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Ryoma's POV

"As long as it is not killing myself or anything alone the lines of killing me or killing someone else or someTHING else" I paused trying to thinking of more exceptions. "in any case, if I had won I'd do the same to you, so I guess it's only fair" shrugging my shoulders slightly, I promptly turned around to leave the other.

"Anything?" he murmured again.

"YES! For fuck's sake get it through your dense-ass head!" I shouted, obviously ticked off at the idiocy of Akutsu.

"Geez, calm down midget" he shouted back.

"Whatever" I mumbled before picking my tennis bag up off of the courts and escaped the humility of losing. "fuck, fuck, fuck" I continued to mumble to myself on the entire way home. Having small fits of frustration, I practically pulled my hair in attempt to get in head of the psychotic senpai.

It's not like anything is going to happen


I silently contemplated with myself as I entered the house.

"Seishonen~ how was your date?"

"Great" I mumbled without much thought. Fuck I whispered realizing just what I had said.

"Awwww, my little brat is growing up!" the old man squealed, yes, fucking squealed. "Ne~ bring her over here sometime will ya?"

"No fucking way, pervy ass old man, you're embarrassing as hell" I retorted, dropping my tennis bag and proceeded to cross my arms.

"Who's the embarrassing one? Seishonen, when I was your age I was the best tennis player in Japan, with lots of fan girls" he winked at me, as if he was hinting at something.

What the fuck? "Creepy ass" I mumbled under my breath before realizing that it would simply a waste of time to argue with that dense head.

I threw my body on to the comforts of my bed before letting drowsiness take over.


"What?" I blinked furiously in an attempt to wake myself up, I took an blurry glance at the digital clock besides my bed. The fuck? 12:15 AM. Who the hell comes this late? I bet it's that dense ass senpai. "Hai, coming" I yelled as loud as I possibly could. Rubbing my eyes gently I walked down the steps in my house. "It can't be that dumb ass, no one is really that fucking dense" I mumbled slightly before arriving at the door. My shoulders were slumped as my vision began to return to me, I saw the outline of a pair of white sneakers, then abnormally muscular and long legs. "Fuck" my eyes wondered up the form. "What the fuck are you doing here?" I inquired, shock coursing through my body.

"Well, you said that you were my bitch for a week"

"So? That makes you thinks you can just come here at ungodly hours? Placing my hands on my hips, I shot him an incredulous look.

"A bet's a bet"

"Fine, whatever, what do you want?" I sighed deeply, yet another dense head has entered my life.

"Come with me" he stated simply.

"What? Why?"

"Don't ask questions bitch" he spat.

"Geez, calm down, let me change at least"

"Oh yeah, bring some clothes too" he said just as I was about to leave.

"Why?" I asked, suspicious of what the sadist had in store for me.

"I can't leave my bitch unattended" he smirked.

"Well fuck you then" I cursed, shooting him a glare. "Old man, I'm going to be away for a while" I said.

"To spend with your boyfriend?" he inquired.

"No" I replied simply, choosing not to get angry for his stupidity.

"Oi~ shonen courting my son at the door, treat him nicely and gently or I will beat your ass" he yelled to Akutsu.

"Fuck my life" I mumbled under breath, proceeding to gather a few days worth of cloths. Quickly, I hoped out of my old tennis shorts and shirt and slipping on a new set. Before leaving, I quickly grabbed my cap on my bed and placed it on my head. "Bye, Karupin, I'll be back soon" I whispered.

"Let's go" I walked out the door, promptly ignoring the idiotic comments being made by my father and the equally idiotic retorts made by Akutsu.

"Brat" he called.

"What?" I sighed, rolling my eyes slightly. I didn't like it when people disrupt my sleep.

"You're going the wrong way" he murmured.

A flush filled my face as the embarrassment from the mistake spread throughout my body. "Shut up" I turned around to follow the taller man. "Ne~ Akutsu senpai" I asked. "What exactly do you want me to do?"

"Fucking nosy brat" he snorted, "can you cook?" he asked out of the blue.

