"In the end, we all have a life story that needs to be told: stories of triumph, stories of struggle and perseverance, and even stories of love. My story, like many others, have all of these, but my story is a little different than most you have heard. You see; I was your typical science nerd, that would always fall victim to being harassed and picked on."

~ ~ ~ ~

The bus turned the corner and began to accelerate. Once again, Peter knew, that the bus was not going to stop for him. "Hey wait!" Peter began to chase after the but. "Stop the bus!" Peter screamed as he banged on the side of the bus. All the kids on the bus began to point out at Peter and laugh hysterically.

~ ~ ~ ~

"You see, that is me. Peter Parker, just your high school science nerd. I wasn't really anything exciting to look at. I know, you've heard this story before, but please bare with me. You will remember that beautiful young girl with the red hair was the one who had the bus driver stop to let me on. As you remember, that is Mary Jane, my next-door neighbor since I was six years old. I always had a crush on her, but never had the courage to ask her out because of my reputation in the school. At that time, she was dating a man named Flash Thompson, the high school jock and the high school jerk, and bully. This was me and my life in my high school."

~ ~ ~ ~

"This is Britney Colbine of WNNN news reporting to you live in New York City, where a group of terrorists have taken control over one of these towers you seen behind me. They have taken over a hundred hostages and is rumored to have with them a nuclear bomb."

On the polished tiled floor sat in a neat line of frightened hostages. Mothers were holding their frightened sons and daughters, newlyweds were holding on tight to each other, and boyfriend tried to comfort their girlfriends. There was even one young punk man who hid behind his girlfriend.

The terrorists were all dressed in military uniforms and black vests. Many of them held fully automatic machine guns. Several kept them pointed at the hostages as others were working on setting up the bomb.

"Shut up!" One of the terrorists began to scream as some of the frightened hostages. "I said, shut up!" he took the handle of his machine gun and cracked the side of his head open with it.

Outside, over twenty police cars parked around the tower, with their lights twirling. All the officers had their guns cocked and in hand as they used their cars as a shield. Up in front was the chief of police speaking into the building with a loudspeaker. "This is the chief of police. We have the place surrounded, there is no escape. We need to negotiate the release of your hostages!"

"Look up there!" one of the officers pointed up into the sky. "It's Spider-Man!"

~ ~ ~ ~

"This is me now."

~ ~ ~ ~

Above the skyline, swinging on web lines, a masked figure dressed in a red and blue costume. The red parts of the costume were covered in black web lines. Most of his legs, his entire back, and more than half of his front was covered in blue. The mask was all red with the black spider lines. There were two large white-eye pieces outlined in black. He swung from web line to web line, swiftly with skilled acrobatics.

He swung above the large tower and let go of the web. He somersaulted as he fell to the roof, landing smoothly on his two feet. Spider-Man ran towards the door.

Inside, one of the terrorists used the head of his machine gun to slightly move the blind so he could take a peep outside. Another terrorist joined him at the window. "They want to negotiate!"

The other terrorist laughed. "They have no clue what is about to transpire! New York City will be a symbol to the United States if the government dares oppose us!"

The two terrorist laughed as they turned around and walked off. The one who had looked out the window followed the other terrorist when a web line attached itself to the nap of his neck and pulled him up towards the ceiling quickly. The other terrorist didn't notice that his comrade was missing. He joined another one of his terrorist comrade who was watching over a section of hostages. "This demonstration would have been more efficient if the mayor were here as he planned, but no matter. He'll go down with his city sure enough."

A finger tapped them both on their shoulders. They turned around when webbing covered both of their mouths. A web line connected to their backs and pulled them towards a pillar.

The hostages looked up at the ceiling where they saw Spider-Man crawled by the chandelier. Spider-Man looked down to the hostages and placed a finger on the mask where his lips were. He scoped the situation, allowing the chandelier to hid him from the terrorist's view. From what he sensed, there were at least five more terrorists in the near vicinity.

Down below, he saw another terrorist walking by the hostages and noticed his two comrades tied to pillars by his spider webbing. He turned to run to warn his other comrades but Spider-Man shot a web line which connected to the heal of his ankles. With a tug, the terrorist fell flat on his face. Spider-Man covered the fallen terrorist with webbing, sticking him down onto the tiled floor.

Spider-Man let go of his grip on the ceiling and landed on the tiled floor flat on his feet. Up ahead of Spider-Man was the nuclear bomb waiting to be completed. The four remaining terrorist saw Spider-Man now. "Kill him!" The leader screamed as he rushed to the nuclear bomb and rushed to complete it. The three remaining terrorists charged at him with their guns pointed at him.

Spider-Man fired web lines, with precise aim, connecting with the heads of two of the machine guns, and he pulled them out of their hands. The terrorist with the only remaining machine gun open fired at him. Spider-man shot a web line onto the ceiling, and he slid up the line avoiding the gun fire. He fired another web line ahead of him, and began to swing as he lowered himself low enough to swing kick the center terrorist to the ground, causing the other two to fall to the side. Spider-Man landed onto the ground as he shot a web line that made contact with the two standing Terrorists in the chest.

Using his spider strength, he pulled n the web line, crossing his arms into an X, and the two terrorists flew towards him but collided into each other half way to him, rendering both men unconscious. The third terrorist got to his feet, and realized that he had dropped his machine gun. He looked around hurriedly to find his gun, but before he could find it, an uppercut from Spider-Man knocked him out cold.

Spider-Man looked ahead and saw that the terrorist leader was nearly completed with constructing the bomb. He twisted the final two wires together and four red zero's appeared on the CLD screen. He was about to push the activation button until he was pulled away from the bomb. Spider-Man pulled him away with a web line. With a angry growl, he stood up and ripped out a machete. "My, what a knife you have. Let me guess, that's the knife you use to carve your thanksgiving turkey?'

The terrorist leader charged at Spider-Man, screaming like a mad man. Using his right wrist, he shot webbing at the knife until his entire hand most of the knife was wrapped in a large ball of web. He tried to shake the webbing off, but to no avail. Spider-Man shot a web line, which connected to his chest. Spider-man pulled him forward and clotheslined him to the ground.

* * * *

The twin glass doors opened abruptly, which had all the police officers on high alert and fingers on the triggers. Confusion began to flow through all the police officers as out of the doors, all the hostages began to run out of the tower.

As soon as all the hostages were out, all the police officers and the SWAT stormed into the tower. Inside, they found all eight of the terrorists tied together in a bundle with thick webbing. The chief of police smiled as he and everyone else lowered their weapons. "Thank you Spider-Man!"