Christmas Morning

As Rose stirred from her sleep, the Doctor stroked her hair away from her face, murmuring into her hair as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "'Morning, beautiful."

Listening to the soft, even rhythm of his hearts, she smiled, relishing in the complete contentment she always felt when she woke in his arms, the warmth of his embrace an instant reminder of her happy life with him. "'Morning." She closed her eyes again, her smile widening as she felt him press a kiss to her hair. "Merry Christmas, Doctor."

"Merry Christmas."

She lifted her head from his chest and looked up at him, immediately bursting into laughter. "You're wearing a Santa hat."

He nodded, flashing a grin at her as she tried to stifle her laughter. "Well, you know I love Christmas, and since it's Christmas morning I thought I'd be festive."

Rose grinned and lightly kissed him, gazing at him for a lingering moment before resting her head back on his chest. "I love you."

He wrapped his arms tighter around her. "I love you too, Rose."

Still smiling, she nestled back into him, giving him a squeeze as he pulled the duvet into place and wrapped an arm firmly back around her waist. "Been up long?"

"Just a few minutes, and even if it'd been longer I wouldn't mind; don't think I can't tell that you worry."

Rose smiled. "Sorry, I just know you don't need as much sleep as I do, it's hard not to think you lie here bored."

"Need is irrelevant, you know I'm attuned to you; I've grown accustomed to sleeping when you do, with beautiful you curled up in my arms." He pressed a kiss to her forehead. "I love you Rose and even if I never slept I would be perfectly content, no, perfectly happy to be right here with you, be your pillow, keep you warm, whatever you need. You are beautiful, and amazing, and quite frankly a miracle and just being near you is enough to keep me entertained forever. No more worrying, just be happy."

A grin on her face, she leant up to kiss his neck before settling back into his arms. "Oh I love you. In that case can I have ten more minutes sleep?"

"Have three more hours." He smiled, cuddling her closer. "It's four in the morning."