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Chapter 7: Tsuna's Guardians fight back

"Aina," Satomi Shinamoto called from the hall. "Yes," Aina called back inquisitively. She poked her head out to see what her grandmother wanted, to see her holding the hallway phone. "Your mother is on the line." Aina smiled at her obaasan and took the phone. "Moshi, moshi," Aina said on the phone. "Rosalie, is that you?" Aina sighed at her okaasan using her middle name. Only in Italy would her mother ever call her Rosalie because nonna would kick up a fuss if she didn't use an Italian name to address her. "No mother, it's some stranger who sounds like your daughter picking up the phone," Aina sarcastically stated.

She could hear her mother mumbling to herself on the other end. "Are you sure you're Rosalie," her mother asked as if she didn't know it was her. Aina sighed at how stupid this was becoming. "Okaasan, tell me you're not having a blonde air head moment and forgot your only daughter's voice now." That statement seemed mean if others heard it; however, Aina has always been like this when it came to her mother. Perhaps she had a little hate for her mother never finding out her real father; maybe even blamed her a little for her father's death. "Figlia, that's no way to talk to your madre," her mother scolded.

Aina had to halt herself from rolling her eyes at how her mother seems to think she's being an authority figure. "Mi madre," Aina said flatly, "doesn't know I talk this way because you're always gone. Excuse me for speaking Japanese like tousan." Her mother fell silent on the other end, making her curious as to why her mother did so. Normally her mother would laugh at her, talk to her about her grandmother over there and complain that she wants to come home. Not today; appears her mother was far different today. "Don't speak in that disgusting language again." Aina blinked and frowned at the phone. Wait a minute… She's never said that whenever I've spoken Japanese over the phone before.

"I want to speak to nonna," Aina stated. Silence greeted her on the other end for a while before her mother answered again. "She's taking a nap." Liar, Aina thought in her head when those words were spewed out. This wasn't her mother. If she was her mother, she'd be able to hear nonna speaking Italian in the background complaining about the show she was watching. Who the hell was on the other end pretending to be her mother? "Why did you call?" Aina asked, getting down to business. She needed to know why she's being called then she might start making threats.

"I called to inform you that you'll be living in Italy for a while," the imposter mentioned. Not likely going to happened, since Aina knows well enough that she'd rather stay with nana than live in Italy. "And I want to know who you're friends are, and who they like." There it was; the real reason behind the call. It did have to deal with Vongola. "Sorry, but I don't hand that information out to strangers," Aina said cheerfully. The woman on the other end started to say something; however, Aina gave a quick "Ja-nee" before hanging up. Aina walked over to her grandmother and said it was a bad prank call from some girl in Italy.

Since Aina's training was over for the day, she decided to head over to the school early with Ren and Rei. The sun was barely set, and she was in a good mood today. She did worry about Yamamoto's match; although she had this feeling that it was going to be ok. Tonight match was going to be a good one.

_~With Tsuna, Basil, Yamamoto, and Reborn~_

Tsuna wasn't certain what Yamamoto was thinking. Still carrying the bamboo sword his father gave him might meant that he wasn't going to surpass his sword technique. Particularly when his father said it was the best. It would appear that Yamamoto was calm, even relax if Tsuna could suspect the most. But as they past the gates, Yamamoto looked around. "Isn't anyone here yet?" Yamamoto inquired, to only be greeted by a very loud "Voi" from the sidelines. Everyone there looked to the roof, seeing Squalo land there. "Sword-brat! Good job not running away! I'm going to slice you up like sashimi!"

"Superbia Squalo," Basil said whilst Tsuna freaked out at Squalo's words. "It won't end like that, Squalo," Yamamoto said, swinging his bamboo sword downwards. "I'm going to take you down with this Shigure Kintoki!" The bamboo blade that was once there revealed itself to be a long sword. Squalo looked at it, intrigued that the sword transformed. "A transforming sword," the Varia Rain guardian inquired. "That means your not going to surpass your style, but use Shigure Souen," asked Tsuna.

Yamamoto looked back at Tsuna confidently. "If my old man said it's invincible, it must be." This made Squalo looked amused at Yamamoto's words. "Invincible?" He chuckled at the word. "I've killed hundreds who claimed their sword was invincible," Squalo exclaimed. Yamamoto looked at him while Tsuna freaked out at what was said. "Killed hundreds! Maybe that decision was not so great!" Yamamoto smiled, still looking up at Squalo.

"It is kind of dangerous. It's thrilling, like standing in the batter's box with the chance to hit a grand slam to win the game," Yamamoto said. "Yamamoto-dono… Talking about baseball at a time like this… What in the world…" Basil inquired, which was when Tsuna calmed down. "I see. That's it," Tsuna said. Basil turned to look at Tsuna who smiled at his next words.

"I'd forgotten," Tsuna said cheerfully, which earned a grin from Reborn. "That's Yamamoto. The reason I could concentrate on my training after I heard about Squalo was because I felt that Yamamoto could somehow pull this off," Tsuna explained. "Sashimi," a voice from the sidelines said. Tsuna glanced over to see the Shinamoto twins decked out in uniforms fitting for kendo and archery. "Sorry, but turning this kid into sashimi is poor tastes man. That's fish you do sashimi with, not people. Man, for Varia quality, you're an idiot," Rei said. That's completely against his character, Tsuna exclaimed in his mind as he realize how seriously he was talking. Aina clopped over to Tsuna while Squalo started to yell at Rei for his comment. "Evening Tsuna-kun, Yamamoto-kun, Basil-kun," Aina greeted. She knelt down next to Reborn, "Sera, Reborn."

"Ciaossu, Aina," Reborn greeted back. "Aina-dono, evening," Basil greeted back. Yamamoto laughed at her twin cousin and then looked at Aina. "Aina-san, Rei-senpai seems like he's itching to fight," commented Yamamoto. Rei glanced over at Yamamoto, laughing at his words. "Funny how you figured that one out, kid," Rei said. This made Tsuna, Basil, and Reborn look at him. "I am itching for a fight," Rei admitted, sliding a dark glance over at Squalo. Squalo grinned, liking the blood thirsty look in Rei's light brown irises. "Oi! Maybe I'll kill you after the sword-brat!" Squalo exclaimed, standing up with his sword raised.

Rei gave a lazy smile, draping an arm over his brother's shoulder as he looked over at Squalo. "You wouldn't want this wolf's fangs, shark. I promise you that my fangs are worst than my growls," Rei warned. Aina blinked over at her cousin, tilting her head at how his demeanor was completely different from how he normally was. Then again she has never been around him when he spars with Ren, and those two can get vicious when they spar. Ren simply stood there with his eyes closed, calm as can be while his arms were crossed over his chest. Nothing was out of the ordinary for him; Rei in the past has been known to be called a wolf when fighting. A lone wolf stalking prey; one who didn't need a pack to hunt, and can be just as vicious as many wolves together.

"He won't be doing anything," Ren assured Yamamoto. Ren opened his eyes and looked at the teen, a small smile on his lips. "Rei knows he's your opponent; however, when it comes to sword fights he can't help himself when he gets excited at the sight of blades clashing. I'd blame our past before oji adopted us." Tsuna blinked, finding the information surprisingly interesting; knowing a bit of their hidden personalities felt like they were actually allowing others into that past of theirs. "Voi! Do you expect me to lose to that sword-brat," yelled Squalo at Rei. Rei shrugged nonchalantly at Squalo's irritated inquiry. "I never said you'd lose or win against him. I give fair warnings before a fight; however, sooner or later we will have to clash. It's the path we take," Rei said.

Squalo smirked at the statement of an future fight. Indeed; they will one day fight. It's almost bred into them, those who carry a sword, to fight others carrying swords to see whom was stronger. And just seeing that blood thirsty gaze of Rei sent shivers down Squalo's spine. This one wasn't like the sword-brat; this man was worthy of fighting him, and he could tell this one has had blood stain his blade many of times. Just to see what sort of sword style he would use made him wish they could clash. "Uh, why is Ren-nii and Rei-nii wearing those," Tsuna asked Aina quietly while Rei and Squalo stared at one another.

Aina blinked, giggling a little before answering. "I made them wear them so I didn't feel so odd wearing a kimono every time. Plus they said it's their punishment for making me even more upset yesterday when they were asking too much about me and Hibari," explained Aina. Tsuna gawked at Aina, having a feeling that she may have attacked them with her flames like she did to Dino. "They don't like it when I cry," Aina added, sticking her tongue out a little. Tsuna blinked when she said that, and realized she must have figured he thought she did the same with Dino. But knowing that her tears would make the twenty-three year old men dress in their kendo and archery uniforms…

Evidently the twins believed that it was equal punishment since she always been wearing kimonos around because of Reborn's training. "They're here," Reborn said, catching everyone's attention. The Cervellos jumped near Squalo, announcing that the next match shall be in the south tower. It was still in the school, and Aina glanced at Yamamoto briefly who was staring at Squalo. With is own parting words, Squalo followed the Cervellos as they showed him were the south tower was at. "Let us go," Basil said. "Un," Tsuna said. Everyone was starting to head towards the south tower.

"Sorry to be late," called a familiar voice. This halted everyone with Tsuna, who turned to the front gates to see Ryohei and something mummified standing behind him. Aina shrieked, hiding behind Tsuna because she had a slight fear of mummies; blame the twins when they constantly dressed as one and popped out of the closet to scare her on Halloween. "It's not," exclaimed the mummy. The mumblings from the wrappings caused the twins to walk over, unraveling whomever was inside to reveal Gokudera's face. "Romario said this is how a man should be treated and wrapped me up," Gokudera angrily said. Aina sighed and placed a hand on her chest. Honestly, she really didn't get how that was suppose to work. Perhaps Romario didn't know that bandages only go on the body. Not wrapping the person up to cause immobilization.

Aina let the boys talked, which resulted in Gokudera and Ryohei getting into an argument on who followed who whilst throwing their usual insults. "Besides, I don't want to die without knowing how things went down first," Gokudera said as he hopped over to Yamamoto. "I can't stay in bed without seeing this match." Yamamoto laughed at that, smiling at Gokudera, "you're a worrywart." Gokudera snapped back, "you're too worry-free!" Aina tried to hide her giggles, finding the scene all to funny. Really, even in such a situation it was like always.

"Tenth! Where is the combat field today," Gokudera inquired as he turned to look over at Tsuna. "It's in the school's south tower," Aina answered, causing the Storm guardian to look at her. "Understood," Gokudera exclaimed. He raised his fist and exclaimed that they all should go there. Aina sweat dropped at his unusual enthusiasm. "Gokudera-kun," Aina said catching his attention. "Yes, Aina-san," Gokudera asked loudly. "Don't push yourself too hard," she reminded him. He had a little blush on his face, embarrassed she had to say the one thing she said before his match. He was a worrywart? Aina was the biggest one!

He turned around, stepping forward to go; however, because of the wrappings, he tripped and fell flat on his face. "Gokudera-kun," exclaimed Tsuna worriedly. "He's really stupid," Reborn commented. After Gokudera was unwrapped so he wasn't a hazard to himself, they made their way towards the south tower. Seeing the windows were covered and the placed was sealed off. Reborn found a way in, and Yamamoto opened the door. The sounds of something pouring reached everyone's ears and they entered the building. Holes filled the ceiling as water poured down to the floor, it looked like a rocky battlefield.

"This is the combat field for the Ring match: Aquarion," explained the Cervellos when Tsuna said it didn't look like it was part of the school. They went into deeper information about the structure and how the match will go on. Aina was just as shocked as Tsuna when they mentioned a vicious sea creature would be released once the water raised a certain level. "It sounds like fun," came the voice of Bel. Everyone glanced up, seeing Varia up on the next level. Bel was there, taunting Gokudera with how he woke up with a ring with him. But Aina spotted someone else amongst the group that wasn't there the other day. "Xanxus," Aina called out. Tsuna saw him as well, but the Varia leader appeared to be staring at Aina briefly before sliding a glare over at Tsuna.

"The dog that loses will be erased," Xanxus said. He looked down at Tsuna, amusement of his reaction as he next words spilled out of his lips. "Either the lot of you, or this trash." He glared over at Squalo, who didn't appear amused by what his boss said as he walked away. Aina balled her fist up, glaring up at Xanxus. "A boss who doesn't care for his subordinates who risk their lives for him isn't worthy of being a boss of a bigger organization," Aina shouted up at him. Her words stopped him, causing him to slide his red gaze her way.

"Aina Shinamoto," Xanxus said slowly.

The longer he looked at her, the more Aina noticed something was off. He appeared to be hesitating on saying something, but then he turned away. "Trash like you shouldn't talk of worth. You're not worthy to lick my boot, auburn haired bitch," and he left. "Bastard," Gokudera yelled. "That was uncalled for," Tsuna yelled at his leaving back. Aina felt the sting of his words, but she wasn't going to let it affect her. He looked like he wanted to say something to her, something other than those cruel words that he said. Those words were, Aina felt, a cover up so he didn't say whatever was actually on his mind. What was Xanxus going to say before he covered himself up?

Squalo glanced over at Aina as Dino appeared, startling the teens and began speaking to them. Xanxus, Squalo thought as he looked at Aina. Obviously the teenage girl had no idea where those sky flames came from. He was pretty certain Aina noticed that Xanxus was going to say something else than what he said. If this was another time, another place, perhaps he would have said it. Said what he really wanted to say, and not cover those words up with harsh ones.

