If I Fall, You're Going Down With Me

An Everest Fic


"Push! Push! PUSH!"

"Rick, She's only 5!"

"Come on, Bo! Don't stop! Show your mother you can do it!"


Bo shot out of the water. Her dad wasn't there. She was ok. He wasn't forcing her to swim with her arms. She could use them. She swam to shore. Bo was only 13, but she knew she needed to get off the ground. That's why she sent a form in for the contest. If she won, she would climb the tallest mountain on the face of the earth. She ran to the wall and climbed to the top. Breathing became a struggle, but Bo was strong. She dropped to the ground and ran back to The House. She'd capitalized The and House as a child and decided to keep the sign that way. She tied her hair back. And waited. This was hard for Bo, for she suffered from ADHD. Her hands tapped her thighs and her leg shook. The phone rang.

"Hello? Yes this is her. I have? I am? Excuse me for a second. YES! So what time should I look at arriving. Ok. Thank you. Bubbye. "

She did her little happy dance. Then zoned back into reality. She packed nearly everything she owned. Which consisted of :

Her pills

Her clothes

Her hat collection

Her climbing gear, and

Her journal, for writing purposes.

At school , they called her notebook. If that was the nicest they felt like being. She was tortured endlessly in school. Then she came home and had to deal with Evan, her older brother. Being 21, he was her legal guardian since their parents died.

"So? You're going to Nepal. Nice. I suppose you'll need a ride to the airport?" Evan had eavesdropped on the conversation. She nodded. He smiled. "It took you 13 years to do something worthy of being called my sister, Bo-Sannova. " He was ….. Proud of her? She didn't question it. Just hugged him. She was still a couple inches shorter.

-The next Morning-

"Evan, we have to leave!" Bo yelled. Her gangly brother sauntered down the stairs and shoved cereal in his face.

"Let's go" he said, mouth full. He had his Bullet For My Valentine cd playing all the way to the airport. When she got out, her grabbed her hand.

"Bo, take this" He placed his good luck charm, a necklace with a tiny sword charm on it, in her hand then closed her hand. A smile lit her face. She exhaled ,staring at the plane.

"Here goes nothing" she whispered.