a sly grin to cross his face as the Titans drew closer. "However, it seems that the only ones who will be disappointed is ya'll." With a flick of his wrist, Dubson sent what appeared to be a small round ball up into the air where Starfire was and quickly shielded his eyes as the tiny device exploded in a brilliant flash of light and smoke.

The sudden impact of the explosion managed to stun Starfire and the others long enough for Dubson, in an amazing feat for a man his age, to jump onto the table and launch himself toward Starfire and dealt her a swift kick to the stomach. Yelling in pain, Starfire fell to the ground losing her grip on the briefcase which Dubson quickly snatched up. With prize in hand, Dubson made a hasty retreat to the doors, jumping over the fallen bodies of the guards who Beast Boy and Cyborg took out earlier.

Shaking his head to clear the white haze from his eyes, Nighwing caught the fleeing Dubson with brief case in hand as he dashed through the doors. Cursing under his breath, he knelt down to Starfire and helped her off the floor. Looking over his shoulders he saw the others had recovered, although it took a bit of stumbling and bumping into Cyborg before Beast Boy could clear his vision.

"Go after him. He'll try to blend in with the crowd to lose us. Don't raise any suspicions with the guests that will tip us off, blend in as well. Keep him in this building." Nightwing ordered. Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy nodded in agreement and ran out the door in pursuit of Dubson. He looked over to Starfire who had a crestfallen look upon her face, rubbing her hands together as she silently chastised herself.

"Forgive me. If it were not for my incompetence-" She began before Nightwing cut her off with a hand over her own.

"It's not your fault. That sneaky bastard was just waiting for a good moment to catch us off guard." Still unsure with herself, Nightwing guided her out the door with him in an attempt to catch up with the others. "We'll get him Star, one way or another. Keep your head up." With a smile gracing his lips, Starfire's spirits lifted as she returned the gesture and took to the air. The two raced down the hall in hope of catching Dubson before he made his escape.

The number of people had increased during their time confronting Dubson, and it would only get bigger as the night went on. The almost deafening noise of slot machines and the people who played them was pounding in Raven's mind as she tried to maneuver herself through the throng of gamblers. Besides the noise, the overwhelming smell of food and liquor wafted in the air creating a thick shroud which Raven found hard to navigate through. This was seriously not a place Raven wished to find herself in. Putting her thoughts aside and bringing her cloak to wrap tighter around her, as she found to her utter horror the many wandering pervish eyes of the men here, she pushed ahead and kept her eyes peeled for Dubson.


Keeping a low profile was the least of Beast Boy's concerns. He was green for gods sake. Not like there wasn't a single person in this place who wouldn't stare at him. There was a woman staring at him right now. Whispering to the man she was with. There was another at a slot machine taking turns pulling the handle and sneaking peeks at him. Sometimes he let himself think it was because of his good looks and not the color of his skin. Not letting the horde of onlookers deter him from his mission, Beast Boy calmly made his way into the heart of the casino hoping Dubson would show his creepy handlebar mustached face. There was just no way that thing was real. Handlebar mustaches where so 1880s. Or like, Clint Eastwood cowboy movies old. Whatever, it was creepy. He shifted his gaze to the far left of him where Cyborg was garnering as much attention as he was. Both gave signals to each other indicating that their search so far was a bust. The idea of not finding Dubson before he got away lingered at the top of his head like a boulder, waiting to be dropped on him if he failed to find the jerk. Gritting his teeth, Beast Boy pushed on until he came across a large area of the casino that was almost devoid of life. To his left was an impressive looking stage where a jazz band played away at their instruments. The saxophones wailed, the cellos strummed, and the guy with the creepy handlebar mustache was making a call-

Eyes going wide and teeth clamping together to hold back his gasp, Beast Boy reached for his communicator to signal the rest of his team. He slowly made his way back into the crowd of people before Dubson could see him. With eyes glued to the man, Beast Boy radioed his teammates, hoping they where close by.

"Guys, it's Beast Boy. I totally have the creep on sight!"

In a different part of the casino, Raven held her communicator close, surveying the area in search of the green man. This casino was just too big, such a huge waste of space.

"Where are you Beast Boy?" She heard Nightwing speak from the device. His voice, although she knew she could hear a smidgen of urgency, kept its calm demeanor as he and the others waited for a reply.

"It's a huge area. You can't miss it. There's almost no people here. I'm sure I'm somewhere near the very center. There's a stage and a band playing. Just fallow the music!" Raven had to roll her eyes at Beast Boy's complete lack of direction, but had long ago accepted that aspect of Beast Boy's charm. She examined her current location and listened for any kind of music playing. There was certainly enough commotion going on that she could mistake for music, of which Raven was almost a complete 'noob' at as Beast Boy kindly put it. Sprinting away from that area, she came to stop at a large fountain that sported many beautiful statues spouting water. It was then that she heard it through the soft droplets of the streaming water. The light romantic sounds of a saxophone belting out an almost heart breaking melody from somewhere across the fountain. That had to be where Beast Boy was giving his location. Bringing out her communicator, she spoke for Beast Boy to hear.