How much longer shall you play this game? Sooner or later, the truth you hide will come out. Squalo was certain it would, and someone was going to get hurt. Squalo looked away from her, knowing he would only do something against his character. If he went to her and reassured her all would be revealed in time, Xanxus would probably look at him as a traitor. She was on the enemy side; therefore, she shall be treated as an enemy until this was over. Once it was over, Varia had plans for the Italian girl if she didn't foil them herself. Such as the one earlier when they had female call her who sounded like her mother; Aina saw through the ploy and hung up. The girl was intelligent to tell the difference from an imposter and her real mother. Aina Rosalie Shinamoto wasn't a fool, and tricking her was going to be a hard game of chess. She didn't belong in Vongola in Squalo's opinion.

Varia would be a much better home for her, if the truth he and Xanxus kept was settled.

"The guy from yesterday suddenly started paying attention to the Ring Conflict," Dino said, "so he's probably around to watch." Aina blinked at those words of Dino, finding them a bit disturbing. "Wait, Hibari-kun is watching these," Aina exclaimed. "Yeah, and I also told him that you're training under Reborn." Aina gawked at Dino and wondered how he was alive. "Eh! Hibari-san knows she's training to fight," Tsuna exclaimed, voicing her concerns loudly. "Dino-san, wait a moment," Aina said looking at him sternly. Dino blinked, not really understanding what she was so upset about. "If he knows I'm training to fight, didn't he get mad?"

Dino scratched his head, recalling when he told Hibari he seemed nonchalant about it. In fact, he even told Hibari that Aina told Xanxus she'd fight with him one day. Hibari seemed uninterested in what Dino was saying; however, he wondered if Aina knew her boyfriend's temperament better. "He seemed ok with it when I talked to him, but you make it seem like I misjudged his nonchalant ways." Dino commented, looking at the teen with a hint of nervousness. Aina blinked a few times, wondering if she was slightly overreacting. But Hibari has been adamant before with her fighting, surging forth her concerns now since it was something he verbally was against.

Aina wasn't so far off the mark, actually.

Flying around outside was Hii-bird, singing the Namimori Middle School Anthem as it perches itself on Hibari's shoulder. He yawned, finding it boring they wouldn't start the match. He could see his pillow perfectly from here, and he could tell she knew something was off from what that herbivore said about him. Hibari was quite angry she kept that from him. Hiding the matter of training, learning how to fight behind his back made him very angry at his pillow. Hibari Kyoya already made a promise to himself; punishment is awaiting her when these Conflicts are all said and done for. Although he was lessening the punishment every time he sees her in a kimono; the side of him that loves traditional Japanese clothing was all the more happier to see her lithe form in them.

Tonight was a blue one, oriental painted flowers from the corner of the fabric went up to the dark blue fabric that bunched around her abdomen and the Obi she used to tie about her waist matched the color scheme. Her auburn hair was pulled back into a bun clip, a small dark blue flower posed right at the bun to accentuate that her neck was bare. If he wasn't for the fact he wanted to see the match; he would be fantasizing about taking the kimono off her. A smirk formed on his lips, knowing that he could be masturbating to his wicked fantasies of taking her. He was a healthy young man after all; it would only be natural for him to want to embrace the one he loves. Although he knows Aina isn't the type to accept sexual fronts, meaning he'd have to ease her into it first. And when she was comfortable with such actions…

Mist appearing around him, breaking him from his thoughts, and he wondered where it come from. On a different roof, the same three figures that were shadowed in Lambo's match wanted Yamamoto to win. Thus allowing the mist guardian to come forth from their hiding, and they wanted the advancement. Yamamoto had to win, in their opinions.

Back with the group in the south tower, they were preparing for the match to being. Superbia Squalo vs. Yamamoto Takeshi. The battle of the Rain Guardian ring was about to begin. Reborn began explaining how they only had one ring; Varia with three. They certainly were against the ropes, meaning if they didn't win then Varia won on default of the majority of the rings belonged to them. This was a make or break match. When Ryohei exclaimed about pulling Hibari into the circle, Aina gave a nervous laugh and grabbed his arm gently. "Ryohei-sempai, I doubt he'd appreciate that. Hibari doesn't like crowds," Aina said lamely.

The others weighed in on how it would be impossible, even Dino looked scared of Hibari punching him for trying to bring him into the circle. Even Ren made a comment about Hibari joining the circle. Ren's statement scared the group more since he said he'd join Hibari in punching them if they attempted to drag him into a stupid circle. However, Tsuna didn't miss Aina say Hibari's name with a -kun attached to it. It was the second time she said it tonight. He wasn't going to bring it up since he knows if he did, she'd get flustered again about the intimacy she just stated with saying Hibari's name without an honorific. "I won't allow exceptions," yelled Ryohei. Aina sweat drop at his determination of getting Hibari into the circle they form every time there was a match.

"Now, now. Not as a replacement, how about we let Basil-kun in," Tsuna inquired. This surprised Basil, while Ryohei glanced over at Basil; however, Ryohei still wanted the carnivore to join the group huddle. "I can, too," Basil asked Tsuna. Gokudera and Yamamoto stood behind Tsuna, and Gokudera answered first. "If the tenth says so, it's alright with me." Yamamoto smiled as he said, "Our fates are going to be the same." Tsuna lifted his hand up, still holding onto Lambo's tail. "Lambo too, of course," Tsuna said. Aina nodded, nudging Basil. "You've been helping Tsuna-kun train a lot, which means technically you're his sempai," Aina said jokingly.

"You've support us and are willing to push yourself hard while training just for the sake of Tsuna-kun to win. I think you've been apart of this family for quite some time." Everyone smiled a little at her words, even the twins and Dino had little smirks from it. "Aina-dono," Basil said, a bit lost for words. Yamamoto, Ryohei, Gokudera, Tsuna, and Aina gathered in a circle. This time Tsuna took the initiative to start the circle chant. "Alright! Yamamoto, fight," he yelled, earning a loud "Un" in return from everyone.

The Cervellos asked for the Rain guardians to come into the center, explaining along the way that since the area will be flooded they would project the battle on a big screen outside. Everyone headed out after wishing Yamamoto luck, but Aina was stopped by Yamamoto. "Yo, Aina-san," Yamamoto said. Aina turned around, blinking slightly in confusion of why he was stopping her. "Un, Yamamoto-kun?" He smiled at her, his bamboo transforming sword resting on his shoulders. "Don't worry, I won't push myself too hard. I'll win, so wait patiently," Yamamoto said, his face changing to look at her seriously. Aina's laugh came out as a bit of a sigh.

Certainly he knew as well as everyone how she was, and him trying to soothe her worries beforehand makes her more confident in his words. "Iiyo, wakarimashita. Good luck Yamamoto-kun," Aina said with a smile. She headed out of the building as Yamamoto continued his way over to where Squalo and the Cervellos were at. "Voi! You still haven't had enough," Squalo yelled his inquiry. He lifted his bladed hand and said, "I'll make you regret not running away a week ago!"

Yamamoto laughed, looking relaxed as he replied back to the Varia assassin. "You know until you try." The Cervellos announced the match was beginning. Everyone on Tsuna's side waiting with anticipation. Yamamoto Takeshi versus Superbia Squalo; two swordsmen fighting to see who was stronger as well as to beat the time the sea beast was released.

"Gonna let it fly," Squalo yelled as he charged forth towards Yamamoto. Yamamoto saw it the blade projection before Squalo began a swift downward left slash; Yamamoto dodging the attack quickly by ducking and moving to right. But Squalo saw that coming, he extended his blade out and square metal pieces shot out of the sword straight at Yamamoto. "Oh, yeah, that weapon," Tsuna exclaimed. Aina only heard of it from Tsuna, the explosive pieces hidden within the blade. Yamamoto must have known it was coming, jumping quickly out of the way before it hit him. "Oh? You dodge," Squalo asked surprised he did so.

"That was close," Yamamoto said wiping the water from under his chin. "It's all thanks to that image training I've been doing every day since I lost to you." Squalo didn't appear to take that information too greatly. He charged again, but when he jumped he appeared to have disappeared. But he didn't, rounding behind Yamamoto he appeared behind the pillar that was behind him; he surged forth intending to attack Yamamoto's exposed backside. Yamamoto saw that quickly too when he turned, bringing forth the bamboo sword to block the attack to avoid getting hit. Squalo hadn't even shown all of his abilities when they first fought, and now he was going to show the full extent of his power.

Just as he said that, he sent explosives towards Yamamoto while they were in a death lock. An explosion happened, and Squalo jumped back to smirk at his victorious attack. However, the cloud of water changed, and Tsuna asked about it. "Yamamoto drew," Reborn said. Aina glanced at the baby hitman than looked back at the screen. "That is Shigure Souen style, the defensive Seventh form…" Reborn said, his eyes never leaving the screen as he explained it. The Seventh defensive form of Shigure Souen style, Shibukiame, Spraying Rain.

"What was that," Squalo exclaimed in puzzlement. Hibari who was sitting on the water tower watched on as well as Xanxus and the Varia. Xanxus was sitting in a throne like chair, staring at the screen to see if the man who was suppose to be leader could pull this win off. Tsuna was awed in amazement, seeing Yamamoto manage to come out of the attack unscathed. Dino also was amazed at the progress that Yamamoto did in such little time. To see his Shigure Souen for the first time, it made it apparent that Yamamoto wasn't a fool when it came to the blade style. Aina was even more amazed that Yamamoto, the guy who she still thinks is a bit of a baseball nut, looked like he transformed into a true swordsman just now.

"Good," murmured Rei as he looked on. Dino glanced over at Rei, his eyes showed how he was anticipating a fight with Yamamoto. "A sword is only as good as the one who wields it. I'm certain Yamamoto will not shame his father's blade." Tsuna and Basil turned to him, looking at the twin who was suppose to be the lax one. However, since they are talking about sword battles; without a doubt Rei was showing a side of himself he'd never show normally. Even Aina was getting used to the twins showing their fighting sides, she glanced his way and went back to watching the screen with the rest of them as they returned their sights onto the match.

Of course, Reborn started talking about how Yamamoto was practicing with little sleep. Then came that comment about him being a born hitman that shocked Tsuna. Rei laughed, looking at the infant hitman. "Yo, infant-chan," Rei said with a little giggle. Reborn looked over at him, noticing he was still leaning against his brother. "You sound like you're bragging that you found him. I say he'll do fine; life and death battles wean out the idiots from the natural born killers and fighters." Gokudera gawked at his words as well as Tsuna did.

But Tsuna didn't miss how Ren stayed quiet, staring fixated on the screen while Rei talked. Ren was playing the silent anchor; knowing that once he makes a comment on the fight, Ren may ask to go to the house and get his katana. All he needed was Yamamoto to be disqualified for Rei entering the fight. Dino continued talking about how Yamamoto was taking a risk still using his fighting style. Aina didn't understand because Yamamoto successfully evaded the attack. The twins knew a reason why. This was just the start of the match, and they couldn't count on Shigure Souen being effective once Squalo continues to see the fighting style. If he's killed many with different styles, he may be able to figure out how to kill his opponent after seeing the attack a few times.

Squalo charged, his blade in the water as he screamed, "Don't be elated, little birdie!" He slashed upwards, the water slicing up with his blade as he threw more explosives at Yamamoto's feet. Yamamoto tried to figure out which stance to use, and that was when he dipped the blade in the water. Slicing upwards in the right, a tunnel of water blocked part of the path, and he did the same in the opposite direction. Creating an cross of water, blocking on coming attacks. Squalo cut through the water, attempting to get to Yamamoto. Yamamoto was knelt down, his open palm horizontally behind his sword as the tip was pointed skywards. This was the second defensive form of Shigure Souen, Sakamakuame, Rolling Rain.

Basil and Tsuna both expressed their happiness at this. Tsuna also attempted again for Dino to see that Yamamoto and Shigure Souen were doing great. Rei and Ren watched quietly as Dino just simply said "I hope so." That was when Dino mentioned that Squalo looked happy, and Aina saw it too. "A swordsman whom is excited to see someone who he didn't think have a chance becoming more worthy in his eyes," Rei said. Tsuna glanced over at Rei, wondering what he was talking about. "Hey, brat! Why didn't you attack after you defended yourself," Squalo asked.

Squalo said he missed his only chance to hit him, making Yamamoto flinch at the thought he missed an opening. Varia knew Squalo figured it out, while Ryohei believed Squalo was bluffing. "I doubt it." Ryohei looked over at Rei. "This is a life or death match we are talking about. Yamamoto had a window opportunity to strike at Squalo, and didn't take the chance. Beginner mistake, but if he still win if he doesn't lose his belief in his blade as well as his spirit," Rei explained. "Rei-nii-san," Tsuna whispered. Dino glanced over at the twin, finding his words holding hope for the teen. Dino wouldn't have, but Rei appeared to be trying to keep the morale up.

He knew there will be other chances; there were always other windows for strikes when the battle went on. Rei doubted that would be the only time Yamamoto could have struck Squalo. And it would appear Yamamoto believed so too, because he laughed at Squalo's words. "Last? That's a little harsh," Yamamoto said. He opened his eyes to look at Squalo. "I'll tell you now; that's not all of Shigure Souen," Yamamoto warned. "That's right. Shigure Souen has four defensive forms and four offensive forms. Eight different forms exist for all different situations," Reborn explained.

