"Be Generous, always." Even as I say these words I feel as if they're not actually coming out. Rachel seems to understand, I think she might have even responded, but what did she say? I'll find out someday. Someday? Will there be a some day? Maybe, maybe not. This sure feels like the end, but… if this… if this is the end then I'll never see Elizabeth again…I'll never see Ella again. Wait, What's going on? What's she doing? Headphones? I'm not gonna have to listen to her heavy metal as I die am I? …No…no this isn't that, I don't even think I can actually here this music, but I know, some how I know what it is.

Is she going? No, no she can't go. Rachel, wait! …Bye… Well, I guess that's the last time I will see a face again, I will never see… wait a mirror, My face? Hey, look at me! Wow… You know what I think? I think it's strange that I am Mark Greene. I mean, billions of people in the world and I see the world through the eyes of Mark Greene. I hate the show Survivor, everyone else I know loves it… Especially Carter, oh man, when that one guy won the first time I thought he was actually going to bawl. Now, I will never have the point of view of someone who likes that show, millions of people like it, but I will never have the simple feeling of liking a show, I will never ever experience that feeling, yet if I had been Carter I would've had that feeling, but not had the feeling of… screwing Elizabeth… Hmm, is that thought too dirty for someone who's dying…? I wonder if like when Einstein died his last thoughts were, "Well, I'm never gonna have an orgasm again." That's funny, I wish I could have said that sometime in my life, people would have bursted out laughing, and I can't… I can't do anything now… but think.

The batteries ran out of Rachel's headphones so, now I don't get to hear soothing sounds anymore… not that I could really hear anymore… Why couldn't I? I don't recall becoming deaf one of the symptoms of the tumor… maybe it's a symptom of dying. I can still see, it's a little blurry though, and I still see me. Yes, there I am, Dr. Mark Greene. Now why did I do that? Why did I refer to myself as Dr. Mark Greene, I am not a profession I'm a person, that was my mistake all this time.

Yeah, I guess I did save lives… Thinking about it, that is like the most important thing anyone could ever do… why didn't I think of it like that at the time? I mean, I knew I was saving lives, and it made me feel good, and that's why I came into the hospital every day but… I don't know… it seems different now. Maybe when people die they put things into perspective, and realize that for all there mistakes they probably made the most out of the time they had. And I saved lives, and made lives. And who's to say which is a bigger contribution… Actually I'm to say, making lives is. If I hadn't been around most of the people whose lives I saved would have been saved by someone else. There would be no Rachel, there would be no Ella. So, I guess I did okay, didn't I?

Well, I guess this is it, I am almost positive I've lost every sense except sight, I can see, ironic because I have this stupid thing on my eye, can I take it off… no I can't anymore, I missed my chance, the arms don't work anymore. Dying isn't just everything going black, it's kind of lying everything shutting down, like in the ER, the heart goes and then everything follows, it follows a rhythm. The rhythm of life.

As everything shuts down my eyes are still focused on that mirror, and I see myself. I'm Mark Greene. I'm a doctor.