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Zelda opened her eyes, and rolled over. It was 2am, and she still couldn't sleep.

Well, who could? She knew that Link was just down the stairs, fast asleep.

Link, whom she had loved for so long, ever since that one day when they were young children, and he promised her he would never leave her. She smiled, recalling that day as if it had only been yesterday.

"Zelda!" A young Link yelled. Zelda had gone out near the waterfall to pick flowers ages ago, and she still wasn't back. He was starting to get worried. Evil thoughts filled the ten-year-old's mind as he though of what could have happened to her. She could have fallen off the edge! She could have fallen into the water, and got pulled under by the currents! They didn't look strong, but Zelda wasn't that big, and she could have been easily drowned. Link ran down the steps that lead to the deep water, searching left and right for his blonde-haired friend.

"Zelda!" He called again. Still no reply. He ran across to where the stepping stones were, and quickly crossed over the water. To his right was deep water, and to his left was a waterfall, that dropped right off the edge. The gaps in between the stones were huge, and one wrong step could mean the end of him.

But he had to find Zelda.

As he jumped over the final stone, and back onto solid ground, he ran into someone. Link let out a noise of surprise as he fell backwards.

"Watch where you're going!" The person said. Link looked up. Standing above him was the mean red-haired boy from his school. Goose? Gross? What was his name? Link studied his face. He looked angry, surprised and a little bit worried. But Link had no time to stop and chat; he had to find Zelda.

He quickly jumped up and ran past the boy, who turned to yell at him. Whatever he said was lost to Link, as he had heard something like a faint cry for help coming from the cave that they had all been told to stay clear of.

He rushed inside, and was slightly taken aback by the darkness. He looked around, and decided to carry on walking, rather then chicken out. Now the whimpers were getting louder. Finally, his eyes started getting used to the darkness, and he could see slightly.

Link turned another corner, and gasped. He could see someone, laid on the floor, with their hands up over their head. He was sure it was Zelda.

"Zelda?" He called again, but softly this time. The person looked up. "Zel..."

In the dark, Link could make out her face, which was red and tear-stained. She had a purple bruise under her left eye, and a little cut on her lip. She painfully stood up, and ran over to Link, quickly throwing her hands around his waist.

"Zelda!" he exclaimed, surprised at her embrace. "What happened?"

"I was picking flowers..." She sobbed after a while. "And then Groose came along. He told me that why was I being friends with you, and shouldn't I like to go be friends with him? And I said no, and he got angry at me and punched me!"

She took a hand away from Link's waist, and pointed to her cheek. "I was so surprised and upset, I ran in here, but it was so dark and scary, and there were strange noises, and then I fell!" She said, fresh tears welling up in her eyes.

Link felt his young heart strain at the sight. What was this strange feeling? And he felt anger for the red-haired boy. He would seriously like to go beat him up, but the boy, Groose, as Zelda had called him, was much bigger then him. And probably much stronger.

"Well, don't worry, because I am never going to let any one else in the entire world hurt you ever ever ever again!" He said. "I will never leave you ever again on your own!" Any seriousness that was meant to be in his voice was lost over the childlike words he used. But Zelda smiled none the less.

"Really? Truly and honestly?" She asked. Link nodded. "Promise?"

"I promise."

Zelda was sure that Link had forgotten all about this day. For about a month afterwards, he had followed her everywhere, even to the bathrooms. Luckily, they were both still young enough to have baths together, but finally she had to draw the line. Zelda really wished she never had to. She really did love Link. Sighing deeply, she sat up. There was no use brooding over the situation. Anyway, the Wing Festival was only a few weeks away. Then she could finally confess her love to him, and hopefully he would feel the same way, and they would live happily-ever-after. She had no thought of what would happen if he said no, but she was ever the optimist.

Suddenly, on a surge of excitement, she swung herself off the bed, and slipped on her soft slippers. She couldn't wait for the festival! She had to do it now!

Quickly and silently, she made her way over to the door, and opened it. She tip-toed past the other rooms, and started down the stairs. Her slippers were making a soft pad-pad noise on the wood. It was slightly soothing. And she needed all the soothing she could get, because he heart was beating so fast, it felt like it could burst out her chest any second.

Suddenly, Zelda felt less sure of herself. What if he did reject her? That would be really upsetting. It would break her heart.

She was about to turn to go, when she heard a noise. It was like wood creaking. She stood still, and prayed with all her might that it was just her imagination, and that no-one was about to come out of their rooms to see her staring like a puppy-dog at Link's closed door.

Unfortunately for her, her prayers went unanswered. By far.

For a door did open.

And that said door happened to be Link's.

Zelda swore silently to herself.

"Zelda?" He murmured sleepily, rubbing his eyes. "What are you doing up this late?"

Zelda looked down. She could feel her face going bright red. Tears sprung to her eyes. She couldn't do it! She couldn't tell him!

"Nothing!" She yelped, and turned sharply to run back up the stairs, and into her room.

But tonight was not her night.

Her left foot got tangled behind her right foot, and she slipped, and fell backwards.