Aina watched on, seeing Yamamoto draw his blade back to the upper left as he repositioned his feet. This was the first time Yamamoto would be going on the offensive as he charged forth; Squalo lifted his bladed hand up as if he was intending to block it. Re-gripping the hilt of his sword, Yamamoto swung in an upper left arch. However, Squalo saw only his hand here; meaning the blade was elsewhere. Falling downwards towards his awaiting hand, a backward grip onto the hilt as he dragged the sword into horizontal slash at Squalo's abdomen. This was the fifth offensive form of Shigure Souen, Samidare, Early Summer Rain.

Squalo fell backwards into the water, an happily surprised look on his face as he submerged in the water. That was when Reborn explained the technique behind Early Summer Rain to the rest of the group. Gokudera's eye twitched as he stuttered, "not bad." Varia seemed to be un-amused by their cheerfulness. "They don't understand the strength of a Varia boss candidate," Mammon said. Squalo's "Voi" yell was heard as he jumped out of the water. He as well was unscathed, and that made Dino uneasy. "How is he unhurt," Aina inquired worriedly.

That was when Dino revealed that Squalo jumped back the moment the attack happened. Meaning that what appeared to be a hit was actually a dodge. "But as far as I can tell, there was nothing unusual in Yamamoto-dono's motions before changing hands," Basil stated. Aina frowned wondering if there was a possibility that Squalo faced someone using Shigure Souen before. "Aina," Rei said, glancing at her. She looked at him, and he seemed to have read her face at what she was pondering. "There is a chance of that." Tsuna still didn't know how it was possible, and Dino fears were just realized.

Aina looked back at the screen, worrying perhaps Squalo did face someone who used Yamamoto's sword style. Squalo mocked Yamamoto's earlier words, making him uneasy just briefly. "Besides that, there was something that I didn't like," Squalo said. He pointed his blade right at Yamamoto, looking agitated by his next words. "Why did you use the back side of your sword?" The inquiry was made of full rage, rage that his opponent was using the back side of the sword. Rei narrowed his eyes, realizing why Squalo was irritated at that.

Some swordsmen use the back of the blade to not kill the opponent. Rei's done that before, particularly if he liked fighting people who were weaker and got stronger back in his teen years. But Yamamoto and Rei weren't the same person, so his answer wouldn't be the same. Tsuna was surprised by this, and that's when Reborn explained he flipped the blade so the edgeless side struck Squalo. "That's because…" Yamamoto started to say, making Tsuna look back at the screen. "That's because I'm fighting to beat you, not take your life," explain Yamamoto. Rei snorted, deeming the answer something of Yamamoto. Gokudera however got angry at this.

"That baseball nut! That's too soft," he exclaimed. "But that's Yamamoto," Aina said, looking over at Gokudera. He looked her way, a frown on his face because he didn't understand her meaning. Aina figured Yamamoto didn't care if Squalo came back to challenge him; that would be probably fine by him since that would give him more chances to defeat him again. Squalo looked insanely pissed, taking Yamamoto's words as an insult and dashed forward swiftly. The blade arm drawn horizontally to the opposite shoulder as he surged forth for his next offensive as he yelled at Yamamoto. Yamamoto dipped the blade back into the water, swinging upwards to create a tower of water. Squalo did the same, causing another water tower to clash with his.

Aina watched nervous, hearing Reborn state that whomever finds the other would win. It was Yamamoto who was found by the crazed shark, an diagonal cut going upper left sliced Yamamoto's shoulder. "How is it? Does it hurt," Squalo inquired, his bangs hiding his eyes from Yamamoto. "I'll give you some hopelessly bad news. I can see through all your attacks," Squalo proclaimed, lifting his head enough to reveal his beady silver eyes. Tsuna watched horrified, and Rei sighed at these words. "Figures," Rei murmured. "I once crushed that Shigure Souen style," Varia Rain Guardian exclaimed.

Yamamoto looked at him shocked, staggering back as he fell down and clutched his wounded shoulder. "I suspected as much, and Aina guessed it correctly," Rei said. "Aina-dono…" Basil looked over at her, and she gave a weak nod to confirmed she figured as much. "Squalo said he killed hundreds, there was a chance he could have met one with that said style," Rei continued. He slide a stare over at Tsuna, knowing he was the one who was terrified Yamamoto might not win. The teen had already returned his attention back to the screen, watching his friend in horror with knowing that Squalo fought one with a similar style. Aina looked back up at the screen, hoping that somehow there was a way for Yamamoto to win. There has to be a form that Squalo doesn't know in Shigure Souen. All she can do is stand here and watch, casting a prayer to whichever god or goddess listening that he wins. The tides of battle were beginning to shift, and Aina was going to be watching one of the many intense battles of the Ring Conflict.

Everyone outside was waiting for the next move; wondering who would move next. "Rei-san," Dino said drawing the swordsman twin's attention. "Do you think Yamamoto can win, particularly when Squalo knows how to crush this style," Dino inquired. Rei shifted his gaze towards the screen, before answering the Bucking Bronco's inquiry. "Un, but the chances are getting slimmer. Just because the person Squalo crushed in the past had the same style, that doesn't mean that something in the style had change when Yamamoto learned it." Tsuna glanced over at the statement, wondering what Rei meant. Something in the style change? Tsuna didn't understand what Rei was meaning; it was too complicated for him to grasp the implied meaning.

Varia sat not too far from Tsuna's group, and Xanxus' had his eyes closed. This appeared as if he knew this was a victory; signing off Yamamoto as the loser and he was now boss of Vongola. That's when Squalo told the tale of how he met the people who had the same style as Yamamoto. It painted a clear image, to Aina, that he was still positive of the matter that he completely crushed it by defeating those three swordsmen of the style. "Does that mean none of Yamamoto's attacks will work," worriedly inquired Tsuna. Aina glanced over at Tsuna, trying to keep her growing concern about this matter quiet. But she did see Xanxus sitting there as if Yamamoto was done for.

"I haven't heard that story," Yamamoto said, his head still down as he looked at the water below. This surprised Squalo, who was expecting him to accept his fate. "That guy," Gokudera said slowly. "The Shigure Souen I heard about," Yamamoto said as he stood up. He still held his wound, and he lifted his head so his gaze was straight at Squalo. "Was perfect and flawless, the strongest, and the invincible," Yamamoto finished. This shocked everyone outside in Tsuna's group, surprised he was still going to use Shigure Souen. Even Dino thought it was foolish. Rei didn't say anything, wanting to see the results that back up Yamamoto's belief. He believed in the teachings, believed his sword style was indeed invincible. Something had to make him believe such, and Rei wanted to see the forms that caused that belief to lay strongly in his heart.

"Voi! Are you an idiot," Squalo yelled, looking at Yamamoto like he was a mad man. "You don't know until you try," exclaimed Yamamoto. "I won't hold back anymore," stated Squalo excitedly. "Squalo is going to bare his fangs," stated Mammon. Rei grin sadistically and Ren slide a glance his brother's way. Those fangs of Squalo's; Rei wanted to see them and also wanted to sink his own fangs into him. Two blood thirst predators such as them probably shouldn't be within the same breathing space. Good thing it was Yamamoto in there; otherwise, Rei and Squalo may already be half dead if they were combating.

Squalo swiftly charged towards Yamamoto, who rushed him at the same time with both his hands gripping the hilt of his sword. Squalo swung his blade, releasing the bombs to explode at Yamamoto's feet as he ran about. He sliced a pillar to use the stone as projectiles to hit Yamamoto. Yamamoto fell down, his front hitting the water as Squalo swerved himself back around to continue his onslaught. "I won't stop once I start moving," he explained enthusiastically. He swung, but Yamamoto swung also, the diagonally slash barely missed lopping off Squalo's head if he wasn't dodging the attack by moving. Yamamoto's free hand grabbed the blade, as he prepared to deliver another Early Summer Rain. Squalo laughed, his blade blocking the attack, causing Yamamoto's arm to shake from the blocking.

That attack stunned Yamamoto, and that's when everyone started to notice he was acting funny. To avoid the next attack, Yamamoto hit his arm and jumped back. He barely missed the attack, and his sword was reverted back to a bamboo sword. That was when Mammon explained the attack when Tsuna couldn't understand what was going on. Dino must have known, but Mammon was the one who explained it to the group. Almost as if he was telling him that Yamamoto was now fish food; weaken to the point it was an easy kill. Yamamoto was hesitating, seeing Squalo was coming at his front. But he saw there was a bit of rubble down, making an excellent staircase up to the next level. He went for it, scaling it quickly and checked on his left arm with sigh in between his pants to catch his breath.

However, Squalo wasn't prepared to let his prey get away. The sound of what seems like something pecking at the concrete below him, Squalo sent a barrage of stabs to break the floor and drag Yamamoto back onto the same level. During this time, it appeared as if he successfully struck Yamamoto multiple times as Yamamoto fell into the waters below. Squalo standing on the next level looking satisfied. "Yamamoto…" Gokudera said slowly, then he glanced over at Aina quickly. If he knew one thing, Aina would without a doubt should be yelling for him.

Aina stood there, her clasped hands close to her chest as she looked at the screen. She wanted to yell to see if he would respond, but his words rang in her head. She had to believe he was going to be ok. "Boss," Levi said after explaining the attack to Tsuna's group. "Our win is assured now." Xanxus looked at him boredly with those red eyes of his, his right hand on his right cheek as he stared up at the screen. "Heh. No matter how many years pass, he never changes," Xanxus scoffed. He slide a glance over to Aina, then back at the screen. That was when Mammon spoke, speaking of his expectation of Squalo deemed what the Guardian of Rain was suppose to be. The requiem of rain that cleanses the battlefield and washes everything away.

"Brat! I'll now finish you off," Squalo announced, holding his blade horizontal to his chest. "Damn it," Yamamoto said as he pulled himself up. "If he found out I lost, the old man's sure get mad." Aina dropped her hands, her bangs hiding her face and Tsuna looked over at her worriedly. If Aina was to intervene, Yamamoto would be disqualified. She raised her hands up to her mouth, making her hands look like a cone and she took a deep breath. "Yamamoto-kun," Aina yelled like she would if she late meeting up with Tsuna and him in the morning. "You better not break your promise, or I'm so going to take that bat of yours and slam it against a rock," Aina threaten. Tsuna and Gokudera gawked at her, wondering why she was threatening Yamamoto when she should be trying to get him to get up.

Rei laughed, knowing what she was doing. So typical of his little sister; not breaking her promise to Yamamoto to appear not worried. "Oi kid," Rei called. He grinned at the screen, but he was certain Yamamoto can hear him. "If you lose to this lame shark, I'm gonna be pissed too. I wanted a spar with you, so don't you dare lose. Ya hear?" Squalo kept yelling at Yamamoto, thinking that he was still trying to use the eight forms. That was then when he revealed that the one he crushed used Autumn Rain, which stilled Yamamoto. This wasn't a form he's heard of, and that's when he understood his old man's words. There was still a way for him to beat Squalo.

Tsuna's group watched anxiously, wondering what Yamamoto was going to do next. "Voi! Kids," Squalo looked up at a camera placed in the room. "Just sit and watch the sword-brat's ugly end," Squalo commanded. "I'm not a kid you slow minded shark," Rei shouted back. "Voi! Shut up or I'll slice you up next," Squalo yelled at him. Evidently Rei and Squalo would never get along, Rei appears to just enjoy enraging the shark because he knew how to tweak the correct nerve. Tsuna and Gokudera were put on edge, but Tsuna relaxed slightly in wonder as Yamamoto stood up.

Squalo laughed, "just stay asleep! I'll fillet you where you lay!"

"It won't end that way," Yamamoto said, turning around to look at Squalo. "Shigure Souen is perfect and flawless." Aina stared in wonder, trying to figure out what Yamamoto was thinking. Shigure Souen had been crushed; meaning it couldn't be by what Squalo was implying. Was there something Yamamoto figured out in the fight that made continue to hold that belief? Squalo stared down at him, disbelief on his features as he continued to say those words. Bel considered him stubborn; Rei considered it his fighting spirit and belief in the way of Shigure Souen.

Even when Varia lay in their reasoning, only spurring the concern of Tsuna and Gokudera. It was true he couldn't stand, and was in terrible condition. Rei saw it as both a bad situation as well as a good one. Rei can hold his explanation as to why Yamamoto still said such. He wasn't a fool to see the confidence in Yamamoto's eyes. He was shaken before when Squalo deflected his attacks, but now he was back on firm beliefs of his sword style. Autumn Rain; being told the name of the last attack Squalo crushed must have been the clue to his father's words to make him believe it once more. You found the flawlessness your father spoke of, Rei mused in his mind. Now let him get a taste of the form in Shigure Souen style that he doesn't know.

"Trash," exclaimed Squalo as he looked down at Yamamoto. "I'll start by cutting off that back-talking mouth!" Squalo raised his blade; swinging it multiple times to send those explosives straight at Yamamoto. Yamamoto ran through them, not being hit by them at all as he ran. His mind drifted briefly back to his father's words beforehand; the source of why he was so confident in this next attack. It was the one attack that felt easy for him to use, and it was also the same for his father when he mentioned it. They say the rain was fierce, and it felt as if you were being stabbed, his father's words rang in his mind.

