"Farewell, kadan." The gruff rumble of almost-emotion from the Qunari reverberates through the kitten's ribcage as he is placed on the wall of the docks, content to sit and watch as his companion boards the ship bound for the coasts of Par Vollen. The wind is soft as the waves crash against the quay, the kitten settling down for a nap.
Upon his awakening (geddit) he finds himself quite alone, but the fishermen are returning from their long haul, and there is a gentle face or two amongst them who would not begrudge a small cat stealing an equally small fish. As his tiny jaws open in a ridiculously cute yawn, however, he finds himself being swept into the arms of -
Hey, it's that mage lady!
Yes, the kitten was now in the possession of Morrigan, bundled into the woman's pack without so much as a by-your-leave. This suits the kitten well enough, however - it smells of catnip and sage and elfroot, and it is quite warm and comfortable. He soon sleeps again.

The next few weeks are strange for the kitten. He is sure he has never eaten so much blood before, and he feels distinctly like he is more aware of his surroundings at times, but she is reasonably kind and permits him to snuggle next to her lap when she stops to read from her giant book or prepares him another meal of fish and blood.
When he pounces on a mouse and it dies, he claims it with a lick. It squeaks back at him, and he is so surprised that he lets it escape. The mage lady laughs and declares a success, and soon he is back to just fish, their path through the country taking a northern turn.

She drops him off outside the Vigil and smiles, the first and last he will see.
"Now, you take care of him," she murmurs gently, her lilting voice oddly compelling, "and see to it that he shall never fall in battle again..."