"I'm on my way. Is he still there?"

Beast Boy slowly made his way to Dubson, pushing through people as to keep his presence unknown. He quickened his approach, however, as he saw Dubson begin to walk away.

"Yeah, but not for long. That call he made was probably his getaway. You guys need to hurry and get your asses over here!"

With her device still in hand, Raven hastened her jog to a sprint dodging people left and right. She soon caught sight of Nightwing and Starfire coming from her left. Nightwing making a mad dash for his goal as Starfire lingered behind him. To her right, Cyborg also tried to navigate through people who simply would not get out of the way.

"B, you still see him?" Cyborg said to his communicator, coming to run beside Raven as a large stage and jazz band could be seen.

"Yeah! Hold on, I'm gonna- agh!" Beast Boy's startled yelp had the two running faster. Had he been caught? The scuffling sound coming from the other side indicated so. Even though Raven was a master at hiding her emotions, she couldn't help the sudden jolt to her heart at hearing Beast Boy's cry.

"B! What happened? Hey! Dammit, hope nothing happened to him." Cyborg's face twisted into concern, trying to keep his mind clear of all the negative things that could have befallen his best friend.

All thoughts where pushed aside though, when Beast Boy came hurdling towards them. He slammed into Cyborg with enough force to send them both crashing to the ground, grunting from pain. This caused a group of people to form around them, having seen the green changeling flying through the air. They murmured to one another in bewilderment with their own interpretations of what happened. Raven ignored their questions, kneeling down to help Beast Boy up by his arm allowing Cyborg to pick himself up. She could have sworn she saw stars in Beast Boy's eyes as he rubbed his head and tried to steady himself.

"Ugh, wipe out..."

"Beast Boy, what happened?" Raven steadied the swaying Beast Boy with hands on his chest and back.

Before he could answer, the familiar sound of shots could be heard, frightening the many people who had gathered to gawk at the three Titans. Screams resonated from everywhere as more shots rang out. Things began to spiral out of control in a matter of seconds as people tried desperately to run away from the gunfire. Glasses were broken, coins clattered to the ground, and tables had been overturned. The three Titans tried in vein to push themselves through the onslaught of hysteria before them. They were shoved and tossed around like rag dolls, all attempts at calming everyone down was for naught. Now that everything had deteriorated and the risk of being caught no longer applied, Raven motioned for the two men to take to the sky. Beast Boy transformed himself into a Pterodactyl, grabbing Cyborgs shoulders as he followed behind Raven. Their plans to fly the rest of the way to the clearing was cut short when bullets came soaring right at them. They quickly landed behind a few slot machines and peered around them to see the situation up front.

Nightwing and Starfire were confronted by Dubson and four to five armed men, guns pointed right at them. Raven could feel the rage emitting from Nightwing as he was left with no choice but to remain motionless, acting as a shield for Starfire in a selfless act to protect her. The screams of the many guests began to dwindle as they made their escape. Soon it was just the Titans, Dubson and his gunmen. Things did not look good. Nightwing and Starfire where caught with guns pointed at their heads while Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy were forced to keep themselves hidden. They needed a plan. How could they save their friends without putting their own lives in danger? A wave of frustration crashed around Raven as she desperately searched through her head for a plan. The feel of Beast Boy's hand on her shoulder brought her out of her thoughts as she turned to look at him.

"Yeah, mustache had some friends out here waiting for him. When I tried getting closer, one of them grabbed me from behind. Guess I stick out too much." Beast Boy chuckled at himself, shifting a bit as he brought himself closer to Raven. It was nothing that should have startled her, but the sudden feel of him behind her and the slightly intoxicating smell of his body wash made her forget where she was, if only for a second. Keep focused, push those thoughts aside. Now was NOT the time to be thinking of THAT.

"Keep your voice down B, we don't want to give ourselves away." Nudging Beast Boy to the side a bit, Cyborg leaned himself closer in order to catch the ongoing conversation between Dubson and Nightwing. He shook his head, knowing full well that Nightwing's temper could only be held back for so long. That was one of the things about the man that should never be tested. To Cyborg, the scene before him was like a bull fight, with Dubson as the matador and Nightwing the bull. Any moment he could charge unless something was done. "I might have a plan, but it's a little risky. Ya'll in?" Beast Boy and Raven gave Cyborg curious looks before shaking their heads. There was no time for compromises.