Rushing up a fallen pillar, Yamamoto made it to the second level and was positioned behind Squalo. "Here I come," Yamamoto said. "What did you come to do," inquired Squalo over his shoulder. Yamamoto got into the next stance, making Squalo think it was Autumn Rain as they both charged forth at one another. Shigure Souen, the eighth offensive form… Yamamoto thought as he surged forwards, his blade transforming once more. Shinotsukuame; Pelting Rain. The quick strikes at Squalo's abdomen, crossing and slicing multiple times sent the Varia Rain Guardian over Yamamoto in pure shock. He landed in the water, and Xanxus looked up at the screen in surprise. Once the strike was done, Yamamoto's sword returned to being a bamboo blade

Yamamoto laughed, "I thought so." Squalo struggled to get up, and was furious at how he was struck. "You bastard! You can use a style other than Shigure Souen," he angrily inquired. Yamamoto turned slightly to respond to that, "nope. That was also Shigure Souen." This caught off guard, making him look at Yamamoto. "The eighth form, Pelting Rain, was developed by my old man," explained Yamamoto. Tsuna looked at the screen shocked. "Yamamoto's dad developed it?" Tsuna asked, and Reborn elaborated as to why. Rei glanced over when Tsuna was confused on the change part.

"That's because Autumn Rain wasn't passed down to Yamamoto," Rei explained. "Each style of sword has their own rules, Shigure Souen is no different. Without a doubt, Yamamoto's old man developed it after he left the apprenticeship with his master. The man whom was defeated by Squalo, and those two students with that man is more than likely the other student with Yamamoto's father when he learned the style. A branched effect, if one must say; two students passing along their own form along with the ones they learned." Tsuna looked up at him, finding his explanation a little vague; however, Reborn filled in the rest by continuing where Rei left off and explained the history of the style.

Squalo got up, praising Yamamoto for doing so well; however, he was still angry with Yamamoto for using the back of the sword on him. "That idiot… He's still too soft," gritted Gokudera angrily. Aina looked over at Gokudera, then to Tsuna while he stared at it. Returning her gaze to the screen, she watched as Yamamoto give away that the other forms were exactly the same as Squalo knew. This made Dino gawk at his stupid honesty, Aina just smiled a little at this. She didn't believe he had a death wish; Yamamoto will always be himself in battle.

"As expected. It's gotta be this way, time to give it a try," Yamamoto said. Yamamoto raised the bamboo sword up. "Shigure Souen, the ninth form," Yamamoto said, surprising everyone. "That means…" Basil said, and that's when Reborn replied. "Yamamoto intends to unleash his new form." Aina clasp her hands together, dreading that the next strike may be the one to call the match. "Yamamoto-kun," Aina whispered, unable to say anything else. "I see," Dino said. "A style that continuously tries to surpass itself… If he can pull it off, Shigure Souen would indeed be perfect and flawless, strongest, and invincible." Dino wondered if Yamamoto can pulled it off.

Rei blinked at the stance, wondering what in the world it was. It looked to him like a baseball stance, not one that belonged to a swordsman. "What is that kid thinking," muttered Rei. This made Reborn glance his way as Squalo commented on his messed up form. And when he brought up the baseball, that's when Yamamoto told him what he was good at was baseball. Rei frowned, wondering how baseball and swordsmanship had anything to do with one another; he'll give Yamamoto the benefit of the doubt for now until he saw this form.

This begins the final strike of the match. If Yamamoto couldn't transform the sword; he had no right to succeed the style. Squalo charged, swinging madly in front of him as the water itself began to part in his path. Yamamoto swiftly tossed up a pillar of water, the diagonal right slice brought the pillar into the path of Squalo as Yamamoto disappeared. He moved from Squalo's intended path, and Squalo turned to come back and charge once more at him. He blocked Squalo's attacks, barely catching himself as he rushed off elsewhere. Squalo followed, and that's when he turned behind himself to see Yamamoto posed to strike him from the leap.

Squalo had no weakness, his arm popping out and bending backwards. A mechanical arm meant for his use alone; creating no blind spots that his sword cannot reach. The action caused the sword to stab Yamamoto, or what appeared to be Yamamoto. It was a shadow in the water, as the tidal wave slammed over Squalo and he realized his mistake. That's when Yamamoto came from the side, using the back of the sword to strike at the back of Squalo's head. Utsushiame; Duplicate Rain was the ninth form of Shigure Souen, and it was made by Yamamoto while he trained. Squalo fell, shocked at how he was defeated by this brat. As he fell, Yamamoto used his sword to grab the ring and caught it with his hand.

Reborn went into a more in depth explanation, and Rei grinned. "I'd like a match with him," he said softly. Ren sighed, pinching his brother's nose. "Kendo swords only and no killing," Ren stated, glaring at his brother. "Kill him, and imouto will never forgive you." Rei tugged his nose free, pouting at Ren's statement. It wasn't fair he used Aina on him, but he knew it was the truth. Returning their attention to the screen, they saw that Yamamoto was catching his breath. "I won," Yamamoto said, panting as he lifted the completed Rain ring.

Levi turned to Xanxus, who was blankly staring at the screen. He recalled the promise Squalo made to him; along with the other promise he made afterwards. This secret is safe between you and me, Mr. Heir, the younger Squalo swore. "Squalo," Xanxus murmured looking at the defeated Rain guardian. That's when he started to laugh. "Look at that! He lost! Trash," laughed Xanxus. Aina turned her head his way, not understanding why he was cruelly laughing at his defeated guardian. He shouldn't be like that; Squalo tried very hard fighting for him. "I'm done with you," Xanxus said, raising his hand.

Members of Varia started to volunteer to take care of Squalo. "Don't you dare," Aina said walking over to them. "He may have lost, but that gives you all no right to kill him! Just one lost doesn't merit death! We all learn from our mistakes, so can't you just let him live and improve," Aina demanded. Xanxus slide his red gaze over to Aina. There was anger shimmering in her eyes; angry with him for even thinking of killing one of his men. That soft, caring side was something he loathed; however, it also made her temper an easy guess on how to make her mad.

A Cervello jumped down, telling Varia that it was too dangerous for any of them to enter the battle area. The ferocious sea animal had been released because the water level reached the designated point. It was revealed to be a shark. Yamamoto was concerned about Squalo, but the Cervello in the area stated they cannot guarantee his life for he lost the match. "Squalo," Aina yelled. She was scared he'd get eaten; a horrible way to die. She turned a furious eye to Xanxus, "how can you just agree to this? He's giving his life in service of being your guardian. Don't you care about anyone?"

Xanxus eye twitched at that last comment; it angered him to hear her say that. "Listen here, trash," Xanxus said coldly. "Who I care for is none of your concern. He is useless now; Varia kills the weak and useless, so get use to it." Aina balled her fist up, her body tensing up as she wished she could go over there and smack that smug look off his face. "Aina," Ren called. She turned around, looking at him as he nodded towards the screen. She returned her gaze that way, seeing Yamamoto attempt to save Squalo. Although others thought it was foolish, Aina thought he was being considerate.

The shark knocked the pillar from underneath Yamamoto and Squalo, and that's when Squalo stated he didn't want his help. He didn't want Yamamoto to taint his swordsman's pride. "That pride is gonna get him killed," grimly remarked Rei. Even though Yamamoto objected to such, Squalo wasn't having any of it. He kicked Yamamoto away onto some rock away from the shark, and unevenly he stood on his feet. Aina, Squalo thought, knowing that she was trying to get him to run. Such a worry wart like in the past, calling him her big brother out of ignorance and naivety. I guess I can't keep my promise to you either, even though you've forgotten it. Such a stupid, shitty promise that I honored until now… Squalo thought, knowing he'd honor not dying until her wedding day. Shame he can't see her happily married in the future now.

Giving his last regards on his prideful character, the shark jumped up, and it looked like shark ate him in one bite. "Squalo," Aina called, even though she knew it was no use. He was gone; just like how Lussuria was gone.

Although everyone was still stunned by Squalo's death, the Cervellos decided to announce the next match. It was Mist; meaning Mammon and Tsuna's Mist guardian were next up for the battle. Tsuna freaked out, wondering where the mist guardian was. Reborn was calm as every, and the shadowed figure behind the mist chuckled. Now it was their turn to shine; Tsuna better prepare for their arrival. Aina had brushed the edge of her kimono over her eyes, trying to not cry tears of frustration with this whole situation. "Don't cry princess over that trash," snickered Bel.

Aina glared over at him, hating how he always referred to her as princess. It was either princess or delicate flower she hears when referred to her; something that stated she was weak, fragile, and needed protection. "Keep calling me princess, and I'll steal your girly tiara freaky fetish prince," flatly remarked Aina. Bel flinched, getting angry at her comment. The rest of Varia aside from Xanxus glanced her way, finding her comment interesting. "Oh? Does the bitch want to dance to the requiem of my knives?" He snickered, pulling out a knife to emphasized he was serious.

Ren stepped in between her and Bel, the dangerous glare his green eyes were giving behind the frames of his glasses made the assassin look at him. "Touch my imouto, and I'll deal with you myself," warned Ren. He flexed his hand, show only Bel that he also had a knife in hand. "This panther hasn't had his claws in someone in a long while." Aina blinked, and then she stared at her cousin because of his demeanor. "Ren Shinamoto, no," one of the Cervellos said as she corrected herself. "Or rather should I call you Phoenix of the Shishin Gang, and Rei Shinamoto, Turtle of the Shishin Gang." Ren snorted, finding it funny how she used the old names they had in the gang. Truth was that those names use to create fear in people; however, that was quite some time ago.

"We don't go by those four names anymore. Turtle, Tiger, Phoenix, Dragon; we all changed it to suit our tastes more. Chinese mythology is a wonderful thing. However, I prefer my name now for I shall not go back to the title of that anymore," stated Ren. "Please do not get into the fight with Varia's guardians," the Cervello warned. Ren snorted, crossing his arms over his chest. "Then tell these women to behave themselves. Honestly, getting all riled up because she insulted the princess over there," flatly said Ren. Gokudera flinched, feeling bad as Bel looked more pissed because he was still getting insulted. What was worst was that Ren called him a princess, and that was probably a demotion in Bel's twisted mind.

"Bastard," Bel said, bringing out more knives. Aina tugged on Ren's sleeve, causing him to look behind him. "Ren-nii, I know you're being your big brother self. However," she said looking up at him, "it's not needed. I can take care of myself." Ren stared; Tsuna and Gokudera both thought he wouldn't move. Even Ryohei thought he'd stay there to protect her. But to their surprise, Ren gave one look back over to Bel and went back to stand with his twin. There wasn't words needed with him; he understood completely why she said such. Aina wasn't defenseless when she was being trained to fight. If she can't handle it, then Ren will step in to intervene to protect her.

She smiled at him, then turned back to look at Bel. "Unless you want to hand Gokudera-kun your ring, I have no trouble fighting you," Aina said. It was an added insult; particularly when Bel worked hard for the ring. He wasn't going to be handing it over, and not just to fight her. "One day," he muttered, putting his knives away. "One day, I'll get you," he snickered. Aina snorted, using her body to hide from the rest behind her that she was flicking him off. That just irritated him more, and he was tempted to just kill her. "Trash," Xanxus snapped at Bel. Bel halted himself, knowing Xanxus was telling him to stop.

He did so, smirking at Aina. He was already promising on killing her, or at the least humiliate her if he couldn't kill her. Varia left and the Cervellos left; thus ending the fourth Battle conflict match. Tsuna and the group went home to prepare for tomorrow's match. An unexpected visitor along with answering a few things about the past.

_~The next morning~_

Aina woke up early to go out shopping; she had a note left in her house by Reborn stating that he'd like her to swing by a certain spot near the mountains. Basil will escort her up to where Tsuna is training and the next step in her training will also start. Aina sighed as she walked the shopping district, a shopping bag slung over her shoulder as she went towards a clothing store. From what she got out of that note meant Reborn wanted her to actually start combat training. Although her going against Tsuna seemed a bit weird; she wasn't on the same level as him. And even training Basil made her feel bad for him, she was considerably horrible at combat. Even with all this self doubt in her fighting abilities and beating herself up, Aina did know one thing. If she trains hard then she will become stronger, and that's something she wants.

She gripped the strap of the bag, her thoughts drifting back to Lambo. She saw Tsuna's mother while she was here. Haru and Kyoko swapped taking care of him today as well. Nana Sawada asked where Aina was, and she explained she been spending majority of the time taking dance lessons. She also told her that when Lambo was better, she'd do a dance for him and everyone else. She seemed excited for the up coming event; Aina felt a little bad for lying that she also was with the boys when they were fighting. Aina shook the thoughts away, walking down the streets to find a store with something she could wear for training. She hates wearing sweatpants, and only wears them on rare occasions.

"Excuse me," a voice called, "can you help me?" Aina turned around, suspecting that they might be talking to her. Standing there, dressed in Kokuyo Junior High uniform, was a girl around her age. The girl looked quite friendly, her hip black length hair pulled into a high ponytail as she folded her hands together. "Uh, sure," Aina said uneasily. Considering the past issues with Kokuyo Junior High, Aina was a bit skeptical that there were any good students there. Then again, Mukuro and his gang made that blemish in her mind.

