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It was a few hours later that Draco encountered Harry again, having spent said hours pondering the whole situation. Draco stopped in the kitchen doorway, staring at the stove where Harry was fixing something.

"We do have house elves, you know, Potter."

"I know," Harry said, turning away from the stove to face Draco. "But I'd rather make it myself."

Draco took in Harry's appearance as he made his way into the kitchen, sitting at the table and watching the black haired youth. He noted that Harry's shirt was only half buttoned and that he was barefoot, his hair more disheveled than usual.

"Hot chocolate, Draco?"

"What?" That worthy asked, bewildered.

Harry just chuckled. "Do you want some hot chocolate? There's enough for another cup if you do."

"Uh, no offense Potter, but why should I believe you aren't going to poison it before you give it to me?"

"Because," Harry started, amused, as he moved over to take three mugs out of the cabinet, "Tom would never let me hear the end of it if I accidentally poisoned his hot chocolate."

Draco didn't know quite how to respond to that one, and therefore numbly accepted the mug Harry handed him. It was as he watched Harry mix sugar into the two cups in front of him that he remembered to ask him something.

"You're friends with Blaise?"

"Yes. I'm very much looking forward to what I'm going to have him do next."

"How did that happen? You being friends, I mean. He hasn't said a word about it to me."

Harry laughed a bit from where he was still mixing sugar into one of the cups. "Tom was playing hide and seek with me a year ago, where I would have to find out where he was staying. I'd noticed Blaise a few times when I'd visited Tom before, so I asked him where the newest hideout was."

"And he simply told you?" Draco sat back, a bit alarmed.

"Well no…but he wasn't as difficult as he could have been, because I'd let him see me at those hideouts as well. To sum it up, there was a bit of manipulation, blackmail, and skillful coercion to get him to tell me." Harry smirked as he finally stopped ladling sugar into that second mug.

Draco figured that was about as good as he was going to get right now. "Please tell me you aren't going to drink that…" he said, pointing to the mug that had to be at least a third made up of sugar. Harry laughed and took a sip of the other mug, making his way from the kitchen.

"Here," Harry said, handing Tom his mug. "I ran into Draco in the kitchen, he was much calmer."

Tom hummed, sitting up a bit and propping the pillows behind him. "Well that's certainly an improvement, perhaps that brat is finally improving."

"Maybe we can tell him who you are sooner than expected."

"I think it's a bit of a leap to suddenly jump from announcing that you're gay and buggering someone on the opposite side of the 'war' to telling him that I'm Voldemort."

"Well…we can see if he keeps this secret. No one has told him to keep quiet yet, but if it doesn't hit the papers tomorrow morning then I think it's safe to assume he's more mature than we thought."

"Perhaps," Tom allowed, finally taking a sip of his hot chocolate. He grimaced. "What did you do to this?"

Harry laughed and took sip of his own mug before placing it on the bedside table. "I was trying to freak out Draco, and I figured you'd be needing the energy." He took Tom's cup and placed it beside his own.

"Really? What for?" Tom asked silkily.

"I can think of a few…activities."

"Who thinks you're innocent?" Tom muttered under his breath as Harry slipped of his shirt and slacks, moving forward to straddle his lover.

Laughter bubbled up as Harry was flipped and pressed into the plush bed. "No one who really knows me," he answered, lifting his head to kiss the man above him.

It was the twenty-ninth when Blaise stepped into Malfoy Manor, having returned from Italy. He was just handing his cloak over to a house elf when the door opened behind him and Harry stepped inside, dusting himself off a bit. He looked up, green eyes focusing on Blaise, and smiled at his friend.

"How was Italy?"

"The same as always, but still nice. Should you be visiting here so openly?"

"Potter! Blaise!" Draco practically ran into the foyer, stopping in front of them. "Potter, I don't think you should be here right now. The Dark Lord is in a foul mood and whatever twisted understanding you might have with Marvolo is certainly not going to save you right now."

"Foul mood?" Harry's eyes narrowed. "Who's in with him?"

"Potter, you aren't going to go and see him are you?"

"Answer the question, Draco."

"My father and Severus."


"The Hall."

Harry took off, walking at the same speed Draco had entered with. He was clearly a man on a mission, and nothing was about to stop him.

"Nice to see you too Draco, my Christmas was wonderful, thank you for asking," Blaise drawled, heading for the parlor.

"Oh come now, Blaise, don't be like that." Draco followed his friend, and shut the door once they were in the room.

Blaise just grunted as he settled into the sofa. "So you know about him? How long?"

"About a week, that was when he was here last. It was quite the encounter." Then, turning to glare sharply at Blaise, "You never told me!"

