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Prologue: The first meeting with the Carnivore

It's been barely a month, and Aina Shinamoto was getting tired of her boyfriend Yuu already. He was already two years her senior; however, his constant calling her in the middle of class was starting to make her teacher think ill of her. In fact, she was just called into the staff room today to get scolded that she's been ditching lessons a bit too much. The auburn haired teen couldn't catch a break, and it was bad enough that she wasn't really Japanese that her teachers were thinking ill of her. Even with a Japanese name, thanks to her passed father's choosing, Aina was actually 100% Italian. Her mother, Nora Shinamoto, married her father, Kousuke Shinamoto, while she was pregnant with Aina.

Her mom let her father choose her name, which was why she was called Aina even if she wasn't Japanese by blood. She loved her dad before he passed away. Her biological father on the other hand, she had no idea who he was nor was her mother willing to tell her anything about him. If her mother didn't want to bother informing her on important matters such as who her real father was, maybe she shouldn't even care. But the current Aina was in a pinch, a pinch that shouldn't even be happening if her dumb boyfriend didn't call her to this shady side of town. A few guys, rough looking Yankees (a few with mohawks) looking at her as she clutched onto her school bag. Her large green eyes were shifting between the three men, wary of them as she tried to walk around them to leave.

"Got somewhere to be, miss?" One inquired, making her wish he'd stop trying to lift her skirt with that wooden sword of his. Really, all she wanted was to get whatever package it was for Yuu and slap him for making her go through this kind of hell. "Yes, now leave me alone," Aina said flatly. However, her words were greeted by a cackle and one of the goons grabbing her arm. Doing what she knew best would get attention of anyone around; she shrieked and tugged at her arm to be released. Normally that sort of reaction got people's head turning, which would cause someone to come and help. The guy holding her scowled, not liking her little tactic of getting away. He struck her, hitting her hard enough to make her cheek swell and to make her cut her screams off to avoid pain.

"Bitch, try that again and we'll rape you right here," snarled one of the Yankees. Aina glanced around, scared of what they may do to her if she kept being uncooperative with them. Like she wanted to work with the likes of thugs; they may just rape her anyways from the looks of it if and try to extort money from her family. Before things got even remotely close to her worst thoughts, someone behind her was knocked to the ground and Aina turned to see what was going on. "Crowding and causing a disturbance within the community. You herbivores should just behave before you get hurt." The calm statement came from the short black haired teen.

Aina blinked, seeing as those grey eyes weren't even looking at her. They were all locked in on the guys around her, like she just blended in the scenery to this guy whom held these metal tonfas. Was he serious about fighting these guys? They were far older, let alone some guy from her school couldn't take on a mere adult. Could he? When the guy holding her let her go, walking towards the young man with dark hair to smirk. These guys seemed amused someone his size coming here all by himself; these Yankees probably thought they could handle one guy.

With them being distracted by him, Aina decided to sneak off and go grab whatever the hell this package was for Yuu. Finish the being a gofer and demand he treat her properly. Hurrying down the street, Aina paused before turning the corner to see if the boy would be alright. It appeared they hadn't started fighting yet, and it looked more like they were just tossing words at each other; rather, the yanks were tossing words at the boy from her school. That Namimori high school blazer resting on his shoulders and that red band on one of the arms made something faintly ring in the back of her head. Like she knew that blazer from somewhere. Sighing at nothing hitting home at the moment, the auburn haired teen hurried down the street towards the store that she had the address for. It only took a several minutes before she found it, and walked in.

When she explained she was picking something up for Yuu, the man seemed to be reluctant for her to taking it. After trying to convince him she can carry whatever it was, she gave up after having him escort her out. That's when he bluntly said why she couldn't pick it up. It was an indecent item, and he couldn't have a teen girl walking around something meant for adults. Not only that, but the name of the person she was getting it for didn't even match up with the order forms he had. Her face was red; embarrassed that she was about to pick up something perverted. Angrily, Aina was heading back to go smack Yuu for this stupid errand. Why send her to go collect a dildo? Like she'd want to tote something that disgusting around!

