"A hunt on New Year's Eve takes a bad turn for the Winchesters." Hurt!Sam & Hurt/Protective!Dean.

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"Man, it's cold out here!" Dean said and rubbed his hands together before blowing air on them in an attempt to force some heat into his frozen fingers.

"I told you." Sam said, his breath leaving white clouds in the cold December air. "So why did you leave your gloves in the Impala?"

"I didn't know it would be this cold." Dean said, rubbed his hands together once more and then looked at them. "Do my fingers look a bit blue to you?"

Sam sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Here, take these." He said and peeled off his gloves before handing them over to Dean. "I've got a spare pair."

"What? You'd got two pair of gloves this entire time?" Dean exclaimed while putting on Sam's gloves. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I wouldn't have had to if you'd just listened to me in the first place." Sam said, reached into his pocket and took out another pair of gloves.

He put on the new pair that was a lot less warm than the first couple had been. This pair was actually the ones he would have used underneath the ones he'd just handed over to his brother in case the weather turned even colder, but Sam kept that fact to himself. Dean needed the gloves more than he did right now so Sam was willing to make the sacrifice.

"Yeah yeah, let's just find that son of a bitch and kill it, so we can get back to my baby." Dean said and put his binoculars before his eyes to take a look at the surroundings.

There had been a series of killings in this area that the local rangers had declared bear attacks. However, Sam had believed they were dealing with a chupacabra – a sort of supernatural animal the size of a small bear that liked to attack people and drink their blood – which was why they were freezing their asses off in the snowy mountains of Montana right now.

"Any signs of it?" Sam asked while the sun was setting in the horizon.

"No, not yet." Dean said with a shake of his head before removing the binoculars from his eyes.

Sam coughed a little and Dean turned his head to glance at his brother. Sam had always had trouble staying warm as a kid but that had changed when he'd grown older and had turned 6'4". Ever since Sam had returned from hell though, the kid had had trouble staying warm yet again. People mistakenly believed hell was a burning hot place but in reality it was the total opposite thing. Hell was cold – the kinda cold that creeps under your skin and turns your bones to ice. Dean knew that from experience.

"You cold?" Dean asked and watched as Sam tightened the scarf around his neck.

"I'm fine, Dean." Sam said.

"You sure?" Dean asked which led the younger Winchester to sigh.

"Yes Dean, I'm sure." Sam said. "Let's just get this over with."

"Alright." Dean said and looked through the binoculars again.

He was just about to complain about the frosty air again when something caught his attention.

"Sam." Dean said. "Chupacabra ten o'clock."

Sam screwed up his eyes a bit as he scouted in the direction Dean had mentioned and then he saw it.

"It's heading this way." Sam said.

"Perfect." Dean said and lowered the binoculars before reaching for his gun. "Let's get this party started, shall we?"

"More like ending it." Sam said and pulled out his own gun.

"Details, Sammy." Dean said with a wry smile as he cocked his gun.

They then fell silent as they waited for the chupacabra to get close, but one moment it was there and the next moment it was gone.

"Where the hell did it go?" Dean muttered with annoyance.

"It must have changed directions." Sam said.

"Dammit!" Dean exclaimed. "Well, we have no other choice than to move then. I go right, you go left."

"Dean, shouldn't we rather stay together?" Sam asked a bit hesitatingly.

"It's gonna be faster if we split up." Dean said and started moving. "And the faster we kill the damn thing, the faster we'll get back to the car."

"Fine." Sam said before he walked in the opposite direction of his brother.

Sam didn't like it though. It was already getting pretty dark and the chupacabra's senses were great in the darkness which was why he thought it would have been a safer choice to stay together. But Dean was right – it would be faster to split up and Sam wouldn't mind getting back to the heaters in the Impala as soon as possible. Since the sun had completely disappeared in the horizon and the wind had picked up a bit, the temperature had dropped significantly. Sam wished Dean would have brought his own pair of gloves so that Sam wouldn't be freezing his fingers inside the too thin pairs he was wearing right now. The scarf around his neck and the hat on his head were at least a little help but Sam was still cold. Not that there was something new about that, he was always cold these days, but normally he would be able to put on a warmer sweater or an extra pair of socks. Not this time though.

