All three of them were on the ceiling looking down, over the edge as the police brought Dr. Octopus out with his hands behind his back in a special metal cuffs that had been used on Scorpion. They watched as they but him in the back of the prison van. Next coming out of the warehouse was police officer with a cardboard box with the remains of the mechanical pack. The police had taken no chances and disassembled the whole device, leaving it in a thousand small pieces in that box.

Mary Jane put a hand on Peter's shoulder. "I am so sorry about Dr. Octavius, Peter. I know how much you respected him and how you looked forward to the internship."

Peter faintly smiled. "It's okay, I guess. I suppose I am destined to remain Spider-Man." Peter looked over to Felicia who had finished putting on her mask. "I want to apologize to you. I wanted to protect you so I terminated our partnership. I have now learned, that I can't do things on my own, and that it is not my place to make decisions for someone for their own protection. It was wrong to terminate the partnership. It is your decision about your life, and I had no right to force you to make a decision about your life. I could really use help keeping New York safe, and it would be my pleasure if you would consider continuing to be my partner."

Felicia smiled sweetly. "I am honored, Peter, but I would just be in the way. My powers are real now, and I need to take what you have taught me about being a superhero and go out on my own for awhile. I am going back to Paris, since there is work that needs to be done there."

"I am sorry to see you go," Peter replied. ",but I wish you luck."

"I wish the both of you luck in return." Felicia looked towards Mary Jane and stepped up to her. "You are a lucky woman, MJ. Peter is one of a kind, and probably one of the most dedicated men out there."

"Thank you, Felicia. I hope you would consider coming back and visiting us once in a while."

"Count on it." With that, Felicia ran towards the back of the warehouse and jumped over the ledge. Peter turned towards Mary Jane. "What I said before to Felicia about how I don't have a right to force her to make a decision about her life, that applies to you to. Mary Jane, I don't expect you to forgive me for all I put you through. I have lied and pushed you away, and you have every reason to hate me. I should have told you that I am Spider-Man. I should have told you what was going on with me even during our senior year at high school. "

Mary Jane put her four fingers on his lip and hushed him. She looked at him with more love in her eyes than Peter could remember. "I understand, Peter."

Peter held both of her hands in his. "MJ, the truth is that I love you more than the world. I know that my being…"

Again, Mary Jane hushed him. "Peter, I love you; I have always loved you. You are the world to me. You are the one I want to spend my life with. If you love me, than that's all that matters. Everything else will work itself out." The two of them held each other in their arms and their lips met for a long deprived passionate kiss.

* * * *

Wilson Fisk was sitting at his desk with his feet on top of the desk and smoking a Cuban cigar when he heard a thump on the floor. He looked to his right, and standing there by the window was Spider-Man in a new, clean costume. Wilson Fisk smiled as he stood up, lifting his heavy body. "So, Spider-Man, I hear that you have put an end to Dr. Octavius' reign of terror."

"Yes, he is at a mental institution, but you are not off the hook. I know that it was you who destroyed the science complex. You owned that building and you had it destroyed to claim the insurance money. That is fraud and you can spend the rest of you life in prison for it."

"You have no proof of any illegal activity on my part, Spider-Man! I am clean in the eyes of the authority and the public!"

"You're right, I can't prove it." Spider-Man replied.

"WILSON FISK!" Venessa Fisk's voice came screaming out of the elevator down the end of the room.

"And it appears that I won't have to." Spider-Man stepped out and prepared to leap out of the window, but he looked back to see Mrs. Fisk sreaming at her husband.

Wilson Fisk stepped back, in fear of his wife. "Now Honey, please! It's all a misunderstanding!"

His wife was not buying it. She was screaming bloody murder at him and all his attempts to ease her anger seemed to fail. Spider-Man leaped out of the window and left the two of them to duke it out.

~ ~ ~ ~

My life as a superhero is a continuing learning experience. I will never know all the answers, but I do know that I will never have to try to answer them on my own.

~ ~ ~ ~

At a newsstand, a pile of Daily Bugle newspapers was delivered. On the front cover read, "Millionaire business guru, Wilson Fisk, moving to Japan!" Across the street from the newsstand, a large crowd gathered at the steps of the Fisk Tower where Wilson Fisk embracing his wife was meeting with the media.

"The only reason, that my wife and I are leaving, is that we need an extended vacation, so we decide to stay at one of my Condo's in Japan. We intend to come back to New York someday, but right now, we just nee a break for our work related stress!"

~ ~ ~ ~

You would think after this experience, that things would get better, but the truth is this is just the beginning of my story. Like I once told Mary Jane, there is so much to tell. One thing is for certain, no matter what comes my way, I will meet it to the best of my abilities, because I'm Spider-Man!"

~ ~ ~ ~

Spider-Man was watching the conference on the wall of the Fisk Tower above all of their heads. When he heard all he wanted to hear, he fired a web line and began to swing through the city. At times, he swung low enough to nearly land on the roof of a cab, and other times, he was on top of the world. He swung past the Empire States building, with a giant American Flag waving to the wind. He swung to the balcony of an apartment, where Mary Jane waved at him with a giant smile on her face. He landed on the balcony and he ripped off his mask. The two of them embraced passionately and tilted their head as their lips connected. They both felt electricity surge through them, as neither wanted to let the other go. There they stayed, cherishing what would be the beginning of the perfect life together.



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