Ok This is about a mute girl named Esperanza who turns out to be Helga's cousin. (Yes this is an OC fic.) There will be a small amount of Arnold/OC but that is only for the eventual Arnold/Helga

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The Kids were quietly doing their work. Well most of them were a certain blond haired girl was currently throwing spitballs at a certain football headed boy. When the door opened and a young girl with blond hair that fell past her shoulders and green eyes who wore (Sp?)the shyest expression walked in. Mr. Simmons looked up and smiled and got up.

"Hello class we have a new special student with us today" Mr. Simmons started "Her name is Esperanza Truscott and I hope you all will help making her feel welcome and special"

"Don't worry Mr. Simmons we will" Helga said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice that only Esperanza could tell was fake. The rest of the class just rolled their eyes. Esperanza just looked at her shoes and started blushing. took her to her desk and handed her her notebooks and everything she would need. He told her what they were doing and the class went back to work.

Helga looked at Esperanza and quietly went back to work. She only noticed one thing that Mr. Simmons hadn't mentioned. He never mentioned that Esperanza was mute. Her eyes widened and she looked over at her cousin quietly wrote a note down and flicked it to her. Esperanza blinked and looked down and read the note. She looked at Helga (her cousin) and shrugged, Then quickly signed I was sick yesterday and Dad met the principle yesterday and did everything.

Helga nodded and mouthed 'Oh' then quietly went back to work. There little conversation went unnoticed by the rest of the class.

Everything was going fine during recess. Everyone asked her questions but none she could tell really expected an answer. So she was allowed to stay quiet. Then class time came and Mr. Simmons asked her a question.

Her eyes widened and she looked around the class at Helga silently communicating to her. Helga cought on and nodded the class looked at them quizzical why would she look at Helga when Mr. Simmons asked the question to Esperanza. Mr. Simmons looked quizzical too until Espernza started making hand motions and Helga was speaking concentrating very hard on what Esperanza was doing.

"That is correct Esperanza,and could the pair of you see me after class please" and with that Mr. Simmons walked back to the front of the class and continued with his lesson.

At The end of the day the bell rand signaling that they should all go home. The class all ran out the door. Phoebe talked to Helga for a moment before she too ran out the door, Leaving Esperanza Helga and Mr. Simmons in the class.

Once they were alone Mr. Simmons turned to them.

"Esperanza why didn't you tell me you were mute?"

Helga's eyes widened when she realized that she was here as a translator then she just shrugged her shoulders and spoke as Esperanza started her hand movements.

"My father said that he told the principal about me being mute and would tell you, I had not come with my father yesterday because I was sick in bed, I thought you knew"

Mr. Simmons nodded and then turned to Helga and asked in an amused voice. "Helga where DID you learn ASL?"

"my cousin here taught me,when she visited during the holidays we'd sit in her room and she would write down words and then show me the signs for them" Helga said pointing to Esperanza when she said "Cousin"

Mr. Simmons nodded and then turned around ' that's all I wanted you two may go now' Mr. Simmons said. The two girls looked at each other in an amused way and shrugged and went to collect their bags and left.

God for a second their I thought I was in trouble. Esperanza signed a look of relief washing over her face.

"I know me too" Helga said laughing "just for answering a question that you couldn't answer vocally"

I know Esperanza signed looking sad and Helga face palmed. She forgot that Esperanza and her…incapabilitilities were often a touchy subject with her and she also knew that Esperanza was not trying to let it get to her. So Helga just turned her around and signed sorry to her.

Esperanza just shook her and quickly signed don't ever apologize for being truthful … rudness yes being inconsiderate of others feeling yes but being truthful? Never.

Helga laughed at Esperanza's 'speech' and nodded "Ok,OK I won't" Then Helga looked ahead and and got a gleam in her eye.

"Race yah" and she ran ahead Esperanza, Esperanza rolled her eyes and ran aswell catching up and running past her.

Together they ran all the way to the Truscott house.

"What's wrong Espy? Can't speak? Cat got your tongue?" Harold laughed at Esperanza. The young girl tried to move past Harold but he was stronger and pushed her back.

"Too shy to talk to me? So you get Helga to do it for you" Esperanza shook her head slightly and looked around for a teacher. The students around them started to multiply and they all started snickering. She refused to give them the satisfaction of them seeing her cry.

She started signing trying to explain but no one was paying attention to her. She was looking pretty distressed and finally Helga looked her way. Helga's eyes widened and she nodded to Phoebe and walked all the way over to Esperanza.

"Hey what do you think you are doing to my cousin?" Helga yelled angrily to the group of kids harassing her.

"Come on Helga we just want to know why you always have to talk for her?" Harold said looking innocent.

Helga was unmoved and glared at him harder then leaned in closer. "Bother her again and you'll have to answer to Old Betsy and the 5 Avengers" she said shaking her fist at him glaring at him even harder. Esperanza saw Harold gulp, nod and run away. The entire class laughing at him.

Once the class had left Helga dropped the fierce expression and turned to her cousin. A touch of concern on her face. "Are you ok"

Esperanza nodded shyly and smiled and when Helga looked doubtful. After a while Helga put an arm around Esperanza and led her to her friend Phoebe.

"This is Phoebe" Helga introduced "You must remember her from class…she is the smartest kid in class and my best friend and confidante" Esperanza smiled at Phoebe and waved.

"Hello Esperanza Helga has indeed filled me in on your… incapability's" Esperanza nodded and looked quizzically at Helga before signing to Helga. Helga just shrugged. Esperanza nodded and turned to Phoebe and signed something to her. Phoebe looked like she was concentrating hard. Then sighed.

"I only understood the A, S, L; I presume you were asking if I knew American Sign Language" Esperanza nodded happily telling Phoebe that she got it. Phoebe smiled happily. Then the Bell rang indicating they should go to class.

Little did they know that a certain football head was watching them with a surprised and happy look on his face.

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