Her pace was fast as she walked, as she was about to turn back onto the street she was previously on; she dismissed doing it. However, Aina had this nagging feeling she better peek to check up that nothing too terrible happened to that boy. She'd feel awful if he got seriously hurt because of her; even if he did ignore her, technically the disturbance was caused by her screaming to get away. Aina glanced around the bend, her shoulder length hair slide from her shoulder as she looked down the street. Amazing, she thought in awe. None of them are actually standing, and the guy isn't even there! Who knew boys from Namimori middle school were strong.

To see that group of Yankees lying on the ground, moaning and covered in bruises made her relieved that the boy could take them on. It was clear, because the person checking up on them was cussing about how they gotten beaten by a middle schooler. Giggling to herself, she turned around and went a different direction so that they wouldn't catch her laughing at their defeat. Serves them right! They completely deserved getting creamed for what they did. Walking back towards the school where Yuu was waiting for her at the courtyard, she debated on how to tell him she didn't get it. Yelling sounded like a good idea, telling him off that it was very mean of him to send her to a shop to pick up a sex toy.

By the time she got back to the court yard, the sun was getting lower in the sky and she found Yuu. Standing around with a bunch of his guy friends chit-chatting about god knows what. "Yuu," called Aina. She placed both hands on her hips as she gave him an icy glare. The blonde stopped laughing, his untidy appearance wasn't what drew her in nor was it the fact he was a rebel. Call it her naivety to attempt having a relationship with him. Maybe she should have just said 'no' to him when he asked her out. Yuu got up, walking over to her as tall as he was. She was shorter a good foot and a half, whereas the dark haired boy she was only a few inches shorter than him.

"Yo, Aina," Yuu said in a tender way. He leaned down to give her a kiss on the cheek, but she side stepped him. "Why were you trying to make me pick up some sort of sex toy you pervert," Aina accused hitting his chest. "Do you know how embarrassing it was to not only be sexually harassed in the streets, but also to have an adult explain to me you ordered a sex toy under a false age and name?" Yuu gave a bored look, like he couldn't believe that she was complaining to him. If he really did like her, he would take her words to heart. However, the whole scene was being watched by the same dark haired boy from earlier from a window in the school who knew that no one below knew he was spectating.

"Man, she turned into a frigged bitch after being a puppy after his heel." His friends laughed and Aina felt a blow to her ego. It hurt knowing that's how he viewed her. A puppy trailing after him before turning a cold shoulder over what he may think was meaningless. She lost faith in how others viewed her when she just transferred into this school with one friend from her previous school. Aina was thinking of crying over how cruel they could be; however, she had little time to react before Yuu slapped her. One hit and she was on the ground. Aina held her face from this, too stun to say anything to this. The hand on the ground became his next target as he slammed his foot on it.

Aina winced, a squeak of pain coming from her as she tried to understand why he was doing this. Again, only a month of dating and she knew nothing about this guy other than he looked rebellious, drank, smoked, and ordered her around. He never really hit her, aside from now when she defied his authority. "Bitches should listen. I mean really, Shinamoto-san, you could have lied about your age to get it." Yuu said coldly, as if it was really easy to lie about her age when she was dressed as a middle schooler. It wasn't that easy as he thinks. Aina wasn't the type of girl to lie. It also hurt to hear him call her by her last name, as if she wasn't even worth getting to know her intimately.

"No," Aina said softly with a shake of her head. "I don't want to be in a relationship with someone who's a jerk like you." Aina looked up from under her bangs, those mint green eyes burning with determination of not returning to him ever again. She wanted to stop this relationship before it got worst. If it went down the line and it got to the point where there wasn't a shred of self-esteem or moral in her anymore. She wouldn't be able to forgive herself then. Yuu didn't seem to like her response; in fact, he brought his foot up high and decided to kick her hard on the side of the face. The hit was directly at the same spot she was hit; three times in one spot on her cheek. On the ground, Aina curled up, her arms protecting her face as more swift kicks were delivered to her abdomen and her face.

