1. The setting or decent of the sun below the horizon in the evening.

2. The atmospheric and scenic phenomena accompanying this.

3. The time when the sun sets

4. The close or final stage of any period.

The dictionary doesn't say the sunset is very romantic. In fact, it just sounds like a fact. But Scorpius happened to have it on very good authority that sunset was very, very romantic.

His best friend, Al Potter, had told him that Al's cousin who was Scorpius' girlfriend, loved the sunset, so Scorpius planned his date very carefully. It was their anniversary.

"This is wonderful," Rose said when Scorpius walked her out to where a picnic basket lay, near the Burrow, but not too close.

"I'm glad you think so," Scorpius smiled.

He had gotten her cousin, Torie, and her grandmother to help him cook all of her favorite foods. It was the perfect date.

Rose glanced up as the sun was beginning to set. "Scorpius," she whispered. "Look at it."

And he did. There wasn't any place he'd rather have been than with Rose.