The girl smiled, holding what looked like a very bad drawn map. "I was looking for Namimori Middle School. A friend of mine wanted me to be there, and I flat out said I wasn't. Pointless things that don't involve me are pointless." The girl was still smiling, and Aina didn't know what to say to her. She wanted to know where the school was, yet isn't going? Either the girl wanted to know just in case she did go, or this friend knows that she'd come even if she's pretending to not be interested. To be honest, Aina wasn't certain where this girl came from or who this friend was.

But considering she wasn't one to turn people in need down, she wrote down a much better map. "Um, not to sound too nosy," Aina said as she wrote the map down. "What does your friend want you to come to the school for?" The girl frowned, her violet hued eyes looking at her with much confusion. "Some match, didn't really go into details. Again, I find it pointless since he's just doing it so he can have his ego stroked that I came. As if," the girl huffed. Aina paused in her doodling, glancing up at the girl. From what she can conclude from what was said; this girl possibly knew the mist guardian.

After finishing it, Aina decided it might be nice to say what was on her mind. "I know it's your choice, but I think it would be nice if you did come," the auburn hair teen said. The girl gave her an annoyed look, wondering why she said such. "Well, you see, I think he'd only have an ego for you being there because he's happy you're there supporting him. If he's your friend, you should support him no matter how pointless the thing he wants you to go is. It shows you care, even if you yourself don't see the point behind it." Aina said, seeing that the girl was deep in thought at what she said. "Oh, gomennasai, I probably said a bit too much."

The girl glanced down at the map, then looked at Aina. "You're Aina Shinamoto, aren't you," the girl inquired. Aina blinked, wondering just why or how she knew her name. "Yes, I am. Why?" Aina was suspecting that the girl would answer, but she turned around with her hands behind her back. "Nothing, I might just go tonight," and with that the girl walked away. That just confused her because how the girl was acting was just peculiar; out of the ordinary since most wouldn't act that way.

Aina sighed, a little bemused look on her face as she tried to figure out just what happened. Shaking her head, she went back to her shopping. She needed a few more jeans, possibly cargo pants, tennis shoes, and maybe some boots. She had enough yen to purchase it, and she didn't have to worry about her mother being suspicious about her spending the money on worthless things. So she'll spend some money, get back home and change before heading to that spot this afternoon. Anticipating what Reborn wanted her to be there for was on her mind the most as she shopped. She only looked for clothes could be useful in combat because she can always go out another day to buy clothes to look cute.

Can't look cute and combat at the same time, in her opinion.

_~On the Mountain that Tsuna trains at~_

Aina walked up the mountain path, seeing Tsuna standing there in what Reborn said was training. "Reborn-san, Colonnello-chan," Aina greeted. The two Arcobalenos looked her way, Reborn standing up as he sees her there. She dressed in brown colored jeans, a black short sleeve shirt, a black jacket, and whit tennis shoes. She wasn't exactly trying to match anything, but she figured that she might as well dressed to prepare for dirt getting on her. "Ah, Aina," Reborn said walking over to her. Tsuna was just holding his hands out, waiting for just the right moment to do Zero Point Breakthrough.

Aina squatted down to look at Reborn, and then he tossed something her way. She caught it, a surprised look on her face when she saw that they were fingerless gloves. A little bit metallic on the palms, and she took a guess that the material was similar to Tsuna's gloves. "Giannini made those for you. They're just like Tsuna's, but your hands can handle the flames. This will make things more easier when you train since you know how Tsuna fights." Aina blinked, glancing her green irises up at Reborn in wonder before she recalled the title he gave her. With this, she was definitely like Tsuna's shadow right now. Slipping the gloves on, she flexed her fingers a bit as she expected them herself.

Not that it was a terrible thing to be his shadow, she was just expecting to learn a different fighting style. "So this is the student, hey," Colonnello said looking at Aina. The auburn hair girl glanced down at the other baby hitman, wondering what he meant. "Yea. Aina is going to be training on her fighting now since she's in much better shape than when she started out. Given there is only a few more days left, I'm sure two days of fight training will do her good." Reborn said smugly, causing Aina to stare dumbfounded at him.

Two days to learn fighting? What did he expect her to do? Bash someone's face in?

Aina sighed before Basil gripped her shoulder. "Aina-dono, I was asked to help you train. Please come with me so we don't disturb Tsuna-dono," Basil said with a smile. Aina glanced over at Tsuna, then turned to Basil with a nod. Tsuna looked like he was really concentrating on timing his Zero Point Breakthrough, and she really wouldn't want her training to disrupt his. "Mn, let's go Basil-kun," Aina said following him to a secluded place for them to train. When they found a spot, he told her that he'll go easy on her since it is her first time fighting.

"Aina-dono," Basil said before they started their practice. "Why didn't you ask Hibari-dono to train you? I'm sure he'd be more than glad to." Aina had a sweat drop from behind her head, and she really wished he didn't ask her that now. She sighed, knowing the real reason why she didn't ask. If Hibari was so against her seeing him fight, she doubted he'd be so happy to hear her ask him to train her. That and he won't be easy on her, even if they were dating. She doesn't want to train with him only so she wouldn't avoid him because of the training. "I don't want us to be awkward if we did train. Besides, Hibari doesn't like me being in a fight anyways. So him training me probably wouldn't go as effective training."

Basil thought on what she said, and was going to inquire more before he notice the sadden look in her eyes. She still hasn't talked with Hibari about this, and she probably was dreading the discussion to begin with. Even if Hibari knows from Dino, Aina has to be the one to tell him. She straighten up, smiling over at Basil and did a straight jab in the empty air before her. "Alright, let's start training," she said enthusiastically. Aina will talk to her boyfriend soon, she just wanted to get her training in first. He went and did his own training without talking to her for so long; she can do the same. Besides the matter, it's not like she wants to be stronger than him. Aina wants to get stronger for those she loves and care for, meaning if he was injured like that time with Mukuro she can fight. No longer will she be useless on the battlefield; she will join in to protect what's precious to them all.

Even Hibari can understand that. If not, the carnivore better watch out for his pillow got some bite.

_~Later in the day as the time for the match draws near~_

Tsuna and Reborn weren't to be found, and they went somewhere before Aina and Basil finished their training. Aina sighed, rubbing the back of her neck as the two alone descended down the mountain path. "Aina-dono's technique is getting better. Within time, thou shouldth be able to match Tsuna-dono's moves," Basil praised. Aina laughed nervously, wondering if that was true. With the dance training still underway, Aina now was taking the combat like it was one big dance but dealt with damage as well. Elegant hits with her fist and legs choreographed to dazzle her opponents.

"Tonight is the mist match right, Basil-kun," Aina inquired. A little Band-aid on her chin did distract him briefly before he decided to answer her. "Indeed, Aina-dono. Although, thy doesnth know who is thou Guardian of Mist." Aina gave a little frown pondered on who it could be as Basil walked beside her. "Oh! I forgot that girl might be coming to the match," Aina squeaked. She told him about the girl she met, not bothered that he laughed at how she was thinking it was odd.

"Thou thinks she knowth the Mist guardian," Basil inquired. Aina nodded, crossing her arms over her chest as she recalled the girl was acting weird. "I think so. She mentioned coming to the match because of the friend. Wouldn't that mean that maybe the mist guardian asked her to come for him?" Basil nodded, finding it intriguing that Aina concluded such. "Although," Aina said looking like she disappointed. "If Tsuna-kun was here, he'd doubt what I said. I mean, sure it's a wild card guess, but it's a close one that maybe they come from the same school Mukuro came from." Basil took her words in, staying quite while she talked. He wasn't one to shoot her words down; he found her words knowledgeable and also aided in him trying to conclude who it could be as well.

"Ah, Ai-Ai, I found you," a male's voice came from in front of them. The teens looked in front of them, a Chinese man dressed in a white silk martial art uniform. The white foot wear of his didn't appear to have dirt on it, and the air about him seemed friendly enough. He bowed respectively to the group before him, the long braid of black hair falling over his shoulder as he straighten up to show kind brown eyes. "I am Ju-long Zhong, call me Ju or Ju-long. I came to escort Ai-Ai to the matches this eve," the man said with a smile.

"Ju-long," Basil said stepping in front of Aina in case he was to harm her. "State thou purpose of this. Who thou work for?" Basil demands made the man chuckle, finding Basil protecting manner cute. "Ah, forgive misunderstandings young one. Ren and Rei sent me here in their place. I would never hurt Ai-Ai for she is a precious sister of a friend," explained Ju-long. Aina blinked, figuring out just why he said that. The twins consider her a precious sister, and he knew both Ren and Rei as well. Although Aina had very little memories of someone like him, she tried to think of who it might be. Ren-ni and Rei-ni rarely brought friends over, so he had to be apart of that group the Cervellos mentioned the other night.

"You're part of the Shishin, aren't you Ju-long?" Aina said, certain he was part of the gang both her cousins were in the past. It would only make sense if he knew the twins, and gave her a pet name. Even with the faint memory of someone wearing similar clothes fluttered faintly in her mind; however, that didn't mean it was the man in front of her that she recalled. Ju-long smiled at her, finding that her conclusion wasn't even a bit off. It was true, he was the third heavenly king of the Shishin. "You deduction is correct, Ai-Ai. I was called Tiger of Shishin, but I haven't been called that name in long time as Ren and Rei have. Shishin has been disbanded for years since Dragon's death." Ju-long explained, looking at the two before him.

A sadden expression on his face as he thought of Dragon, the leader of the group passing. The death stuck the group hard, and the others thought it was best to disband because after the death they became unable to keep up. They couldn't keep up with their activities; not without recalling the ghost of their past laughing beside them and haunting them. "Shall we get going," Ju-long asked looking at the two. They agreed to allow him to come along. Along the way, he explained why Ren and Rei weren't here. They had work to do, and were pulling overtime because of incompetent co-workers.

Whilst they made their way to the gym, Varia was having their own conference.

_~Varia Base in Namimori~_

Within the room Varia occupied, Mammon was doing thoughtography to see whom his opponent was. Only getting C.D as his only clue as to who. That wasn't much considering he didn't know why he was getting so much interference. "Bel," Mammon said, sensing the prince behind him. "I thought I hide myself well enough," the fallen prince commented as he hobbled over with his crutch. Mammon was still silent, not daring to take his eyes off the paper as he thought about something. "You should leave that girl alone, or you'll face the boss' wrath," Mammon commented.

Bel glanced over at him, not understanding why he would. "Tch, he doesn't care if the bitch dies," Bel stated. Mammon turned towards him, knowing that Bel didn't know that the boss' mood has been getting fouler and fouler ever since last night. Muttering to himself about he does care for one, before pouring himself a glass to nurse and shutting himself up. "Aina is something to him, but I'm not sure. He's always been odd around her. Now and even in the past," Mammon stated. Bel frowned at that statement, wondering the exact thing the mist guardian was wondering.

What was she to Xanxus?

Mammon started to leave, but Bel caught him. "Didn't Squalo do the same being around her a lot? Almost like those two are both connect to the traitor." Mammon halted himself at the statement since it was true. Mammon only caught Squalo and Xanxus with Aina once all those years back. Before the incident, and before she grew up to be involved with Tsunayoshi in this fight. Squalo and Xanxus have something to do with Aina; she was some big secret the boss and the second-in-command kept all to themselves.

"Just don't go fighting her. Without a doubt, she'd beat you easily because the blood she carries in her." Mammon said, confusing the fallen prince on what he said. "What's that suppose to mean," Bel inquired. Mammon turned to him, looking at the Storm guardian as if he should know better than to ask. "You'll have to pay me money if you want to know more about the girl," Mammon said flying off. Bel glared at the infant, wanting to kill the little bastard for teasing him. What does Aina's blood have anything to deal with her abilities? That made little sense to Bel, but Mammon knew the answer clearly.

He wasn't stupid like Bel. Mammon connected the dots and figured out several possible reasons why. So he entered the building to ask permission to use that special power. If the other one was just as special as he was, he'd going to need it. Tonight he was going to put on a show; a show Aina shall not forget.

_~At the gymnasium in Namimori Middle School~_

Basil, Aina and Ju-long arrived at the gym in time, and Aina spotted Tsuna as he woke up. He was talking with the rest of the group, which made Aina smile for she was glad he was there. And across the room, Varia was awaiting and Mammon was standing there waiting for the guardian on their side. "She's here," Bel whispered, causing Levi to glance at him. Bel seemed to still be irritated at her, but Levi was concerned about the boss. Glancing over at Xanxus, Levi saw that he was still the same. Sitting in his chair, boredly staring in front of him in hopes they can get this done and over with. He looked back towards the other side to see someone else enter.

"Oh my," the voice said causing Aina to turn around. She gawked at the girl coming in, still wearing the Kokuyo Junior High uniform, and walking her way. "Aina-chan looks so cute covered in dirt," the girl squeaked in glee, hugging Aina. "Hold on a second," Aina said trying to wiggle out of the tight hug. The girl turned her dark head towards Varia to see that Levi was indeed disturbed by her hugging the girl. She stuck her tongue out at him, causing the lightning guardian to become inwardly outraged. "Aina, who is this," Yamamoto asked, his eye bandaged thanks to Romario.