Sam walked through the snow with cautious steps and a raised gun. The chupacabra couldn't be far away and he knew it was only a matter of time before either he or Dean would run into it. A snarl nearby made him freeze on the spot and Sam looked in the direction of the sound before spotting a pair of glowing red eyes that came closer to him with dangerously high speed.

"Hey!" Dean suddenly yelled which made the creature turn its attention away from Sam and instead focus on the older brother.

The chupacabra snarled again and started moving towards Dean who took aim at the creature and fired his gun. Unfortunately, the bullet that had meant to be fatal only chipped the chupacabra who collided with Dean the moment after.

"Dean!" Sam yelled and started running towards his brother.

Dean let out a yelp of pain when the chupacabra scratched his arm with its claws but that was the last thing it ever got to do cause in the next second, a round of shots hit its back as Sam fired his gun. The chupacabra then collapsed on top of Dean and Dean kicked it off him with a groan.

"You alright?" Sam asked while packing away his gun.

"Yeah, just peachy." Dean grumbled before getting up from the snow. "These damn gloves. I would have made a perfect kill if it hadn't been for.."

Dean's sentence was cut off by a loud rumble that vibrated underneath their feet and the brothers exchanged a panicked look. The shots they'd fired had apparently started an avalanche that came rushing towards them with great speed.

"Run, Sammy! Go!" Dean said and gave his little brother a shove before the two of them started running as fast as the snow underneath their boots allowed them to do.

It wasn't fast enough though and the avalanche had soon caught up with them.

"Dean!" Sam shouted and then gasped as he got swept off his feet when the avalanche hit him.

"Sammy!" Dean yelled in horror before he too got hit by the enormous amounts of snow.

For a while, the only thing Sam was able to see was snow – and lots of it! The snow found its way into his boots, jacket and even his mouth, nose and ears, but Sam barely noticed it as he desperately tried to grab onto anything he passed on his way down the mountainside. Sam got hit by a number of things in passing and in the end one of those things collided with his temple and the white before his eyes faded to black in an instant.

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The first thing Sam became aware of again was the fact that he was cold. Really, really cold. For a short moment he feared he was back in hell but this kinda cold felt different though. He tried to open his eyes but there was something covering his face. Snow, Sam realized, before he started pushing the snow away from his face. He was then able to open his eyes and Sam found himself halfway buried in snow while the upper half of his body was free. As soon as Sam tried to move, he realized with rising panic that something was trying to choke him. He moved his hands to his neck and discovered the fact that the restricting material around his neck was in fact his scarf. And it was too tight. The end of the scarf must have been stuck in something but Sam was unable to move enough to free himself since the lower part of his body was stuck in the snow, and he realized that he was trapped. The part of Sam's body that was underneath the snow had already started to become pretty numb from the cold snow, his head throbbed from a bleeding gash on the left side of his forehead, his fingers were pretty frozen and he was all alone.


Where was his brother? Was he alright? Was Dean trapped somewhere in the snow as well or was he looking for Sam?

"Dean!" Sam called though the scarf around his neck made it difficult for him to do so. "Dean!"

Sam listened for any sounds of his brother, while his body shivered violently from the coldness he felt, but everything around him was quiet. No not entirely, Sam realized, as distant bangs could be heard.

Oh, right. New Year's Eve, Sam remembered and turned his head as much as the scarf allowed him to do to see the fireworks in the distance.

The Winchester brothers never really celebrated getting into a new year. Once in a while Dean had tended New Year's parties while Sam had stayed home with a book or his laptop, but mostly they spent the night together - watching some movie in TV or sitting on the hood of the Impala with a beer in hand, watching the fireworks. Not this year though. This year, Sam was halfway buried underneath a pile of snow, freezing, hurting, bleeding, while worrying whether or not his big brother was out there somewhere looking for him, in the same situation as Sam or.. No, Dean had to be alright.

Sam kept watching the fireworks while his body continued to shiver, and the pretty colors in the distance faded together in a blur as tears welled up in the younger Winchester brother's eyes.

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