They began tidying. Sue heard a knock on the door. She sighed. 'God, who could that be, I hope it's not Bella' she said thinking aloud. Jake looked at her in annoyance as she dropped the sponge she had been furiously cleaning the counter with and walked into the hallway. The impatient visitor behind the door knocked again. Sue remembered it was raining and rushed the few steps to the door. She opened it and to her surprise her sister Angela was standing at the door with her hood resting over her red hair and a long black coat draped over her straight up and down body. 'Hi Angela, come in .' sue said faking a pleasant surprise to see her sister. Angela came in and pulled off her muddy 'keep calm and carry on' wellies and left them to dry by the radiator. 'Just been out for a lovely stroll in the park, isn't it nice weather?' Angela asked casually strolling into the kitchen. 'Um no.' She answered following her. 'It's raining' she finished. 'Yes, but I read in 's new book that rain cleanses the soul and rids you off stress and worry' Angela explained. Sue didn't both asking who was and picked up the sponge and continued scrubbing the worktop. 'Wow this place hasn't looked like this since you moved in! Is the queen coming?' Angela said sitting on the kitchen chair drinking a cup of tea that was Sue's. 'No Ben's girlfriend, Ella' Sue replied not looking up from the barbeque sauce stain on the surface. 'Bella! Mom, her name is Bella' Ben said walking into the kitchen wearing the suit he worn to Uncle Sam's wedding. 'What are you wearing that for?' Angela inquired in a state of shock. Sue looked up and Jake broke into fits of laughter. 'Go and put some other clothes on, you look silly.' Sue said, trying not to giggle at her son's effort to impress his girlfriend. Ben looked cross and walked off upstairs muttering to him about human dress rights. Jake recovered from his laughing attack and took his yellow rubber gloves off and threw the cloth he had half heartedly been wiping the table with, into the cloth drawer. He peered over the counter to see what his mom was doing and sighed. 'Mom, stop rubbing that's the counter pattern not a stain.' He said pulling cutlery out if a drawer to lay the table. Sue stopped rubbing and sighed 'god, yeah. I wondered what the pattern was, I had forgotten what it looked like.' She heard a knock at the door, 'its Bella! Let me get it!' Ben shouted running downstairs. Sue pulled her gloves off and threw everything into a nearby drawer and braced herself for the meeting of Bella.