"Ahh!" She shrieked. "Link!" Zelda closed her eyes. Link was much too far away to get to her. She prepared for the painful impact onto the floor.

"I got you!" He replied, and slid his arms under hers, and lifted her up. Turning her round quickly, he hugged her tightly to his chest.

Zelda was surprised no one had woken up.

"Are you okay?" He said, concern clear in his eyes. Zelda looked up into those eyes. The blue colour, it was so pretty. She nodded her head, to stunned to speak.

"Why were you up?" She said, finding her voice. Link sighed.

"I was actually coming to your room." He admitted, much to Zelda's shock. "I wanted to tell you something."

Zelda was stunned. All she could do was cock her head sideways in confusion.

"I wanted to tell you... that... I... that I..." He sighed, failing at his words. "Just come in my room a second, would you?"

Zelda could not miss the pleading in his eyes. She nodded her head. Link look her hand, and lead her into his room. He closed the door, and locked it behind him. Boy, he so did not want any intruders.

Zelda sat down on his bed, and Link blushed. He did not want to tell her that he had just been touching himself in that very bed, thinking of her. Pushing those thoughts away, he came over and sat next to her. Link took Zelda's small hands in his.

"Listen, Zel..." He said, using his old nickname for her. "What I am trying to say is... That I love you. I always have, and I always will." He took a deep breath, and looked down. His face was now positively crimson.


"Please tell me that you love me too?" He looked into her eyes with such... desperation.

A few moments passed.

"Of course I love you, you silly, silly boy!" She said, starting to cry.

Much to Link's surprise, she grabbed his shoulders, and pushed him down onto the bed. The surprise was clear on Link's face as Zelda laid down next to him, and kissed him passionately on the lips. The surprise quickly turned into passion, and he kissed her back. Before he knew what was happening, his hands had moved from where they had positioned themselves on her waist to her chest. Zelda gasped.

"Link!" She exhaled. Link blushed, and removed his hands.

"So-sorry!" He quickly said. Zelda smiled like a vixen.

"I didn't say stop."

Link gazed into her eyes for a few seconds more, before continuing. He moved his hands gently up and down the soft fabric of Zelda's nightgown, earning a few gasps. After a while, he sat back. Zelda looked up, questioning him silently with her eyes.

"Do you really want to do this?" He asked "Do you really want to have, you know... sex?" He asked. The way he said it sounded so... immature. But Zelda nodded.

"Yes." She said, quite simply. "Since I love you, and this is what people do when they love each other, right?"

Link nodded. His mother had once told him that when a Mummy and a Daddy loved each other very much, they would make love together. But he couldn't remember the rest of it. He got off Zelda, and started to take off the clothes he had slept in. Zelda sat up, and did the same, dragging her pale pink nightgown over her head, exposing her pure white bra and panties to Link's view. She looked over to him, and saw that he had only removed his shirt so far, to expose his nicely-forming muscles up his stomach and chest. He kicked off his trousers, and finally removed his pants.

Zelda blushed, and turned away as she unclipped her bra. Next came her panties. She covered herself up with her hands, feeling very exposed. Link covered her with his duvet, and then joined her underneath it himself. He continued to kiss Zelda, while he explored her opening with his fingers. He remembered seeing Zelda's when they used to take baths together, but it feel much different then back then. There was also a small thatch of silky hair just above, which he ran his fingers through, making Zelda shudder.

By now, he was already erect. He guided his elongated member towards the opening he had just explored. One glance up to Zelda was enough to tell him that this was what she wanted. Link knew that the first time hurt for the girls, as he had over heard two other girls chatting about it up in the town. If he was quick, then it would be less painful for her if he went in slowly.

He took a deep breath, and pushed forwards, meeting skin and then breaking it. Zelda cried out in pain, and Link felt her blood flow down both their legs.

"I'm sorry, Zelda." He said in a hushed voice. "It will only hurt for a small while longer." He put his lips back to hers, and kissed her.

Zelda held her breath, and waited for the painful sensation to pass. Kissing Link helped a little. His lips were so damn soft.

Finally, she felt a little daring, and moved her hips up, and then down onto him.

She gasped, pleasure and pain filling her.

"Link..." She breathed. "I think I'm ready..."

Link looked up into her eyes, and she nodded as if to confirm what she had just spoken. He nodded back, and started to slide in and out of her, speeding up as he went. Both his and Zelda's breathing became irregular, and came out as pants.

"Oh, Link!" Zelda moaned. This was the best! Any pain she felt at first was long gone, replaced by this good feeling, that made butterfly's in the pit of Zelda's stomach. She guessed that Link also felt like this.

Their lips collided one final time, before Link climaxed into her. He pulled out, still panting, and flopped down next to her.

"That was... amazing." He said. Zelda nodded. She closed her eyes. She would be able to sleep much better now.

"Zelda?" Link said into the darkness.


"I love you. I promise you that I will always protect you, just like I did back when we were only ten. I promise."

"I love you too..." Zelda mumbled, before falling into a deep sleep, the one she loved most by her side.