"Well, we seem to always find ourselves at this conclusion don't we, son? Me with the goods and ready to hit the hay, and ya'll red in the face with smoke puffing out of ya ears." Dubson laughed along with his gunmen. The briefcase he held was in plain sight for Nightwing and Starfire to see, but if they even dared a step, they risked a bullet to the brain. Gritting his teeth tightly together to prevent the growl from escaping his mouth, Nightiwing held what little patience he had left for this man as tightly as he could before he threw his and Starfire's life to the wind. He could feel her behind him, peeking over his shoulder and holding on to his arm as a way to keep him calm and offer her support, which he greatly appreciated. Having a greater hold on his temper, he began to wonder where the rest of his team where. He had seen them coming, but when the guns went off they had disappeared. He was confident in saying that they where close by, and if they had devised a plan he hoped they would spring it very soon. Until then, he had to keep Dubson distracted.

"Yeah, because running away with your tail tucked between your legs is all you're really good at doing." Nightwing enjoyed the scowl that crossed over Dubson's face and enjoyed the red that painted on him even more. Despite the air of arrogant confidence that Dubson displayed, he had an even harder time than Nightwing at controlling his own temper.

"Yes! Only cowards choose to flee!" Starfire took her own jab at the man as he turned even redder.

"I would think ya'll would know how to keep the mute button on hold, 'specially when I've got men ready to pop a cap in ya." Dubson motioned for his men to step closer to the two Titans, guns still pointed at them. They were willing and ready to blow them away. It was because of them that they weren't getting nearly as much money as they were going to get due to the lack of investors. This was their chance to get back at them for that.

"If you wish to frighten us, your attempts thus far are proving to be most futile." The brilliant green of Starfire's eyes shown with a mischievous sparkle as she made another sly remark at Dubson who growled and turned red yet again. Nightwing let a grin stretch across his lips at hearing her. He certainly loved that bold, daring side of her. He found it both admirable and alluring.

"Now I've had just about enough of your mouth, girl! I'll teach ya'll to mess with Malcolm Q. Dubson! Boys! Have at them!" Dubson pointed a boney finger at the two Titans which gave his men the signal to shoot.

Nightwing was prepared to cover Starfire and try to roll them both out of the way, but it was no longer needed when a small green monkey jumped from somewhere high above and landed on top of Dubson's head. The man let out a yell as the monkey screeched and pulled at his hair. Startled, the gunmen looked to see what had happened and were caught off guard by a swirl of black spheres consuming their guns and breaking them apart. They yelped and in their confusion failed to see the on coming blast of Cyborg's canon as it came within inches of singeing their feet off. Raven phased from the floor in a black portal and captured the gunmen in her powers. The monkey jumped into the air and transformed back into the human form of Beast Boy. As he came back down he let his fist collide with the side of Dubson's face, sending him crashing to the ground with a pained growl. Dusting his hands together, Beast Boy rejoined his friends who had subdued the gunmen who now lay on the floor unconscious.

"Nice work guys. I was actually starting to sweat." Nightwing gave Cyborg a pat on the back who replied with a smirk.

"Yeah, we saw you starting to get all nervous. We wanted to wait for the right time." Starfire launched herself at Cyborg, giving him her signature bear hug, thanking him and the others for saving them.

Looking around the now barren casino, Raven took in the amount of damage that had befallen the once boisterous establishment. The only area that seemed to take the most damage was the stage area and dance floor where they were currently situated. Bullet holes riddles the floor and walls, chipping away at the marble and plaster. Some unfortunate game tables had also been hit with a string of bullets as they stood splintered with game pieces littering the floor. Cards, chips, and a roulette table lay scattered. Despite it all, the repairs that would need to be made before this place was back in business were minimal at best. Surely the owner had money to dish out. Raven brought her hood down from over her head and let out a relieved sigh. Everything turned out ok. Her friends were safe, the casino, although a bit torn up, stood standing, and Dubson would now be put away for his crimes. Crimes that still left a few holes that needed to be filled. For the past few months, he had been involved in a number of scams that claimed over millions of dollars from unsuspecting victims who had hoped they could cash in big time on his investments. But It was still unclear on what exactly it was that he was investing in. The briefcase he tried so hard in escaping with was what they believed held the answers to their questions. His big investment.

Raven turned to the spot that Beast Boy had left Dubson, only to find that he and the briefcase were gone. She let a gasp escape through her lips as she quickly turned to her friends.

"Nightwing!" The others stopped their conversation to stare curiously at the empath who looked to be in a slight panic. "Dubson's gone!"

Silence over came the Titans when they heard the sound of something rolling towards them. It was a tiny sound, but spoke volumes to the experienced Nightwing who had been trained to pick up on the little things that could do the most damage. He frantically ordered his team to move away, and from the corner of his eye, caught Dubson with a wide grin on his face and a cylinder device in his hand. He couldn't move fast enough.

