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Esperanza walked about 7 blocks to her house. Her house was big it was not the size of a mansion but it was big enough for two people to live comfortably inside. She opened the door with the key that had been left under the welcome mat and entered the house. Once she was in she locked the door, and went upstairs to her father's study, unsurprisingly the study was empty, meaning he was working late… again.

She closed the door to his study and went to her room. It was plain which was normal considering they had just moved about a week ago and the boxes had still been unpacked. Inside she closed the door sat on her bed and cried for what seemed like the millionth time that week. The only thing that had been unpacked had been her bed sheets her clothes and her desk everything was still in the boxes titled E's Stuff. Her window which was directly opposite her door gave her the perfect view of an oak tree that was growing right outside her window.

Esperanza was about to just go to her desk to start some other homework, when her room phone rang. She sighed and went to the phone and picked it up.

"Esperanza?" Helga asked.

Esperanza's response was a quick press on a button.

"Ok Good how was working with Arnold"

Esperanza sighed, so Helga wanted to know if Arnold and she did anything other than working Esperanza's response was several small quick button presses followed by a long press followed by several short presses with several Long presses.

"Ok, Ok I get nothing will happen" Helga sighed.

Esperanza sighed before admitting something with her beeps.

"You two hugged after he told you about his parents?" Helga said Esperanza could just picture Helga sitting on her bed wide eyed and completely jealous.

Esperanza sighed before continuously pressing buttons that had Helga on the other line flinching as Esperanza nonverbally chewed her out.

"Ok, Ok I get it you felt sympathy for him and you gave him a hug I get it" Helga said trying to pacify her. There was silence on the other line till Helga asked another question.

"How do you feel about him?" She asked.

Esperanza sighed. She gave two long presses on the buttons.

Helga on the other line cringed. Those two presses had one translation 'Chris.'

"He still doesn't know?"

One very long button press.

There was a pause then… "Is your father home"

Espernza gave a very long button press and was about to ask why when Helga hung up the phone. Esperanza started at the dial tone before just deciding to hang up the phone and continue her homework.

5 minutes later

Knock Knock.

Esperanza looked up from her homework and went to the window. There, outside, sitting on a tree branch infront of her window was Helga G Pataki. Esperanza stared at her before opening the window to let her in.

You could have used the front door. Esperanza signed, Helga just shrugged

"Yeah but that's no fun" Helga said laughing, then her face turned serious. "You need to be careful around Arnold he tends to fall for any girl who will give him the time of day."

Like you? Helga glared at Esperanza who just laughed at Helga's reaction

"You need to be careful Arnold has a bad habit of falling for people who are beautiful, or give him the time of day usually both" Helga said, Part of her was saying this because she did not want Esperanza to get attention a boy she herself had a crush on and also because Esperanza had her eyes set on someone else.

So your saying stay away from him other than working on the project

"Exactly" Helga said with a smile on her face. "After the project, go back to hanging out with me and Phoebe."

Next day

"So how was working with Helga's cousin yesterday" Gerald said as he and Arnold walked down to the bus stop.

"It was fine we found a lot of information and after that we talked she hugged me and she then left and went home"

"Whoa,whoa, wait she hugged you?" Gerald stared at Arnold wide eyed.

"Yeah I told her how my parents went missing and she gave me a hug, why" Arnold said giving Gerald a confused look.

"Oh so that kind of hug" Gerald said dully.

"What do you mean"

"According to Fuzzy Slippers her mother died a while ago she was probably empathizing because she knew what it's like to lose family members" Gerald told Arnold as they reached the bus stop.

"But why would the hug have meant anything else?" Arnold said confused. Gerald stared at Arnold for a moment before shrugging. "I don't know man with women you never know what they are thinking."

Arnold had a flashback to the roof of FTI and agreed with Gerald.

"Yeah you are right" He said as the bus arrived and they got on it.

"Esperanza, please, I love you, but, please do not lead… uhh…. Icecream on" Helga pleaded with Esperanza as they made their way to the bus. Esperanza had been fully ingrained in Helga's codename for Arnold. Esperanza glanced at Helga in a 'what the heck are you talking about?' way.

I just want to be his friend Esperanza signed Is that wrong?

"No Ranza, but his last crush did just that. He would always ask her out and she sometimes said yes and other times said no, and the times she said yes she really looked like she was leading him on" Helga sighed to Esperanza.

The looked up and noticed the bus their and ran as fast as they could to catch it. When they caught the bus they went to sit near the back with Phoebe.

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