About a year has passed, and it was during Christmas time. Misaki and Akihiko are still wedded together. Their love shines through what all that ails them. They had fought many times, like all couples have, but instantly make up; whether it being make-up sex or just cuddling and apologizing. Akihiko was still rich, even richer than before. It was all due to his best BL seller, The Beauty and the Beast. Misaki wasn't all too happy with that starting one of the many fights with had married Manami and had adopted Mahiro as his own son. Hiroki and Nowaki are still together. Nowaki wanted to marry Hiroki and Hiroki had turned him down. Not because he didn't love him, no, Hiroki's big pride wouldn't allow him to. Nowaki, not hurt at all, knew why and accepted it; at least they are still together. Tanaka was still in charge and cleaning up after his master and his new master by law. Masaru and Takumi got together and are continue doing their jobs with perfection. Takumi is teaching Takahiro how to sew and Masaru is still teaching Misaki some of his skills as a chef. Shinobu had not stopped pestering Miyagi into marrying him making Miyagi marry him. Without the doubts it will work in Miyagi's mind, being married to this kid wasn't as bad as he thought. Everyone was sitting at the Christmas tree, opening presents, enjoying everyone's company and the nice toasty fire in the fireplace. The cheering, laughing and talking died down as everyone heard the door bell ring. Akihiko got up and went to answer surprised to see a huge black furry beast

"Haruhiko… what are you doing here?" Akihiko asked shocked, luckily no one had come with him when he answered the door. And luckily no one heard him. This would have been pandemonium.

"..Uhh… well it's really cold. I have no where to stay…" the big black beast said and Akihiko sighed out deeply

"I would but—"

"But you think I'm ugly"

"Well on the inside. But that's not the reason. I learned my lesson. Do you realize there is around 15 different people in this mansion that would want to murder you for what you did?"

"What did I do?"

"Oh I don't know" Akihiko started in sarcasm, "Maybe it was because you stole the one I used to love away from me. Maybe it was pestering a sweet boy like Misaki. Maybe it was because you tried to kill me and then you tried to kill Misaki?" Akihiko said in a calm voice but there was hints of anger in his voice and eyes

"…I-I'm sorry… but why are you so lucky to have Misaki? Why you when you were… like this?" Haruhiko asked pointing to himself

"Misaki has a gift. He can read people like a book. Doesn't matter how ugly or handsome you are or were. Misaki see's the real person inside. I may have been a beast but he saw that I wasn't mean but hurt and kind" Akihiko said, "Same goes for you. You would've forced Misaki to marry you and ruin his chances at any happiness"

"…B-but… how do I change back?" he asked and Akihiko rolled his eyes at the sudden change in conversation. Haruhiko didn't care about Misaki or anyone for that matter, he only cared of himself.

"You are very selfish aren't you? Only thinking of yourself? Well get this into your thick skull. There is no way to change back. The rose was the only way but she smashed it sending your chances to turn back down the drain" Akihiko said turning around, "If you want someone to love you, don't be an asshole. Think about who you have hurt… that one guy from the village still comes by, every once in a while, looking for you" Akihiko said walking back inside and shut the door and going back to his family. Haruhiko saw it throught the living room windeow and sighed out as Misaki wrapped his arms around Akihiko's waist and the gold shimmering band glistened on his left finger.

"Haruhiko? Are you here?"

Haruhiko froze and hid behind a tree, big enough to hide his gigantic black furry body. It was Sumi. Sumi walked to the door and rang the door bell and it was answered by Misaki

"Sumi?" Misaki asked, "Why are you here?" Misaki asked confused and concerned

"H-Have you seen Haruhiko?" Sumi asked and Misaki narrowed his eyes slightly. Sumi doesn't know, no one in the village knew that Haruhiko was turned into a beast.

"No we haven't" Misaki said and sighed as Sumi was starting to cry

"I-Is… d-did the beast get him?" Sumi asked devastated and Misaki shrugged

"I don't know Sumi, just go home and get rest and spend Christmas with your family" Misaki said

"… B-but I can't Misaki. I love him!" Sumi said and behind the tree Haruhiko rose a hand to where his heart was. He had no clue that his best friend was in love with him. Maybe his brother was right, he was selfish and thought of only himself.

"Just forget about him Sumi. He isn't worth it. Move on ok? Haruhiko was mean and selfish. Don't deny it, you know it's true. I saw, countless times, that he used to beat you up just because you said something stupid or something, or if he was mad at something. Move on. You deserve better" Misaki said and Sumi smiled and hugged Misaki

"Thanks Misaki, I will. And thanks" He said leaving with hopes and dreams to move on from thinking about his abusive selfish friend. Misaki went back into the mansion to his family and Haruhiko ran and slumped down in the snow, miles and miles away from the mansion; from the village; from any civilization. Haruhiko let out a devastated cry combined with a howl. Haruhiko had lost everything and it was because of his selfishness while his brother was living the life they both wanted because he wasn't selfish. He wasn't ever going to have a happily ever after like his brother does

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