"Another day Titans." With that, Dubson pressed his thumb down on the device. In a blinding flash of light, the small round ball exploded the ground the Titans unfortunately found themselves standing on in a devastating amount of power. Despite the hard marble floors, they could not hold together from the explosion and soon burst into chunks creating a large crater which debris quickly fell into. The glass dome on the ceiling that allowed the night sky to shown through broke away as a helicopter hovered above and a rope ladder was thrown down. Having been far enough away, Dubson ran to the ladder and latched on, briefcase in hand. Slowly being lifted he looked down at the smoke and dust satisfied with the results his little bomb left behind.

Hanging from a grappling hook attached to the jagged edges of the crater, Nightwing looked up at the retreating form with a pool of red clouding his vision. Starfire flew up from the dark hole with Cyborg held hand in hand. Both seemed frazzled but alright. Beast Boy managed to grab a hold on a busted pipe as he dangled below the crater, his free arm wrapped tightly around Raven's waist. They swayed from the momentum of their fall, and with only being dirtied by dust were fine.

The smoke had cleared, but the red in Nightwing's eyes didn't. Dubson was just inches away from leaving through the dome. In a last attempt at foiling his plans, Nightwing reached for a birdarang and with as much strength as he could muster threw the weapon up high with a yell.


Everything seemed to go in slow motion. The birdarang soared through the air with a hiss, the sharp details of the blade glistened in the light as it tried valiantly to make contact with its target. Nightwing only wished it was him and his fist that was making its way to the man. The blade would have made direct contact to the rope, cutting its attachment to the helicopter if it were not for the quick thinking of Dubson who lifted the case in time for the lock to be hit instead. This would both be a blessing and a curse as this resulted in the case opening, releasing its contents as they began to plummet to the ground. Nightwing saw the items fall. He saw as Dubson made a daring reach for one of the items before it fell too far away from him. He saw the other item continue its decent as it fell past him and into the darkness below. He saw the furious look upon the mans face as he looked up and watched him finally fly away with the other item in hand. He also saw something slip out of the front pocket of his coat and float gently down to land in Cyborg's opened hand as he reached out for it. Silence once again over came them.

As the Titans pulled themselves out of the crater after a while spent searching for the item that fell out of the case, which they miraculously found as it did not fall all the way down, they gathered on the roof top to gaze at the police cars and ambulances as they rounded the casino. Starfire stood by Nightwing's side as he kept his eyes to the sky, calculating the direction the helicopter might have gone. The wind swept through the team, biting at them with it's cold teeth as the night continued its dark vigil. Cyborg shown his shoulder light on the small device in his hands, discovering that it was the clear plastic piece with the many wires they now held in their possession. But only having half of what they needed did not set well with Nightwing. Not at all.

"Well, whatever this thing is I'm sure Dubson won't be able to get much use out of the other one. Since they came together, they must work together." Cyborg turned toward Nightwing hoping this bit of information would pacify him for the time being. He only received a slight nod from his leader as he kept his back turned on him. Starfire knew how frustrated her leader must feel at once again having Dubson slip through his fingers. With eyes that shown with comfort, she brought her hand to rest on his back which Nightwing leaned into.

"Take heart Richard. As you said before, one way or another we shale prevail and capture him. Do not allow doubt to cloud your hope." Starfire's presence alone always seemed to draw his strength back in when it seemed to seep away from him. Over the years of knowing the beautiful alien girl, now a young woman, he had come to rely on her support and love to hold him up when situations like this wanted to bring him down. Reinvigorated, Nightwing turned to face the others as they examined the item that had slipped from Dubson's pocket. Coming to stand by Cyborgs side, he saw what looked to be a business card embroidered with a gold trimming and very feminine writing. On the top left corner was a silver like design that had the shape of a rose with vines and thorns wrapped around it. The writing spoke of an establishment that could possibly hold ties to his man and felt that he would be seeing Dubson again very soon.

"So, what is it?" Beast Boy asked as he rubbed the back of his neck, peering down at the card Cyborg held. Raven stepped away from him, still recovering from his strong hold on her from earlier that had her heart beating. Reaching over to take the card in his hands, Nightwing ran his fingers over the pressed letters and gave Beast Boy a serious stare.

"Our next lead."

Authors End Note: And that's the first chapter. Whew! I didn't think it would turn out this way, but I'm happy with it so far. Also as a heads up, I'm going to be naming the chapters after well known jazz songs since that's what I hear when writing for this story. Since Rae and Star will be attending a pretty high class society, what else would you hear? This chapter is named after Dizzy Gillespie's popular song of the same name. Tell me what you guys think and look forward to the next chapter!