I got bored, yo. I also own nothing you recognize.

"Is there something wrong, my little princess?"

"Well..." Her poplar green eyes examined the bittersweet smudges on her fingertips. "There's chocolate bits up my sleeve."

"That's my sleeve." She was wearing his shirt and little else. Colored papers littered the table top and the floor. The box had been bought only a day ago and was nearly gone. "You'll get a stomach ache."

She forced her pretty pink lips into a pout. "You shouldn't have bought that many then." He chuckled. Her tongue darted out in a childish retort.

"I like buying you things."

"I don't like when you buy me things," she protested quickly, lightly shoving his chest with both hands.

"But you're my little princess. You deserve presents." He embraced her, burying his nose into her light brown hair. "You're also short."

"Belbet!" Her small fists pounded his midsection a few times.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry, chuck." He grabbed her wrists, restraining her easily and stealing a kiss. She tasted like ambrosia to him – dark chocolate, bitter coffee, burnt caramel. He stepped back before the passion overwhelmed him. "I bought something else for you."

"Please stop buying me things. I only want you." She reached for his belt buckle. He grabbed her left and and dropped to one knee.

"Would you be my queen?"