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- Hotch, we found her! Send the paramedics in! Quick Hotch! – Emily Prentiss yelled into the microphone attached to her Kevlar body armor.

Whilst she was informing Hotch, with her gun held firmly pointing to the now dead beasts, Reid, who was right behind her, ran towards the broken figure of his best friend.

He knelt in front of her, pushing one of the dead dogs body away from her. The doctor pressed two fingers into the blonde's carotid artery, hoping to find any sign that her heart was still beating.

Once she was sure the beasts were dead, Emily followed Reid's moves and knelt on the other side of JJ's body. She had never felt so terrified in her life… JJ was just so… lifeless.

Two tears streamed down her face while her eyes were dangling between JJ's bloody form and Reid, waiting for the doctor's reading of the blonde's artery.

The young man's eyes and hand hadn't moved for what seemed like an eternity to Emily, and that left her fearing the worse.

- Reid… - She asked, impatient and worried with the doctor's silence - Is she alive?

Fifteen minutes earlier.

The tension inside the speeding black SUV was growing at every second. They were now entering the unpaved track into the woods. But they had lost contact with Garcia and Rossi moments earlier. There was no cell service in that area. "Damn it", Morgan thought as a bump in the road made them slightly jump from their seats.

Luckily Hotch had told Garcia, minutes before they lost contact, to send an ambulance to their destination, and hopefully the vehicle wouldn't take much longer than them to get there.

- There's the warehouse! – Morgan stated as a big white building appeared in his line of sight.

Hotch made him sign to stop, with his hand, and Morgan quickly slowed down and stopped the car, turning off the headlights.

- We better go on foot now. If Bornes notices us it might lead him to kill JJ faster. – Aaron Hotchner said to the rest of them.

They heard from Garcia that Bornes had whipped JJ, and from Rossi's voice they were informed of the last message left on the chat box.

- Morgan, you have to get there as fast as you can! The last order was sent from a Grand-Master and it says "End her suffering, with suffering". He's going to kill her! – Rossi said into the cell phone on Garcia's desk, while the tech was crying and sobbing in panic.

- Guys, he's leaving the room! He's… - Garcia managed to scream into the speaker not long after Rossi's information.

She was going to say something else, but that was when they lost service. Morgan tried to reconnect with Garcia, but that was in vain.

- Why is he leaving the room? – Will asked worried whilst grabbing the front seat to pull himself forward to be able to look at Hotch that was in the passenger's seat.

- I don't know, but let's hope it gives us more time to rescue JJ. – Hotch replied without taking his eyes of the road.

The four doors of the SUV opened almost simultaneously and five pairs of feet stepped out. The four profilers took their guns out of their holsters. Prentiss, Morgan, Reid and Will waited for Hotch's indications.

- Here, Will, take this – the stoic man whispered as he took a small revolver from a second holster attached to his leg, beneath his pants. He handled the gun to the man and then turned back to his team. – We don't know if he's outside or inside the warehouse. And so we can't assume JJ's still inside either. So, Prentiss, you, Reid and Morgan go inside. Split yourselves there if needed. Me and LaMontagne will go around to check if Bornes is somewhere around there.

Nothing else needed to be said. With a nod all of them started walking towards the white building, guns in hand. They tried to make the least noise possible but it wasn't very effective due to the leaves and stick on the gravel ground.

They were still all together, a few steps away from the entrance doors, when a dog's barks started emerging from the back of the warehouse, and not long after they heard what looked like someone running. Morgan looked at Hotch, and what he expected was ordered. Hotch made him sign to go to the right side of the building's perimeter, and he and Will started running to the left side.

Prentiss and Reid remained still, near the entrance door, not knowing whether to stick with their previous destination or to follow Morgan and help them get whoever was running on the back.

Their decision was instantaneously made when they heard a loud scream coming from the inside of the warehouse.

- JJ! – Prentiss yelled. She started running in the direction of the screams, with Reid following her close behind.

They could see light coming from a room in the left end of the building, and that was where the screams and furious roars seemed to be coming from.

The two profilers ran to the door and found three dogs attacking their friend, whose deep blue eyes were now grey and bleak.

Emily held her gun firmly and shot the three beasts. With a whine, the dogs released their teeth from JJ's arm and legs and dropped dead, one on top of JJ, and the other two by her side, on the bloody floor.

The brunette contacted Hotch over the mic whilst Reid knelt on the left side of the blonde woman to check her pulse.

Reid, is she alive? – Prentiss asked. The tears streaming down her cheeks.

The blonde's eyes were now closed, which worried Emily even more. Then Reid finally spoke, once he found what he was hoping for: a weak and soft, almost unnoticeable pulse. JJ's heart was still beating.

- She's alive! – He moved a little closer to JJ, eyes widened. He grabbed her hand. – JJ, can you hear me? JayJe, it's me, Spencer, you are safe now…

Despite his talking, JJ didn't seem to be reacting to anything.

- Hotch, where are you? We need the medics in here right now! JJ's still alive but she has lost too much blood. Where are you? – Emily yelled again into the microphone.

