'Ben! Ben! When is your girlfriend coming for tea?' Sue shouted up the stairs. She wasn't sure whether she liked Ben's girlfriend coming round for tea, or him even having a girlfriend. He was thirteen. Karen was eleven and Jake was sixteen, they were growing up to fast. 'Tonight, in about two hours, she has ballet practise!' Ben replied annoyed. 'And her name is Bella!' he added. 'Okay' Sue replied and walked into the messy kitchen, what on earth was she gonna cook? Pete walked in the house and shouted 'I'm home!' he then proceeded to walk into the kitchen dressed messily in his work suit. He peered out of the window into the garden 'what is my best blue tie wrapped around the climbing frame outside?' he asked half annoyed, half not surprised. 'Dunno, I'm guessing it was there from last year or something.' She said, 'we might have to sell that climbing frame because the kids are too big for it.' Sue said thinking aloud. 'Yep suppose, Is Ben's girlfriend coming today?' Pete asked while unpacking his briefcase on the kitchen table. 'Yep, Bella, after ballet. Don't unpack your briefcase on the table I've just cleared that off!' she exclaimed. Pete quickly re-packed his briefcase and slammed it shut. 'What are you cooking for Bella?' Pete asked uninterested. 'Maybe a shepherd's pie? Oh, I need to put milk in the potatoes because my friend Julie, said it makes it taste better.' Sue answered pottering around the kitchen. 'Oh okay' Pete said reading his post from this morning. 'How was work?' sue asked, also uninterested. 'Some kid broke the interactive whiteboard, and the computer, and my mug, and evidently his left leg.' Pete replied he picked up his briefcase, and walked upstairs. 'Ben! Ben! Give Karen back her phone; stop playing that music too, people will find it offensive' he shouted as he climbed the stairs.

Meanwhile Jake was in the living room texting his girlfriend, Alice. He sat there laughing at a joke she sent, as his mom walked in. 'Jake can you help me tidy up? Please, Bella is coming in half an hour.' Sue asked. Jake looked offended 'why should I do it? It's bens girlfriend!' Jake argued. 'Well Ben helped when Jo or Alice or whatever her name is, came for you.' Sue retorted. 'No he didn't he was busy asking my girlfriend, if she was single!' Jake exclaimed. 'Don't be silly Jake, come on.' Sue said standing her ground. Jake grunted, out of arguments, he stood up and followed his mom into the kitchen. They began tidying.