"EH? No? What the hell? What do you think I am a fucking girl?" apparently that hit a nerve, the thoughts continued to ramble on in my head.

"Fuck man, I know you're a little brat but I can't cook for my life and I can't stand my mother, I get hungry" he mumbled again.

"Alright fine" I sighed in agreement, stupid bet, stupid bet. I pouted slightly before starting my rambling again. "You know, if you end up dying from my cooking don't blame me. Because I'm NOT a girl, so I CANNOT cook, I repeated I POISON people with my cooking" I made random arm gestures in an attempt to convey my message.

"Nop." He turned around a bit, smirking wildly. "You're going to do it whether you like it or not" He said, turning into a small convenience store.

"Fucking sadist" I cursed again, but unwillingly I followed him in.

"I want some eggs, some soup and some meat, get on it bitch" he smirked wildly.

"Fuck you" I said, tossing him my bag of stuff in the process. I grabbed exactly what he had asked for and promptly walked over to the register. Getting a suspicious glance from the cashier, "get your ass over here dumbfuck" I shouted across the store, grinning as I caught a comical vein popping on his head.

"Bitch" he murmured as he paid for the items.

"Let's go fucktard before it's too too late eat" I teased whiling grabbing the bag full of groceries I headed out.

"This way bitch" he came out after about a full ten minutes.

"What the fuck were you doing in there?" I asked.

"Buying some beers" he said, signaling at the bag in his right hand.

"Aren't you underage?"

"Who gives a fuck? Plus, I don't look it" he said in his normal tone of voice.

"Whatever" I tried my best to ignore the situation I was about to get myself into. It wasn't

a far walk, after about ten minutes we arrived at the supposed destination. It was small apartment building with just two floors. I followed the man upstairs and stood uncomfortable behind him as I began to search for the key then promptly opened the door.

"Well at least your house isn't shit hole" I mumbled.

"Did you expect it to be?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah" I nodded in response.

"Kitchen's over there, I'll be in the living room waiting." He said promptly. I swallowed an uncomfortable lump in my throat.

What the fuck did I get myself into?

Walking into the kitchen, I figured everything couldn't be too hard to figure out.

I cracked the eggs, cooked them, took the miso paste, added water to it. But then yet again, I didn't know how to fucking cook, meat especially. Nanako always prepared my food. I despereately tried to remember a time where I watched her cook.

"Fuck" I cursed as I tried to rewind the memories. "Fuck it" I cursed under my breath, deciding to just put some salt and pepper on the slab of meat. Turning the heat under the pan on, I put the piece on it. Not long after it was done.

Putting everything on some plates I brought them over to the dining room. "Drunktard" I yelled at the man drinking a can of beer on the table. "Here's your damn food" placing the plates on the table, I threw the chopsticks on to it.

"Thanks a lot bitch" he murmured before proceeding to devour his food.

"Good?" I inquired, eyes drifting back and forth from the TV to his eating form.

"Not bad for a brat" he said between swallows. "Take a drink" he gestured at the semi-full bag of beers.

"I don't drink" I commented, raising an eyebrow at the three empty cans on the floor.

"Don't be a wuss" he spat again.

"I'm not, I chose not to get drunk off my ass" I retorted.

"I'm not asking to get drunk, relax brat" he mumbled, apparently deciding to give up on the topic. "Not my fault you don't want to admit that you can't hold your alcohol."

My eyes widened at the comment, I didn't think Akutsu was that kind of a person, purposely provoking me. "Fuck you man" I cursed, overwhelming pride flooding my body. "I can fucking drink if I want to"

"Then do it, plus you're my bitch" he said plainly before returning his full attention to the food in front of him.

Challenge accepted, I thought silently to myself. Promptly, I grabbed a can of beer, opening it as if it were a can of fonta, I brought the cold metallic can to my lips. I caught a glimpse of the sadist's curious expression. I took a long swig of the bitter liquid, face cringing slightly at the unfamiliar taste.

People willingly drink this? I gawked at the can in my hand. Shrugging slightly I figured that I'd need some of its medicinal purposes for this week of sadistic torture.

