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Happy Hogmanay

Michael sat back against the couch and took a sip of his drink as he watched his children bustle around the lounge room, busily preparing for the New Year celebrations.

It was just the family this year; Michael had been working on a hard case and wanted to catch up on the time he'd missed with the children.

Jackie had had no objections: after not seeing Michael for more than a few hours over the past week she didn't want to share him.

Michael took another sip of his drink as he watched Ebony and Andrew who were busily at work on a poster in the corner, carefully guarding it from prying eyes until it was finished.

Jimmy and Katrina were sorting out the food that Nerys was periodically bringing in from the kitchen where she was helping Jackie.

Michael glanced back to the corner and winced as he saw Ebony blithely dusting the glitter off her hands…all over the carpet.

He looked up as Jackie and Nerys finally came in to join them.

"Is the poster ready yet, Ebony? Everything else is ready," Jackie said, settling down on the couch next to Michael.

Ebony and Andrew glanced up; both covered in glitter, glue and poster paint.

"We're almost finished," Ebony replied as they both returned to their work.

"It better be ready soon, I'm getting hungry," Jimmy grumbled, earning a smack on the arm from Katrina.

"We're finished," Andrew announced a few moments later as they both got to their feet.

Very carefully they lifted it up to show the rest of their family.

Jackie was the first to break the silence, "It's beautiful," she declared, elbowing Michael who hastily agreed.

Jimmy, Nerys and Katrina all concentrated on trying not to laugh as they all continued to look at the beautifully decorated poster with the words 'Happy Hogwarts' written across the middle.