"Oh, my, I forgot to introduce myself," the black haired teen exclaimed. "Well, if it isn't Toshie Yamasaki," sneered a voice from the door. Everyone from Tsuna's group turn their heads as Toshie irritably replied back. "Oh, well look at the flea bag and the emotionless yo-yo boy came. Chikusa, why don't you get rid of Ken? He's so lame." Gokudera pulled out his bombs, but could tell instantly that she was very familiar with the two. "You're on their side aren't you! Why are they here," he yelled.

Toshie slide a peeved stare his way. "Eh, bomb-baka? I came here because of Aina-chan was so nice to give me directions. Unlike some stupid mutt you can't draw worth shit," Toshie said tossing the insult at Ken. "You want to fight bitch! I'll rip you to shreds with my Leo channel," testily snapped Ken. "Ken," Chikusa said softly. It was the only thing to make Ken back off. "Wait if they are here," Tsuna said slowly, causing Aina to glance over at him. If they were here, that would mean the mist guardian was…

"That means, Rokudo Mukuro is the mist guardian," Tsuna exclaimed, looking over at the two at the door. They appeared fidgety, almost as if they didn't want to decline or state it was true. A familiar "kufufu" came behind Ken and Chikusa, a jacket was tossed as a voice said. "Lo nego. Il mio nome e' Chrome," said the girl. The short purple pineapple hair looked similar to Mukuro, as well as the eye patch on that left eye while the other was a purple eye. But everything else pointed that it was a girl, not Mukuro who was a male. "Chrome Dokuro," Chrome reconfirmed holding a similar trident weapon like Mukuro.

"Extremely weird name," uttered Ryohei, not certain of who she was. Gokudera seemed to be on the defensive, moving in front of Tsuna as to protect him. "Don't be fooled, that's Mukuro. That girl is possessed by him. That's the type of man he is," Gokudera exclaimed. "Gokudera-kun, wait," Aina said to calm him. He looked over at Chrome. "That has to be Mukuro, I know it," Gokudera kept going on. "But I don't think she's Mukuro," Tsuna said. Gokudera gawked at the tenth, wondering why he said such.

"It looks like you don't believe me," Chrome said sadly. Gokudera started spewing out his reasons, the resemblance of Mukuro was evident. However, Tsuna couldn't believe she was Mukuro. Nor did Aina at that matter. The girl didn't give that creepy feeling like Toshie and Mukuro. If she was casting doubts of who was possessed by Mukuro, Aina would bet Toshie first before Chrome. Aina walked over and bonked Gokudera. "That's far too overboard Gokudera. Give the girl the benefit of the doubt that she is herself or you'll be the first person I test my fighting skills on," Aina threaten. Chrome blinked and Gokudera (along with most of the boys) gawked at Aina's threat.

Of course Varia heard that threat, Bel smirking at her words. Mammon just stared at Aina, the stern stare that didn't falter made him think she was indeed determine to carry the threat. To see her testing out her new combative skills on a comrade; without a doubt she was Varia material. "Shenshenshen. I'd like to see that," Bel snickered in glee. "Tch," Xanxus muttered, sliding his gaze away from her. Chrome walked forward, holding the trident close to her chest. "You spoke for me, thank you, boss," Chrome said. She kissed Tsuna's cheek, shocking Gokudera, Ken, and making Tsuna blushed. Of course Gokudera freaked out, even if it was a simple greeting he flipped out.

"Chrome," Toshie sang to the other girl. Chrome turned towards her, blinking at the black haired girl. "Oh, Toshie, hello," Chrome greeted. "Aina-chan helped me get here. She's so nice, and I'm sure you'd like her too." Chrome glanced over at Aina, recalling that she too defended her when Gokudera thought she was Mukuro. "Thank you, Shadow Rose, for defending me," Chrome said coming over to do the exact thing she did to Tsuna. Gokudera gawked as she kissed Aina's cheek, and Aina kissed Chrome's cheek back instinctively to return the greeting. "Mn, no worries," Aina said with a smile.

An Italian greeting was something she was familiar with since she's done it so many times. "Ah, Chrome will definitely win," Toshie said confidently. Which only irritated Mammon since she sounded like she dismissed him. The girl had no idea what he was. "I was expecting an old man from the mountains," Bel commented now that he can keep his attention on Chrome. "How voluptuous," whispered Levi. "Eh, isn't Aina the same," teased Bel. Levi had a deeper blush on his face as he glared at Bel. "Shush you," he heatedly said. Certainly he would notice Aina was developing decent size breasts and her hips were becoming curvy in a feminine way. She was becoming a woman; any man would notice that.

"Should we let her join us," Ryohei asked uneasily. Aina thought that since Chrome is the mist guardian that this was her battle. "No way, we don't even know where the hell she popped up from." Testily snapped Gokudera, and this caused Ken and Chikusa to tense up. "Wanna go at it," Ken challenge as Chikusa grasped his yo-yo. "Ken, Chikusa. Calm down, this isn't something for you to decide," Chrome chided softly. She turned towards Tsuna, a sad little look in her eyes. "Boss, is it because I am unworthy of being your mist guardian?" Tsuna looked at her shocked, not really certain of what to say.

Aina walked over and slapped her hand over Gokudera's mouth. "Shush," she muttered, glaring at him from the corner of her eye. He took the hint, knowing that she was preventing him embarrassing himself in front of Tsuna. He even noticed Chrome called her Shadow Rose; the title Reborn gave Aina to fit in the family. "I wish to battle as the guardian of mist, but," Chrome paused briefly. "But if boss won't allow it, no matter what, I will abide by his decision." Chrome said, making Tsuna even more nervous because he was stuck in a spot. Something he voiced directly what he was thinking.

Reborn, who was on Yamamoto's shoulder, was the one to state the obvious. "However, besides Chrome, there are no others that can battle as the guardian of mist." With that being said, Tsuna started to think as Gokudera removed Aina's hand to gawk at Reborn. Aina glanced over at Tsuna, seeing the teen deep in thought before he glance over at her. "Aina-san…" he said knowing what he was going to say. He'll leave Chrome to fighting, but he wanted Aina's opinion at the least. She winked one green eye at him, giving him a thumbs up. "Let's get the show on the road," Aina said, giggling afterwards.

Tsuna knew deep down she was agreeing with letting Chrome fight. Nodding, Tsuna looked over at Chrome and swallowed. "Then we'll leave the match to you," Tsuna said. Gokudera looked over at Tsuna, uncertain about the decision. "Are you sure about this, tenth," Gokudera inquired worriedly. "I don't really know how to put it, but… it seems like it wouldn't work if it wasn't her," Tsuna stated. Chrome gave a sigh of relief, and Toshie smiled over at her friend who thanked Tsuna for allowing her to battle. "Aina-san," Gokudera exclaimed at Ken teased him, looking to her in hopes she'd sway Tsuna.

Aina sighed, crossing her arms and leaning on one hip to look at Gokudera like he was asking the wrong girl. "Gokudera-kun, Chrome-san is the only one who's qualified to fight Varia's mist guardian. Tsuna-kun's dad wouldn't have picked her otherwise. Believe in her, even if she's friends with past enemies, and make amends for now because we are allies in these fights." Gokudera gawked at her last sentence, even Ken stared at her. Just hearing her say they were allies in these ring conflicts made his skin itch. "Annoying," Ken muttered, scratching his body a bit because to she was to him.

Just like that irritable kind Vongola Heir, Aina kindness made him itch.

"Cervellos," Ju-long said, drawing the attentions of everyone who didn't recognize the Chinese man. "This tiger shall not interfere. No need to warn me; Ren and Rei already told me such. I am just the bodyguard and escort of Aina, so do not fear interference from this one." Gokudera blinked, finding his way of phrasing more odd than Basil. "Ah, you're Ju-long Zhong of Shishin," Reborn remarked. This make the boys stare in awe at the calm looking man. "Indeed, young one, I am." Ju-long opened his eyes and those brown eyes were very kind. Although he uses nun chucks nowadays, none knew his true preferences. He only had three he preferred: Kwan Dao, three section wood wax staff, or a Ji.

Two of the three alternatives were bladed pole weaponry from China's history. Although the Ji was more a halberd than a moon crescent blade of a Kwan Dao, Ju-long still enjoyed swinging them around in practice. The nun chucks were to lull others into a sense of ease since he's clumsy with them; however, give him a Ji or a Kwan Dao and they will see the dangerous switch. A true warrior would emerge and that is how it was to be. "Very well," the Cervello on the right said. The Cervellos probably was the most informed about the Shishin's past. Meaning they didn't have to warn him on not interfering even if he was at a big disadvantage in the battle. One who was considered a cloud in the Cervellos book could probably still take on one who is mist.

Colonnello came flying in since he was trying to figure out who the baby mist guardian of Varia was. As Ryohei was preparing for the circle huddle, Chrome flatly refused to do that as she headed towards the center of the gym. "I don't need that kind of thing," she said, "I'm going." As she headed to the center, the boys had their own opinion of why she didn't wish to participate in the huddle. Aina gave a nervous laugh, having a feeling Chrome didn't like group huddles like her carnivore boyfriend. Although, he didn't like crowds to begin with; huddling would make things worse for him.

The Cervellos began to explain the battle area; also enclosed both side's parties that wasn't in the fight in an inferred box to insure they didn't interfere. "Maa, this is gonna be fun," Toshie said standing closer to Ken and Chikusa. Aina stood beside her and felt like she was the person in the middle of the two groups with Ju-long. Once the explanations that anything in the gym could be used in the illusions of the mist guardians; the Cervellos called the battle was now in motion.

Chrome Dokuro verses Mammon; battle for the mist ring has begun.

Twirling the trident above her head, she slammed the hilt of the weapon into the ground to cause an explosion to erupt below her feet. Still standing on a broken piece, Chrome created high grade illusions since most of the people around them freaked at the floating debris. "You know this technique. Stupid Tsuna," Reborn remarked at Tsuna's freak out. Ju-long just kept his hand on Aina's shoulder, keeping her recalling that this was all an illusion. "So, a jutsu user like me after all," Mammon as he jumped from one debris to the next.

"This is nothing but child's play," the Varia mist guardian stated. He jumped up so that he had a clear shot through the debris. "I can't make any money off this!" Tentacle like appendages shot straight towards Chrome, grabbing her face and she let of a scream. Because of what happened to Chrome, the debris illusion faded and Tsuna looked towards Chrome to see what Reborn was pointing out to him. Aina blinked, gasping when she saw Chrome being strangled by those tentacles and it made her concerned. Toshie just had a smirk on her face as if she knew better.

"Much too weak. You won't even make a good sideshow," Mammon commented. "Who are you talking to," Chrome's inquiring voice came from behind Mammon. Surprisingly the real Chrome was behind him and his tentacles were strangling nothing but the basket used to housed basketballs. "Over here…" The boys tried to figure out how it was possible that Chrome did that, Aina just couldn't help but quietly observe. She wasn't going to question what she; at least, not yet she wasn't since she didn't want to be completely believing all these illusions.

That was when Reborn explained that it was an illusion. This, of course, made Gokudera go back to spewing out that Chrome was Mukuro. "Aina-san," he turned his head towards her. He had to convince her as well as the tenth Chrome was Mukuro. If Aina had doubts Chrome was, Tsuna would believe in the possibilities. "We'll wait to see if the leaf on the pound is indeed itself and not a reflection," Aina said. Gokudera blinked, not quite getting what she meant. By waiting to see if Chrome (leaf) was herself, then they could tell she is indeed herself and not some puppet (reflection) of Mukuro.

Mammon praised Chrome's illusion, the tentacles retreating behind his cloak to reveal it was just toilet paper. Aina raised a brow at that. The baby used toilet paper to make those disgusting looking tentacles? Maybe burning the tentacles would make more sense in case she fought that little creeper. "Oh good. You're more or less a worthy opponent. Then, I can use that until my heart's content," Mammon stated. He turned around, looking at Chrome. "Before those two stupidly gaping chibis." A chain dropped from under his cloak, and then he called towards his frog, "Let's go, Fantasma."

The frog started to break apart; the appearance crumbling before it lengthen and it bit it's own tail whilst it floated like a halo above Mammon's head. The markings on his cheeks lengthen as a pacifier that glowed indigo started to shine brightly. The two other Arcobalenos looked on, their pacifiers also glowing as they identified the baby before them. The one they thought was MIA: Arcobaleno Viper.

Colonnello explained to the group that he was the strongest Arcobaleno. Also to informed them that he had ESP among his illusionist powers; a psychic. It puzzled the other two how his pacifier didn't shine like theirs did, and he told them why was the chain was part of research. Viper stated he, unlike the other two from what he was implying by his tone, wanted to break the curse. Seemingly an ordinary illusionist cannot fight against Viper; however, Reborn stated that Chrome wasn't an ordinary illusionist.

"No matter who you are, I won't lose." Chrome said, gripping the staff portion of her trident as she charged forward. Swinging the weapon at Mammon, he dodged the attack effortlessly until a big snake constricted his body. Another illusion that scarily was familiar to Mukuro's skill path; state of a beast. Gokudera still try to convince Tsuna she was Mukuro. But Tsuna could tell that Chrome's will was still her own, and not Mukuro's. The snake coiled about it's prey before being blasted away, the indigo pacifier glowing brightly once more. "It's about time I unleash my own powers, too. Thereafter, your true identity can be exposed at my leisure," Viper commented.

