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"That's who you should be looking up to not me" I said firmly before turning around to leave. I lost. More importantly, I lost to that Seigaku brat. I tightly fisted up my hands, efficiently cracking my knuckles loudly. Seriously want to kill someone. I quickly shook the thought away.

My eyes widened, the ball that he returned, no, the ball that shouldn't have been able to return fly pass my right side. "Shit" I cursed silently, I haven't even thought of the consequences of losing, not yet, not ever. But yet again, defeat started at me in the face. Once the ball hit the ground I knew it was over, I lost. I fucking lost.

Mixed emotions flooded my mind, anger, defeat, sadness? Regardless, I still wanted to kill that brat and everyone on that fucking tennis team. But then again, I realized the moment he won, that tennis would no longer be enough to satisfy my thirst for blood. I knew that after this defeat I would not pick up a racket for as long as I live. Tennis is done. I got what I wanted out of it. I was defeated. I was given a new goal to aim for, and it had nothing to do with the brat or tennis. It was time for another hobby.

I was done.

With the tennis bag thrown over my shoulder I walked along the streets of the city, searching for a victim. I let out a loud manic laugh as I approach a group of presumably high schoolers on the tennis team. I picked a large rock on the side of the road and promptly threw it at one's head. "Che." I laughed as I approached them.

"Shit" I heard one of them say. "That's Akutsu, shit, oh man, we're in serious shit, and he just lost to a Seigaku first year…" I refused to listen any longer; instead I drew my right arm and delivered an extra hard punch to their face.

"Don't make me laugh now or I will fucking kill you" I spat out every word as I kick the male in the stomach multiple times. "Don't even fucking think about it" I shouted to the other trying to leave. I quickly delivered a kick to his head. "Fucking brats" I mumbled as I left the unconscious bunch on the sidewalk.

I quickly entered my empty apartment, falling onto my bed in less than a fraction of a second, I sighed in relief. "I guess I do have some fucking anger issues" I whispered as I wiped the blood off of my knuckles. "Ryoma Echizen" I said name of the one who finally made me satisfied with tennis.

"Urghh" I screamed as I ruffled my hair endlessly. What the fuck is with my brain? One second I wanna fucking kill the brat and now I'm thanking him? Just what the fuck's going with my brain. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck" I mumbled as I paced around the room.

Let's see I thought he defeated me, thus he made me look like a fool in front of everyone. Therefore I want to kill him.

Makes sense right?



But he defeated me, thus he made me satisfied with the sport as a whole, that there is someone better than me, that I have room to improve that he put up a fight and made me realize that I received what I worked so hard to search for. Like in karate, I looked for someone who could defeat me. So I should be thanking him? What? Why would I thank him for making me look like a fool, but then she did do that… What? Wait did I just think she?

"Fuck I'm going crazy, or this shit is just confusing" I said out loud. "Okay one more time"

I thank him because he made tennis worthwhile; he made me satisfied with it

But I wanna kill him because he made me look like a fool

So I want to thank him and kill him

I want to thank him because… wait… why again?

"What the fuck?" I cursed as I continued to pace. At that point I wanted to smash my head into the wall. So I did. Just kidding. I did punch the wall though.

Wait. So why did I kill the brat back then?

"Game and match won by Echizen, Seigaku wins" the ref. said. "Please shake hands"

I quickly grabbed the boy by collar and pulled him slightly upwards, I was going to punch the brat and wipe that smug look off of his face. But the something made me stop.

I stared into his eyes; the fucking brat's eyes were even weird and full of that annoying cocky arrogance. But I saw something, something that stopped me from pulling through with the punch. Fuck, I'm not an expert on those shitty emotions but I swear I saw fear in those eyes. But that wasn't what made me stop. It was something else I couldn't quite place it but I definitely saw something.

"Oh shit, now I'm sympathetic aren't I" I wanted to pull my hair out; I wanted to take out my frustration on someone, anyone, preferably on that brat. I think I'm fucking bipolar.

Yeah, that has to be it.