A second later a breathless voice came through their earpieces.

- Thank God she's alive! We caught Bornes! He was running to the highway, but we caught him. We are going back there as we speak. The paramedics have arrived and are on their way to you already. – Hotch replied.

While Reid was still trying to get some reaction from JJ, Prentiss got up and ran out of the room to point out their location to the paramedics.

- JJ, c'mon! Don't leave us. Don't leave me. – Reid said. He was still holding her hand. Suddenly he felt a small squeeze in his hand. His eyes widened at the feeling and he lifted his head to look at her face.

- Spence? – the nickname came out of her lips not louder than a whisper, as she managed to open her eyes for a fraction of seconds.

Opening her eyes was like setting fire to all her wounds, and a wave of pain sent shivers through her body. She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes shut again whilst an agonizing groan left her lips. But she hadn't been imagining things. They were really there. She was alive. They had found her.

Reid looked back to see Emily returning with the paramedics.

- Easy, easy. Yes, it's me. You'll be fine. – Reid told her, cuddling her cheek with his free hand.

JJ woke up in the hospital bed, startled from a nightmare. The blonde woman tried to move but a shudder of pain stopped her. She turned her head to her left and saw a sleeping William LaMontagne on the armchair by her bed's side, and a little blond boy on his lap, playing with the buttons of his shirt.

She smiled softly. After fearing so many times she would never be with them again, it was really good to see those two there. Her family, her life.

- Hey there buddy. – She said with a weak but loving voice.

- Mommy! – the three year old shouted, jumping down of his father's lap, waking him up in the process.

The little boy tried in vain to climb onto the high bed. Will, who was now fully awake, helped him. JJ smiled to her son, and lifted her right arm to cuddle his hair.

- How are you Henry?

- Good. – the boy answered, with a worried expression while he looked at his mom's plastered left arm and the stitches in her cheek and shoulders.

- How are you feeling, Cher? – Will asked with his southern tender tone.

- I'm … - she was interrupted by a crying and simultaneously smiling and overexcited Garcia, who stormed inside the hospital room.

- JJ! You're awake! Oh my God, I thought I was going to lose you. How could I ever live without my sweetest, dearest, most caring pumpkin? – The tech almost jumped on top of her, hugging her and filling her cheek with kisses.

- Pen, you'll lose me if you keep strangling me like that. – JJ managed to say with a weak smile.

- Oh my God, I'm sorry! I am just so excited to see you awake. Did I hurt you?

Behind Garcia's shoulder JJ saw the rest of her team entering the room. And so she didn't need to answer Garcia. Prentiss and Morgan walked in first, followed by Rossi, Reid and Hotch. Reid and Prentiss were particularly glad to see that her eyes were vivid blue again.

- Hey fighter! How are you feeling? – Morgan asked.

JJ glanced at Will with a small grin. She could finally answer his previous question.

- I'm okay. I bet they drowned me well on painkillers. – the blonde forcing a smile. – How long have I been out of the world?

- Two days, sleeping beauty. – Emily answered with a tender voice.

- Technically, one day and eleven hours since you came out of surgery. – Reid corrected.

- Thanks for the detail Spencer. – JJ said, smiling.

Garcia glanced around the room and back to JJ, whose eyes were fixed on her son. But the tech knew JJ probably had questions to ask, and so did the team. And that conversation shouldn't be heard by a three year old.

- Hey my super cool godson, do you wanna go buy some doughnuts with me? – the tech teased.

- Yes! I'll bring you one mommy! – Henry said, jumping down the bed and running clumsily towards the exit door with Garcia.

JJ smiled at the picture of them two leaving the room. But once they were gone, her features turned blank and serious.

- What happened to him? – JJ asked. Although she wasn't specific, they all knew who she was referring to.

- He's probably protecting his ass against some lonely corner, in prison. And he'll, most likely, be doing that for the rest of his life. – Rossi answered in a funny tone.

JJ wasn't very glad with the news though.

- So he's alive… - the memories of his captor and what he done to her flooded her mind. He could be imprisoned but he was alive, and she couldn't avoid the fear and mostly the anger she felt. She wanted him to be dead.

Emily knew what was going through her friend's mind, so she tried to ease the atmosphere.

- Well, but he took some little reminders with him to jail, didn't he Will? – Prentiss smiled at Will.

JJ looked between them, without understanding what she was referring to. The southern man smiled back at Prentiss and then showed JJ his right hand. His fingers and knuckles were wrapped with a white bandage. She lifted her eyebrows and her mouth opened in shock.

- What happened, Will? – JJ asked.

- Nothing, - he said with a shrug – I just beat the crap out of the son of a bitch who almost killed the love of my life.

JJ smiled gently, looking down at her left unmoving arm as she remembered those terrifying beasts biting and ripping her arm apart.

The room remained in silence for a few seconds, and then JJ started speaking again.

- You know what, Will? We will never have a pet dog… Ever!

A few laughs filled the air.

Will leaned forward and placed a soft kiss into JJ's lips, caressing her face gently.

- What about a hamster? – He asked with a smile of his face.

- Sounds much better.

The End.

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