Slamming the hilt of her trident down to the floor, Chrome's illusion this time was pillars of flames. The heat could be felt, and everyone was devoured by the illusion. Well most tricked; Xanxus just stared un-phased by what was going on about him. His eyes were on the battle, but even Levi couldn't swear they were always on the battle at hand. Considering they were across the room from Tsuna's group, for all the lightning guardian of Varia could know, Xanxus could be glancing at Aina at times. But given how dynamic the battle was, he would suspect it would be mostly the battle he was watching. Viper floated up and was preparing for his own assault.

"Your illusions are indeed first class. If one believes even for an instant in the reality of those columns of fire, one would be roasted alive. Therefore," Viper said as his face disappeared from his hood. "Your weakness is also illusions!" A blast of icy wind blew from the hood, freezing the pillars of flame instantly. Viper went into a lecture on illusions, explaining more in depth about what would happen if someone believed another illusionist's illusions. Aina gasped, seeing the ice forming up Chrome's legs and she was tossed away.

Viper seemed proud of his Arcobaleno powers, and that's when he noted Chrome's trident. How she was holding it close to her; it must be important. Even with Chrome's exclamations to leave it alone, the trident was shattered, and that's when the other illusion shattered as well. The illusion put on Chrome. She coughed up blood, and fell backwards to the group to cause an shocked response from Tsuna's group. Her abdomen caved in; it looked like Chrome was on the verge of dying. Aina balled up her fist, knowing she wanted to rush over and try to get Chrome to a hospital. "Ku… sama…" Chrome whispered weakly.

Chrome was recalling her past; a past when she was constantly in a coma in the hospital because she lacked organs. This also was the time in her dreams she met him, Rokudo Mukuro. "Mukuro-sama… I want to help you…" she weakly said. Aina's heart jumped at those words, and she wrapped her arms about her waist. This feeling, without a doubt it was the same as it was in the past. Mist sprung around Chrome, and that's when Tsuna grabbed his head. "He's coming," Tsuna muttered over and over again. Aina slide a glance his way and knew what he meant. This definitely felt like him; the one Tsuna defeated before when he got his gloves.

"Who is coming," Yamamoto asked concerned. "Rokudo Mukuro is! Rokudo Mukuro is coming," Tsuna exclaimed. In the mist, pieces of a person's body was been shown. Then that all too familiar "kufufufu" laughter reached the teens ears. "The real battle gonna start," murmured Toshie, a grin forming her face. Viper cast a confused look seeing as that the voice was now a male's voice. Something slammed into the ground and sent a shockwave towards Viper. It knocked him back, causing the infant to fall on his back. "Kufufufu. You're showing-off quiet a bit, aren't you?" The voice inquired before the mist cleared to show one teen male kneeling down before casting a stare at Viper.

"For Mafia style," Mukuro Rokudo said. He stood, the mist swaying about him. "Mukuro, he's alive," Tsuna exclaimed while the others who didn't know him muttered in confusion. "It's been a while. I've come back from the other side of the cycle," Mukuro said as he turned his head Tsuna's way. "The other side of the cycle?" Aina didn't quite get what he meant by that. Toshie sighed, wrapping an arm around Aina's neck as she gave Mukuro a bored look. "Oh look, mister ego showed up. Had to let her push herself, ya twit."

Mukuro slide his mismatched eyes over to Toshie, seeing the dark haired girl draped over the auburn haired kitten he found amusing in the past. "Please don't drape your idiotic bad habits onto the kitten. I don't want the cute kitten who amused me in the past to be a stupid, trash talking baboon like yourself." Mukuro said, the insult seemingly not phasing Toshie. "At the least my trashy mouth can touch hers, unlike yours," Toshie retorted back. Aina's eyebrow twitched at their banter. They talked like they owned her; an irritating thing since only a few could get away with saying they own her.

"Oh ho? At the least she has something you don't. Being so flat makes you look like a boy; possibly why you like girls only since they have what you'll never have," Mukuro shot at her. Toshie blinked, and she shrugged her shoulders. "Stop being a pervert and get back into the battle," Toshie chided. Viper found the exchange a side attraction. That's when he started to say that Rokudo Mukuro attempted to escape Vendicare, but Mukuro said he was real. Was he real, or was he an illusion Chrome created? Could it be possible that Mukuro could create illusions from Vendicare?

Aina wasn't certain as Viper sent out a stronger blast of ice; a blizzard like illusion that made her wince and make her huddle closer to Ju-long for warmth. "I'm not so good-nature to let myself be fooled by an illusion created by an illusionist," Viper clarified. Mukuro said nothing; his body frozen solid made Aina gasp in worry. If Mukuro was the illusion surrounding Chrome, then she'd be hurt as well. "Well now, looks like you've been unmasked," Viper comminuted as a metal hammer like head protruded out of his hood. He charged forward, voicing the very concerns of Aina. If he hit Mukuro with that, then there was a chance Chrome would get hit too.

Just as Viper was about to make contact, something shot up in front of Mukuro to protect him. Vines constricted Viper, and lotus flowers began to bloom. "Just who is an illusion," Mukuro inquired as the ice turned to mist about him. "Muguh!" Viper was in a stupor. This sort of power. The pain he was feeling. How was it possible for an illusion to feel so real?

Even the other Arcobalenos believe that Viper has met his match.

When Reborn confirmed that the mist guardian was indeed Mukuro, it shocked Tsuna and Gokudera. When Reborn went more into details as to consider the two separate beings, he said something that made sense to Aina. Because Chrome was around, Mukuro exist. Without Mukuro, Chrome would disappear. Tsuna may have not got it, but Aina figured it had to deal with Chrome's abdomen before. Mukuro created the illusion she had something there; without him, Chrome would most likely die as well as Mukuro's chances to exist outside of Vendicare. It made some sense to her, and Reborn was giving her a stare that stated she shouldn't say anything about the matter. The baby hitman knows she wasn't as slow as the others, and Aina would figure it out with little hints.

Mukuro taunted Viper, telling the Arcobaleno that if he didn't start doing something then he'd wrap the match up right then and there. This irritated Viper, who broke the vines of the lotus and created multiple illusions of himself in the fight. When Mukuro used his hand-combat skill, Viper was outraged. Seemingly illusionist weren't allowed to do hand-to-hand combat. But he said the reason he hoards was because he'd keep on repeating in the cycle. Money was what seemed important to him. Just as he screamed his hoarding material, the room warped and the floor appear to be disappearing. Aina squeaked, shifting to keep her footing on a solid piece.

"Kitten," Mukuro said over his shoulder. Seemingly he gave up the princess pet name and chose that instead like he was imitating Hibari's pet name with her. "You're not afraid of heights are you? Cats always land on their feet. And you'll have someone down below to always catch you," Mukuro commented. Aina blinked, not getting what he meant until she looked down. An illusion of Hibari floating there with his arms out made Aina rub her eyes a few times before seeing it gone. She ought to slap Mukuro for that! But then again, it would appear he wasn't mocking her and was trying to steady her back into reality.

For what reason did he do that?

"Hang on Ai-Ai," Ju-long said. He wrapped his arms about her waist and held her. If he was still in reality, not phased by these illusions, then he could be the anchor to hold her there. Mukuro wasn't impress by Viper going all out. He twirled his trident, saying he wouldn't lose to Viper when it comes to greed. Just then, crisscross explosion of flame spires covered in lotus flower vines covered the arena. Everyone on Tsuna's side (Aside from the Arcobalenos and Ju-long) were affected by the corrupted illusion. Some sort of illusion poisoning was starting to seep into them.

Viper was baffled by how much power Mukuro had; however, he froze the spires again when Mukuro replied he gained all this power from hell. Just then, an image filter through Tsuna's mind. Seeing Mukuro in a tube; bound, chained, and hooked onto oxygen while suspended in water. More memories filtered through: Mukuro's sacrifice for Ken and Chikusa, and when his dad discussed Mukuro being Tsuna's guardian while in Chrome's body. "Mukuro," Tsuna said as Mukuro was trying to deflect the mass of Viper copies charging him. When he wasn't paying attention, that was when Viper covered him whole with his whole body like a black blanket. Fantasma encircled the black bubble that held Mukuro, and spikes appear around the edges of the snake as it snapped around the bubble for the death blow.

"Mukuro-sama," Ken called as everyone watched stunned at the action. Viper's voice was heard, "impossible!" Just as he said that, a pacifier the only hint that it was him, his illusion was exploded from the inside by lotus flower vines and Mukuro standing there victorious. "Decent into hell… then, return again," Mukuro stated. He held up the two rings in between his gloved hands, confirming he just has to make the ring whole to be considered the victor. "Not so fast," exclaimed Viper. He reformed himself from mist, looking exhausted from the battle.

But it was Mukuro who echoed Viper's words to Chrome. Fantasma wrapped around Viper's neck, choking the infant as Mukuro proved he ruled over this illusion realm. Viper was in his weaken state, meaning he was back to being Mammon. Shoving the pieces of the floorboard into Mammon's mouth; expanding the infant to the point of bursting. If only Mukuro wasn't Mammon's opponent, maybe he would have one. Mammon exploded, and Aina turned away when it happened. Such a cruel thing to do to an enemy, but Aina expected that much from Mukuro.

Unaware to most, Mammon had enough power to escape, a thin trail of mist proving the Varia Mist Guardian was retreating to safety for the time being. When he saw Aina flinching at his death, he recalled the time she was in Italy the few times he crossed her alone. "I'll give you my money for your cause," Mammon recalled Aina's younger self telling him in the past. She gave him her money, smiling at him when she gave him what little she had. A kind girl like her shouldn't be Varia material; however, her current self is far different than her past self.

The Cervellos named Chrome the winner, confirming that Mukuro was indeed an illusion as Aina thought. When Tsuna voiced he went to far, Mukuro ridiculed him for still being sympathetic to the enemy. "It was still too far Mukuro. Just because he's an enemy now, Varia is part of Vongola," Aina testily snapped. Mukuro glanced over at her, chuckling at her words. "Kitten, you're claws are extended. Are you going to claw me like you threaten Gokudera-kun? How adorable." Levi had his arms crossed, and one fist was balled up to show he wasn't pleased with Mukuro being so familiar with Aina. That was when Mukuro revealed Mammon escaped.

It was also when Xanxus gave an order to Gola Mosca to eliminate Mammon after the competition. Aina narrowed her eyes angrily while Mukuro commented on Xanxus' devious dark side. He glanced over to see Aina's eyes; the burning passion that flared in those green irises made him chuckle. Xanxus' cruelty was a trigger to her rage, and without a doubt he wanted to see Aina fight Xanxus. The kitten's fight would prove to be an interesting one. He walked back, warning Xanxus that Tsuna wasn't someone he should be messing with.

"Master Mukuro kicked ass," Ken exclaimed. Mukuro glanced up at Toshie, a tired smile on his lips since he figured she wouldn't come. She wasn't the type to give into his demands; she deny him so much, and she was only a fool to deny him. "What made you come tonight," Mukuro inquired. Toshie walked over, leaning on Chikusa' shoulder. "That cat. What else would convince me to come here?" Mukuro chuckled at her crude comment, wondering why he didn't factor in Aina from the beginning. Of course Aina would be the one to convince Toshie to come; she was a softy like Tsuna, and a kind one who could convince the devil to kiss the feet of a sweet angel.

"Figures," he muttered. Of course he ignored Gokudera drawing out bombs, threatening him because he grows tired. "This girl…" Mukuro murmured as he fell forward. Instead of his body, it was Chrome's form that landed on the floor deeply asleep. "Eh? The fight is over," a voice inquired from the door. Aina glanced over to see one of the twins had came. It was Rei, and he was back to his normal laid back self. "Rei-nii-san," Tsuna said looking over at him after he freaked out a bit at Mukuro turning back to Chrome. That's when Ken and Chikusa left, leaving Chrome there saying she'll leave when she wakes.

"Oi, that's not nice," Rei said. He picked up Chrome and said he'll take her to his place because it was closest. The girl shouldn't sleep on the ground he believed. That was when the next match was announced. Hibari was now next, and his opponent was Mosca. Xanxus was so confident that Mosca was going to win, he bet that if Hibari could beat Mosca, he'd give them every ring back.

It was three rings equal on each side. And Hibari's match will decide who will win the conflict once and for all. And that was the end of night of the mist match.

_~Next morning~_

Aina yawned as walked towards school. She was so tired that she didn't get much sleep. The auburn hair teen spent most the night tossing and turning from nightmares, worried about the outcome of Hibari's match. "Pill…" She paused, thinking she heard Hibari calling her, but she continued to walk on. He wouldn't call her pill. The voice kept going until she felt something behind her; a dangerous feeling like someone was going to kill her. She spun around, sky flames erupting from her hands as prepared to defend herself. Something silver was coming her way and she grabbed it, barely standing as it jerked to a stop. She glanced up to see just who her attacker was.