This went on for a while and two of his friends decided to join in on the fun. Aina lost count at how many kicks and blows there were, and just when the pain started to becoming worst a voice halted a few kicks. "Seems like we have some herbivores crowding again today," a boy's voice said calmly. She felt a stare, as if she was the object of observation of the source of the voice. It sounded faintly familiar, much like the boy from earlier. "Seems like these want-to-be carnivores are gathering over the helpless herbivore from earlier. Shame she doesn't learn her lesson."

Aina heard one of Yuu's friends gasp, as if they knew who it was. Another one fell to the ground and Aina parted her arms to see what was going on. Yuu looked pale, as if the person who he was staring at was his worst enemy. Or a demon in the flesh coming to haunt him in the real world instead of the dreaming reality. "It's Kyoya Hibari," murmured one of Yuu's friends. Aina weakly lifted herself up, her hair curtaining her battered face as she slowly looked up. Hibari Kyoya, the short black haired teen she met earlier with those calm looking eyes that seethed nothing but a leashed need to fight. She didn't see the thirst beforehand because she was more concerned running.

That was when their eyes locked, briefly before he glanced over her figure to see how badly she was injured. Once the assessment was over, he lifted up his metal tonfas, twirling one with a small grin. "My, my. I'll have to severally punishing you for many rules that you broke. Cursing, striking another student on campus, crowding, and forgery for that purchase of yours that you were attempting to get this foolish girl to go get." Yuu gritted his teeth, his hazel eyes darting over to her in anger as if it was all her fault for what was going on. It wasn't technically; Hibari was just waiting for the right moment to spring forth and have a big group in the act.

A hand landed on Aina's shoulder, she looked up meeting the second-in-command of Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee. The hairstyle threw her off, the black hair jutting out from his forehead appeared to make him look like he was a gangster of something. However, his touch was gentle and he explained to her softly that they will be taking her to a nearby hospital for treatment. Aina nodded, not even aware Tetsuya Kusakabe and the rest of the committee were just going to leave Hibari to his own devices to her now ex-boyfriend. Tetsuya picked her up, cradling her legs and hand her wrap her arms around his neck. The other committee members were there to ensure that extracting her wouldn't be a problem. All they need is one of Yuu's friends to pull out a hidden switch blade and hurt her further.

"Ai-chan," Yuu called. Aina closed her eyes, knowing he was only using her friend's pet name for her to make it look like he didn't mean to do it. No. She knew he didn't care for her feelings and as just using it to make her comeback to him. Not anymore. Tetsuya paused briefly, glancing over at Hibari who looking at how tensed Aina was. Not saying anything, Hibari walked behind Tetsuya to stop Yuu from following the two heading towards the hospital. Once Aina was out of earshot, Hibari turned his cold grey eyes to land on the group of boys in front of him. Divine punishment was going to be commencing; they didn't just catch any herbivore that matter little to him and broke rules.

Aina Shinamoto had caught his eye the first time he walked passed her in the hallway; her laughter was what made her stick out to him in the crowd of herbivores. Then there was that time she scolded one of the students he was going to bite to death before he had the chance. The fool came back to him, apologizing and begging forgiveness. To think that girl attempted to divert him from biting someone. Which was why he waited for the correct moment to come, letting the fools give him a really good reason to. If there was no valid reason in her book, she may start lecturing him too. Hibari would like to avoid such beforehand, and must calculate more to ensure it never happens.

"I'm going to bite you all to death," the Namimori disciplinary committee president said. His fangs bared, and he did just what he said he'd do. Biting them all to death just for hurting what he claimed as his. Even if she wasn't aware of it.

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Chapter 1: Hibari's pillow

Three months after the whole Yuu incident and Aina still doesn't have a friend aside from Mai. Seems like a rumor is running around about Aina. Some concerning her and Hibari, others concerning a past about her and Yuu's breakup. Then there was one floating around that she wasn't aware of. Finally Hibari and Aina meet again, on the roof of course. What will happen? Will there be a cute little moment? What about this strange rumor floating about? Till next time :3 Jaa ne!