Ryoma's POV

I smirked as I saw that glint of surprise on that face. I wanted to laugh and boast about my victory. I wanted to do everything to make him feel like a piece of shit. But at the same time I was afraid, after I had not forgotten the injuries he previously gave me. That was confirmed when he pulled me slightly off the ground in what seemingly was suppose to be a hard punch. I was afraid; no doubt about it but now way in hell was I going to show it.

Okay, maybe I did. But only when he pulled back his arm and was gonna punch me.

We had a bit of a staring contest before he decided to let go of me unscathed. Weird I thought, I was sure I was going to break a nose or get a black eye at the very least. "Che" I said, as soon as he left the court. I blinked back, and something caught my eye, his eyes that were usually filled with rage and hate but as he let me go, I swear I caught something, I think it was realization. I mumbled when I realized that particular emotion that I thought he was incapable of feeling. It was fucking sympathy.

Now what was he sympathetic for?

"Oiii, shonen, time for dinner!" my dad screamed, breaking my train of thought.

"NOT HUNGRY" I screamed back.

Urghhhh, now what was I thinking about again?

Oh yeah, "Akutsu, I swear if you thought I was weak or some shit like that then I'm going to kill you" I said to no one.

"Ne, Karupin, do you think I'm that weak?" I asked the cat.

"meow, meow" it replied

"Yeah? " I sighed deeply. "I guess I am aren't I?" I laughed lightly. "Wait" I furrowed my brows slightly. When that little boy, what's his face, Taichi, was talking to Akutsu he said something about him quitting tennis. So…

"Did I make him quit tennis?" I said out loud. "Shit" a wave of guilt washed over me. "Well, that's his fault for not being strong enough". I pushed the guilt aside.

I should really do something to get him back into tennis

But why do I care?

I don't, I just feel a bit guilty because it'd be waste if he wasn't in tennis

Why would I help him after he beat the shit out of me with fucking rocks?

Am I masochist?

Now that you mention it, I wasn't that angry when he… wait no… what? I was definitely angry.

"Okay" I came to a conclusion after hours of debating with myself.

I will get him back into tennis.

3rd POV

"Ne, Minami, it sure is peaceful without Akutsu san here" Sengoku commented in his usual cheerful voice.

"Yeah, I guess, but it sure is going to be a hell of a lot harder without him" the captain of Yamabuki replied.

"Well, I guess we just have to work harder" he gave a quick smile, "Well, boucho, I'm gonna go and pray that my luck doesn't leave me"

"Banji" Minami suddenly called. "Can't you do anything to him back on the team"

"Hmmm, don't think so" the man flashed him a creepy smile. "but you can try…if you want to die that is" he quickly added.

"Oiii, aren't you suppose to do what's best for the team?"

"Well I just don't want to die yet!" the advisor defended.

"So you want me to sacrifice my life, old man!"

"Well, it's better you than me!"

"You're unbelievable" Minami added. "Sometimes I wish I can go and wipe that creepy pedophile-ish smirk off of that wrinkly face" I mean he has to be a pedophile; all he talks about are the muscles of tennis and shit.

"Jin" a young woman beamed. "Why did you suddenly quit tennis?" she asked. When she received no response from her son she continued. "Jin, just because you lost once, doesn't mean you have to stop all together!" Oh shit. I hit a nerve.

"I never asked for your fucking opinion woman" he spat. "If you weren't my mother you'd be in the hospital right now" she watched helplessly as her son stormed off.

"I think I should just stop"she whispered to herself.

Akutsu's POV

"That fucking bitch" I cursed as I walked as quickly as possible away from that damn place. Frantically I looked around for victims, randomly lashing out at people; I didn't pay much attention to my surroundings.

"Fuck" I cursed as I slammed into another presumably another person. I blinked, grinning wildly before the pitiful victim had a chance to look up. "You should really watch where you're going, Echizen" I spat out, emphasizing the last part.

"What are you fucking talking about? You're the one that ran into-"he paused the second he realized just who he walked into. A moment of surprise caused some emotion in the brat before well, the cocky grin returned. "I was just looking for you Akutsu" he promptly got up and dusted the dirt off of his uniform. "Ne, you're really pathetic you know that? Akutsu senpai" he smirked, purposely pushing my fucking buttons. The plain mockery in his tone ate away at my ego, there's no way I was letting this go.

That brat's gonna fucking die today.

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