"Don't ignore me pillow. I called you several times," Hibari stated irritably. He was beyond pissed since she ignored him. He's been calling to her and she just kept walking. He was not going to allow her to continue such action without her getting bitten first. Aina's eyes widen in pure shock that it was Hibari attacking her, and that's when she looked down to see she caught his tonfa. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry, I thought you were some Varia member," she squeak, letting go of his weapon.

He didn't know if he should still be mad, or find her actions adorable. Then again, whenever she squeaked like such, it was cute. Hibari sighed, wondering if he should have just walked up to her and tapped her shoulder instead of charging at her to bite her. Although, he wouldn't have seen the look in her eyes as if she was preparing for a fight. Something he'd like to see elsewhere, when they got to that sort of stage in their relationship. Hibari took a good look at her, seeing she looked completely tired. Was her training making her stay up without much sleep. "Pillow, why aren't you at home sleeping? You're tired."

Aina blinked, forgetting Hibari would diagnosis her problem instantly since he always looks at her thoroughly. "Because it's a school day, Hibari. Why else? Besides, I didn't sleep much because I'm worried," Aina explained. The carnivore narrowed his grey eyes, knowing exactly what she was worrying about. His match was tonight; without a doubt, Aina was thinking of all those worst case scenarios and didn't get a wink of sleep. If it wasn't for the fact she didn't sleep on his account, he might be happy to hear her call him by his name without honorifics.

"Follow," he ordered, turning his heel and headed straight towards the one place she could sleep. Her grandmother's house. Aina followed, a frown on her features as she followed him towards the destination he chose. She even heard him call the school, explaining because she stayed up far too late, her health was in bad shape and he asked her to be excused for sickness. Sort of sweet of the disciplinary president to call the school and tell them she was sick due to lack of sleep. As they walked side by side, Aina glanced over at him. "I'm training to protect Lambo since he can't defend himself. And I know you might object since you don't want me getting hurt. I'm sorry I've kept it hidden this long."

Hibari slide his gaze over to her, seeing that she was looking at the ground. She was apologetic; he knew she hide it because he would object to it. He didn't want anyone hurting his herbivore and nearly killing her. The only person he'd ever allow to crowd him was her; she was the exception because he wanted her to crowds him, talk to him, and love him. "That's one of the babies the herbivore Tsunayoshi has in his house, correct?" Hibari wanted to confirm it was indeed a child, not someone like Gokudera or Yamamoto who also hanged out with Tsuna. "Mn. He might be the same age as Reborn. So I guess both of them are five years old," Aina said as they reached her grandmother's door.

"Oh, Aina," her nana said in surprise. "What are you doing here? I thought you had school?" Aina had a sweat drop behind her head, wondering why she was exactly in front of her grandmother's home. "Excuse us, but I wanted to make sure she slept properly. She didn't sleep much, and I explained she's not feeling well to school," Hibari said. Aina slide a nervous look over at Hibari. It's one thing to impress her mother, who was probably easily impressed, but her grandmother was another subject.

Her nana turned to him with narrowed brown eyes. "Oh really? And whom might you be," she inquired in acidic tone. Aina felt awful for Hibari. He was already making a somewhat bad impression because Aina thinks her nana concluded he brought her here to have sex. "Kyoya Hibari. I'm dating your granddaughter Aina, and I don't like how she lost sleep because she worried about me. I ask to watch over her while in your presence to prove to you that I am worthy of her love. I won't do anything to Ai." Hibari said, bowing deeply from the waist to her grandmother.

Aina and her grandnana were speechless; particularly Aina since he's never called her anything other than pillow. To hear him call her Ai, it was, well, a bit overwhelming since it seemed a lot more affectionate than pillow. "Nana, please," Aina said looking at her grandmother once she found her tongue. "Hibari's nothing like Yuu because he's believes in traditional Japanese culture. Even in relationships," Aina said. Her grandmother brow rose at the comment about how he treated relationships. Which meant that he might have a chance since that would mean he's not a pervert forcing her granddaughter into thing she's far too young to do. Well, far too young in her grandmother's opinion.

"Fine, but only in the room next to my classes. The door must be propped open, and a former student of mine will be there at all times. No funny business," her nana sternly said. Hibari straighten up, allowing Aina to entered first and he thanked her grandmother for letting him in. Once their shoes were off, Aina showed him to where the room was. Hibari sat down, leaning against the wall and patted the floor beside him. She sat next to him, and wasn't certain how exactly she was going to sleep. He reached over, tugging her head closer to his shoulder.

"Use my shoulder," he said, looking at her. "Also, don't come to the match tonight." He said quietly, knowing that he could hear the person that was suppose to watch them coming closer. Aina sighed through her nose, not because of his request. Although she was suppose to see all matches, she didn't mind missing his out. "If Hii-kun requests it, how can I say no," Aina tease, making the carnivore turn a bit red. He wasn't prepared for the adorable nickname that she just said. He'd rather her call him by his name than being called Hii-kun.

Him and adorable names don't mix; they were embarrassing.

It was sort of embarrassing to have her call him that, and he wasn't one to blush over something until now. He cleared his throat, trying to regain his balance and glanced over at her. "I'm serious. No coming tonight until I'm finished with the match. I don't want you worrying yourself to death, Ai," he said softly. Aina moved his arm so it rested on her hip, making him stiffen at her action. She rested her head on his shoulder and giggled. "This is more comfortable, no," she inquired softly.

"Mn," he responded. He watched her eye lids slowly shut as she tried to sleep. To be honest, he wasn't expecting her to do such. His Ai, his crowding pillow always surprises him, and he loved her for keeping him guessing. Hibari kept the leg closest to her straight, and the outer one bent so he could rest his arm on it. The former student arrived, blankets and a futon in hand. Hibari just motioned for the blankets, waking Aina up a bit so she could wrap herself in the blankets. His herbivore snuggling back onto his shoulder, murmuring something as she settled back to her sleep. It was his turn to be the pillow.

He didn't mind the male student of Aina's grandmother staring at him intently. It didn't bother the carnivore one bit that he was being evaluated constantly to see if he was worthy of his pillow. He was worthy of her; he wasn't like the rest who did nothing but hurt and rush her to catch up to their pace. Hibari will take his time, nurturing the love in her before he bloomed her to her sexuality with him. He can wait until then, for once he wasn't pushing something to be done his way. The carnivore will be better than the past males that attempted to have her completely theirs, and he won't fail.

Aina was going to be all his: mind, body, and heart. All the carnivore had to do was wait for the right time. And he's use to waiting for her, waiting for the herbivore to lower it's guard for him to pounce. He can wait to sink his fangs into her much later; he'll savor it when the time comes.

_~Later in the evening, just as Hibari's match was finishing~_

Aina arrived to see Mosca was going crazy and Hibari was down on the ground. Mosca was attacking everything, and Xanxus manic laughter wasn't helping anything. "Hibari," Aina called out. She hurried over to his side, and Tsuna turned his head to see Mosca point his weapons her way. Aina saw him from the corner of her eye; considering she was still wearing jeans and a tank top she was more than capable of dodging him. Xanxus looked on as Mosca fired, wondering if she'll draw her flames. As the missiles flew in Aina's direction, and Hibari uneasily got up to go to her.

Tsuna was in his Hyper mode, and he was going to rush to her aid when flames swirled around where she was. "Aina," Tsuna called when he thought she got hit. Hibari stared, worried that she died in that one attack; however, something rolled in his direction. "Ah, that was close," Aina coughed. She hurried over to Hibari, checking his wounds and he just stared at her. So close he was to losing her, he had to make sure she was more careful. "Your wound doesn't look too bad," Aina commented as Tsuna went to handle Mosca as he sent a wave of attacks after Chrome, Ken, and Chikusa.

"Aina Shinamoto," Xanxus called. Aina glanced his way, seeing him look at her like he wanted her to fight. "A trash like you shouldn't even be here unless you want to be exterminated like the rest of these vermin. Unless you have a death wish," Xanxus said. Levi looked over at Xanxus, wanting to object to killing Aina. But he was his boss, there was nothing more he can do. He'll just have to watch this battle just like Bel.

Tsuna glanced over at Aina, and saw the look in her eyes. She wanted to fight, and he'll let her. He'll be waiting to see if she can handle it. If not, he will then come in to assist. Aina pulled out her gloves, slipping them on her hands. "Pillow," Hibari warned. He could tell she was going to be fighting that thing as well. She looked over at him, a small smile on her lips as she looked at him with much love. "I have to protect those I love and care for. That's why I wanted to be stronger. To protect even you when you can't fight in such a terrible condition."

What members left of Varia watched, as Aina tugged one glove tighter and gave a smug smile. "Boss, leave this malfunctioning machine to me. I'll show him a graceful shadow dance," Aina said. Tsuna nodded just as Reborn and Basil arrived. "I'll leave this to you, Aina," Tsuna said.

Aina's first battle was about to begin…

obaasan: "grandmother"

"Moshi, moshi,": "Hello." Normally used when speaking on the phone.

figlia: means "daughter" in Italian.

Mi madre: means "My mother" in Italian.

otousan/tousan: "Father"

-dono: This honorific is a step above -san. It is rarely used in Japan today, and has two uses: submissive and non-submissive. Submissive: when -dono is used submissively, it is usually translated to 'Master'. Non-submissive: this form of -dono is used when a person of great importance addresses another person of great importance, or when the person you are addressing has a higher status than you.

Sashimi: Sashimi is thinly sliced, raw seafood. Many different kinds of fresh fish and seafood are served raw in the Japanese cuisine. Sashimi, while similar to sushi, is distinct for its absence of vinegared rice. When slices of fish are served on top of a small ball of rice, it is called onigiri zushi.

Sera: means "Evening" in Italian.

oji/ojisan: "uncle"

Iiyo: "Okay"

wakarimashita: "I got it"

Shishin: The four celestial gods protecting the four directions of the compass. Chinese mythology that has been supplemented in SHITENNO (The Four Heavenly Kings). Tortoise (Black Warrior) = North, Winter, Black, and Water. White Tiger (Kirin) = West, Fall, White, and Metal. Red Bird (Phoenix) = South, Summer, Red, and Fire. Dragon = East, Spring, Blue/Green, and Wood.

"Lo nego. Il mio nome e' Chrome.": "Negative. I am named Chrome." Translated in the manga of KHR.

Jutsu: meaning technique, method, spell, skill or trick — is a bound morpheme of the Sino-Japanese lexical stratum of the Japanese language.

-sama: A term of great respect, one step higher than -san. In fantasy or historical contexts, it's generally translated as lord/lady or a similar term, but since modern English really has no honorific expressing such extreme deference, Mr. or Ms. usually has to do. In situations where there isn't a massive gap in social status between the speaker and the person being addressed, the use of -sama can border on groveling. However, it has some standard uses: it's a flattering way for a business to address its customers and clients; it's used when addressing letters to friends; and a young woman may playfully use it for a guy she has a massive crush on.

Kissanpennun: I told ya I was gonna get lazy around the time Mist match came. xD Well, not soo lazy. Just dialogue lazy. I still had all the action in there. So, sorry, that will only happen once in a while. Normally I warn you all when I might start to get lazy. :3 It's a fair warning since I really didn't feel like adding all that talk. Mammon talked so much in that battle. I didn't want to do any of his conversations. Lazy ftw. Explain a bit much on Ju-long's weapons, but I was too lazy to put it in the definition sections. x3 Added a pillow moment, particularly when Hibari blushes.

So adorable, getting embarrassed she called him Hii-kun and he blushed. xD I know, so OOC, but I wanted him to be like that once. Afterwards, he probably would just drag her elsewhere to punish her for saying that cute pet name. ;D You know what I mean, kissin' that naughty mouth with his fangs. 3 Ah, teasing is fun. *giggles* Anyways, that whole leaf reflection thing was suppose to mean if Chrome was herself, then she would still be herself. A leaf is a solid thing, and a reflection is the image on the water. So Mukuro is the image on the water, Chrome is the leaf. :3 Get it?

If not, I don't blame you. I was trying to make an interesting way of phrasing how she was herself. Experimenting. Also, I'm hinting at future guardians of Aina. :o That's correct. In the future arch, Aina has her own set of guardians. I have them all planned out. Some don't show up in the story until the future arch chapters. Exfoliated Aina's relationship with some of the Varia members to show she's kinda part of their family too. But the secret between Squalo and Xanxus is still gonna be hidden until Future arch chapters. :x I might have Lussuria and Levi recall their times with Aina in the Sky match. Particularly Lussuria since he can't get enough of how cute she was as a little girl. Anyways, since you're done reading, I'll see ya next time. Ciao-nee! :D

Chapter 8: Truth and Resolution to Fight

Aina's combative time to shine has come! Tsuna is giving her a chance to fight, even though Reborn thinks it's a bad idea to let her fight with only one day of training. He'll join the fray if Aina is in too much trouble. Then the awful truth is revealed! Xanxus revealed his awful plan and that's when the match to the Sky Ring is set up. Of course, before the match, Aina gets a call. When the match time draws near, and even when the match is going on there was one problem. Aina wasn't there.

Where had Aina gone? She wouldn't deliberately miss a match, so something had to be up. Will Aina make it in time? What exactly was said in the phone call to make her not come? Let's see in this next chapter if she has the resolution to fight, even after learning a terrible truth. What's that truth? You'll have to read the next chapter to find out! Till next time, Ja-nee! :3