"Of course not, you would never have believed me. 'Oh hey, Draco did you know that Harry Potter and the Dark Lord aren't out to kill each other anymore? And what's more that they're shagging?'" Blaise shook his head. "Yeah, that would have gone over real well."

"What? Potter's not shagging the Dark Lord, he's shagging that Marvolo bloke."

Blaise just stared at him in disbelief before dropping his head into his hands.

"Draco, of course they're shagging. Why else would the Dark Lord stop trying to kill him. Lord Marvolo is the Dark Lord. Merlin you're dense."


"Yes, Draco. Why else would everyone be so afraid of him? Look, let's go to the Hall and I'll show you." Blaise stood up and grabbed hold of Draco's arm, dragging him into the hallway.

Harry threw open the doors to the Hall and strode inside, effectively interrupting the Dark Lord's outburst. "Out!" he ordered, heading unwaveringly for the throne ahead of him. Severus and Lucius glanced at each other, back at their lord, and promptly left. Harry never stopped walking and reached the throne right as the doors closed. He ascended the steps and stopped in front of the Dark Lord, moving one knee forward to land on the outside of his lap on the left, his other knee coming up to frame the right side. He brought his hands up to cup Tom's face as the glamour fell, leaving Harry staring into dark eyes.

"What's wrong? What's happened that Draco came out and told me I should leave to save myself?"

Tom's eyes burned for a moment before he closed them. Sighing, he leaned back in his throne, letting out a deep breath before opening his eyes again and focusing them on the teen straddling his lap.


Harry hummed. "That one's not good for much, is he?"

"I wonder what he ever had to offer in the first place, or whether I was simply desperate for followers when I marked him."

Harry chuckled a bit at that as he leaned in, gently pressing his lip's to Tom's.

"I cannot believe this!"

Harry groaned as the new voice erupted into the Hall, he dropped his head onto Tom's shoulder as he waited for what was sure to follow.

"First you lead to believe you're shagging Lord Marvolo. As if that wasn't quite enough of a shock right there, you being gay and doing someone on the other side of the war, you omit the part about Lord Marvolo being the bloody Dark Lord."

Harry shifted his hand to cover Tom's hand, knowing that the man was about to pull out his wand for a long-awaited crucio. He kept his hand firmly on Tom's as he lifted his head and turned it to look at Draco, standing just inside the Hall in all his outraged dignity. As Harry's eyes shifted to Blaise the boy just shrugged, looking thoroughly unrepentant.

"Draco, did it never occur to you that perhaps you should follow your own advice?" Harry's voice was flat as he stared at the blond.

The remark brought Draco up short. "Advice? What advice?"

"When you told me that I should leave before Voldemort killed me. Did you never think about that when you burst into this room? That perhaps you should value your own life and not interrupt what was sure to quite a promising evening?"

"Promising…" Draco trailed off and blushed as he took in just how the two on the throne we positioned. Now that he was actually thinking he wondered how he could have missed the suggestive posturing. If nothing else, he should have noticed that Harry Potter was straddling the Dark Lord. "I…I just…"

Harry sighed. "Blaise, remove him from the room before I do it myself. I can guarantee my way won't be pleasant or painless."

Blaise smirked a bit as he tugged his friend from the room, closing the door behind them.

"Well, that solves that little issue."

"Which issue?" Harry asked, turning to face Tom again.

"Of whether to tell him who I am or not. It seems to have been taken out of our hands."

Harry slumped forward. "Well, at least he was only offended that I hadn't told him." Rolling his eyes he added, "At least he's not suddenly acting all subservient or trying to kill me. I have enough of that from your other Death Eaters, thank you very much, I don't think I could have handled it from Draco too."

Tom hummed, amused, before responding. "Something you said caught my attention…"

"What did I say?"

"It seemed you were implying that we couldn't still have an engaging night together…"

The Dark Lord smirked as Harry's hand's immediately cupped his cheeks, pulling him in for a fierce kiss.

"He's right, you know, you're insane," Blaise remarked conversationally from where he stood with Draco outside the Hall.

"I just...wasn't thinking," the blond admitted, letting his head fall into his hands.

"That, I should think, was obvious. Who in their right mind bursts in on the Dark Lord, you should be glad Harry stopped him from cursing you."

"He did?" Draco's head snapped up to stare at Blaise, who simply rolled his eyes.

"He grabbed our Lord's hand as he was reaching for his wand. Honestly, how did you survive five years at Hogwarts if you're this slow?"

Draco's indignant reply was cut off by a low moan from the Hall.

"Perhaps we should go back to the parlor," Blaise said, grabbing the shell-shocked blonde's arm and leading him away.