"Thanks brat" Akutsu yawn slightly before pushing the tray away from him. "Clean up will ya?" he said.

"Fuck you" I whispered, downing the entire can before even trying to get up.

"Woah there brat, don't rush it" he teased. I felt my head slightly spinning, I propped myself up to take the plates to the sink.

I turned myself back around only to see the sadist reaching for yet another can of beer. "How many are ya gonna drink?" I asked, speech only slightly slurred.

"I don't know, how ever many it takes to get drunk like you" he tilted the can back.

"Fuck off man" I retorted, reaching for another can of beer while making a mental note that alcohol can indeed take away the stupidity of some people. I laughed slightly at the mental and note and proceeded to take another long swig of the beer, this time, enjoying the feeling of the liquid going down my throat. I glanced at the form of the sadist, who seemed utterly unaffected by this alcohol. I shrugged slightly before returning my attention to the TV screen in front of me. "Gosh" I whispered, letting out a loud burp. "What have I been missing?" I said, slightly delusional. I reached for another can of beer, the last one in the bag, only for the sadist's big ass hand slap mine. "What you do that forrr?" I questioned, caressing my hand.

"You've had enough brat" he whispered, brining the can towards him.

"No" I whined, still reaching towards him for the can of beer.

"You're fucking drunk already" he whispered, opening the can and took an long drink while maintain our eye lock.

"Fuck you man" I whispered, moving closer to the older man. "Just give it to me"

"No" he held the can further for emphasis. I caught a glimpse of his eyes, just slightly wandering from object to object. So it does affect him. I thought to myself.

"Ne… brat, stop coming towards me, it's creeping me out"

"No, give me" I tried a desperate reach for the can only succeeding in falling on top of the older man. "YES!" I shouted as I continued to reach for the beer, completely unaware of the position we were in. Tipping the can back, I promptly emptied it of its essence. "I win" I whispered, looking down on the form I was currently on top of.

"Great for you kid, but wanna get off of me?"

"And if I don't?" I said, I felt my mind slightly slipping away from reality. The growing sense of confidence and the sheer stupidity in not considering consequences was definitely a tell tale sign.

"Bitch, I fucking order you get off of me" he spat.

"Fineeee" I whined, slowly getting off of the man, purposely trying to take as long as I possibly could. I yelped in surprise when the sadist propped himself up onto his elbows to stare straight into my eyes and proceeded to forcefully push me off of him. "Fineee, I can get off by myself."

"…" his eyes were half lidded as he continued to push me to the ground, switching our positions within a few seconds.

"Akutsu?" I inquired, for the first time tonight panicking on the inside. "AKUTSU!" I shouted, still no response, just the same blank stare. My eyes widened to meet the half lidded grey orbs of the elder. Fuck man. I cursed mentally as I swallowed uncomfortably, being not accustomed to the heavy weight on top of me.

Our lips brushed

My body tensed at the sudden contact, I was froze, my mind failed to function for the briefest second we share some sort of contact. I blinked furiously, trying desperately to regard my senses so I could control the situation, and I knew that. With that, he firmly pressed his lips down. Sneaking a glance at his expression, not surprisingly, the deadly grey orbs were hidden. His eyes were closed shut tight.

I laid there, taking in the scent of the sadist. Suddenly I snapped out of my trance and promptly pushed at the chest hovering above me. "Stop" it was a small and quiet command, but I suppose he understood its meaning clearly. He lifted his head immediately, a slight bit of worry and uncertainly in his otherwise lethal gaze. I continued to push him off of me, almost unwilling I pushed away the warmth that had once hovered over me.

An extremely awkward silence hovered in air, although the kiss was that brief, it was nothing but an innocent peck on the lips, my drunken mind failed to comprehend the true significance of the simple otherwise innocent kiss. I swallowed nervously, back still against the floor, a slight throbbing sensation pulsing through my head. I covered my forehead with an arm and closed my eyes in an attempt to block the blinding light from the TV. "Fuck" I whispered as the dizziness filled my mind.

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