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She was heading home from her usual Saturday morning grocery shopping in the small market down the road. She was bringing to plastic bags full of cereals, cabbages, milk and a bunch of other stuff. Having the two hand occupied, she stopped for a moment from walking back home when her blue purse fell from her shoulder, and she needed to put it back in place, to be able to keep walking normally. That was when she saw a man with sunglasses and a black dog saying to apparently no one:

- Hey, could you help me, please? I need to call my wife, but my phone ran out of battery. Please… I really need to make a call.

At first she ignored it, but she started noticing the man was trying that to everyone that passed by him. She realized the man was probably blind, so she decided to help him out.

Feeling her hand on his shoulder and her voice addressing to him, the man turned towards her:

- Oh, thank you so much. I thought no one was going to help me today! My phone ran out of battery and I need to call my wife so that she can come and pick me up. Could you help me?

- Of course, no problem, you just need to give me the number so that I can dial it and I'll let you speak with her. – She said.

The dog started smelling her, and she didn't really enjoy that. Somehow the man sensed she was uncomfortable about the dog's presence, so he said the dog wasn't harmful, that in fact he was pretty well behaved, and would only do what he'd tell him to do. But by some reason, that didn't comfort her. There was something about that dog that scared her, even though he looked sweet and cute. As a matter of fact, almost any dog would make her feel like that.

- Again, thank you so much! – He replied while looking for something in his pockets with his brown leather gloved hands. – I just need to find a card that I have here somewhere with her number, because I don't know it by heart. Oh, I guess I found it! Here… it says Anabelle and has the phone number, right?

- Yes it does. Let me dial it for you. - the woman said, taking the card on her hand. So she started dialing the numbers on her phone, clicked the "Phone" button and handled the cell phone to the man in front of her.

He made his call…

It might have taken one single minute, maybe two… but no longer than that. She was sure about it, but in those minutes she started feeling a weird weakness, like if her bones were now made of rubber. Her legs tried to stay standing, but every second passed it was harder to manage to do that and in those short minutes her whole body gave in. In the little time she had left conscious she tried, but she couldn't figure out what was happening to her. She didn't understand it. Then she looked up, and so the man standing there. "What have you done to me?" – the words she tried to yell came out as nothing but a whisper, because everything around her was already fading away, and darkness settled in. In that last moment before closing her eyes, she just thought of one person, and how badly she didn't want to leave him, she couldn't.

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