Junjou Romantica: Akihiko x Misaki

In the Beauty and the Beast

Chapter: Backgrounds


Belle (Beauty): Takahashi Misaki

Beast: Usami Akihiko

Maurice (Belle's Father): Takahashi Takahiro (Misaki's Older Brother)

Gaston: Usami Haruhiko

Le Fou (Gaston's Follower): KeiichiSumi

Feather Duster: Kamijo Hiroki

Lumiére (Candelabra): Kusama Nowaki

Cogsworth (Clock): Tanaka

Mrs. Potts (Tea Pot): Manami

Chip Potts (Tea Cup): Mahiro

Phillipe (Maurice and Belle's Horse): Junjou

Monsieur D'Arque (Owner of the Insane Asylum): As himself

My own Characters:

Book: Miyagi You

Panda Stuffed Animal: Shinobu

Misaki is one of the poorest people of the village but is the most adorable. He lives with his older brother in a small cottage just out of town.

Usami Akihiko is one of the richest people in Japan. He once gotten his heart broken by the man he loved (not Takahiro) and not wanting to go through the disastrous feeling again he became cold-hearted to everyone. After his mother died, he took the money that she left him and left town and bought a 4 story mansion in the middle of the woods.

Takahiro is Misaki's only living relative as their parents were in a horrible accident and lost their lives. To make the money that him and his little brother need to live on, he enters in the annual cooking contests. Because of his obliviousness and happiness everyone in town thinks he is a eccentric loon.

Haruhiko is the richest man in the village and with his broadness and muscular build, everyone can fall in love with him, including guys except Misaki. Haruhiko strives to convince Misaki to marry him and will not take no for an answer.

Sumi is the person Haruhiko grew up with. He, combined with Haruhiko, are the most obnoxious beings on this planet as said by Misaki and Takahiro.

Hiroki is Akihiko's best friend and was with him when everything had occurred. Was turned into a feather duster for some reason and now was forced to clean up after Akihiko and the other servants.

Nowaki is another servant that invites in guests and tend to their needs. Other than Hiroki Nowaki was the only other one that has been with Akihiko through everything. Was an orphan that was taken in by Akihiko's father to serve Akihiko. Loves Hiroki and left with Hiroki and Akihiko.

Tanaka came in right after Akihiko got his heart broken so he never knew what he has been through. He was the butler to Akihiko's family. Was to take care of everyone and make sure there is order and the rules are being followed. Also left with Akihiko

Manami was the server that usually made tea for the guests and had a son

Mahiro is Manami's son. Doesn't know who his father is and usually is the one who helps his mother serve tea

Junjou is Misaki and Takahiro's horse that was rescued by them. He was hurt really bad and the two boys healed him up and stayed with them to help them as they did him

Miyagi: Akihiko's tutor that had to teach him anything he needed to know.

Shinobu was sold to Akihiko's family by his money corrupt father to serve them. Stayed with Akihiko as Miyagi was with him and thought it was destiny that his father had sold him there and work closely to Miyagi. Loves Miyagi

My latest story that I have been writing on and off since June 2011. I'm just starting to type it up even though I'm not done writing it yet. (Almost done though)

This will be like the disney's version, obviously, but with my own little twist to it

So the Beauty and the Beast is credited to and owned by Disney.