Hi everyone, I am new here okay now if anyone of you know about the anime sailor moon, then you must have seen the episode were Serena spanks rini(episode 54 in the English version) you must have seen that while Serena was spanking rini, rini's moon symbol activated and that stops the spanking and Serena was only able to give rini 4 swats. Will this is my idea about what would (should) have happened if rini's symbol didn't activated. So sit back and enjoy.

Rini was just entering the room where the scouts where sleeping after rini put sleeping position in there tea.

Rini was about to look for the sliver crystal, but what she didn't know was that Serena didn't drink the tea and was waiting for her Serena then grabbed rini from behind and picked her up for will you know.

"Guess what? I didn't drink the tea". Serena said. Rini then turned her head in shock.

"Sneaking that sleeping position in the tea, you need to be spanked" Serena said and then with 1 swat spanked rini's bottom. Rini twitched in shock.

"Now tell me where your from and who you are, and why you are after the sliver crystal?" Serena said then slapped rini's poor bottom again which made tears to start to from in rini's eyes.

After a few seconds, there was no response from rini, and so Serena slapped rini's bottom again, which made rini start to cry her eyes out.

"Even if you do cry I won't forgive" Serena said and once again slapped rini's butt again which made rini cry even more.

As the moon symbol began to appear on rini's forehead, luna-p which rini dropped when Serena grabbed her was watching what was happening to rini and decided to use its powers to stop rini's moon symbol from activating without either Serena or rini noticing what was happening.

The reason luna-p did this was because after seeing what rini had done, realized rini needed to be tot a lesson.

After rini's moon beam was stop Serena continued to spank rini and gave her 6 more swats on her poor poor bottom.

"That should do it" Serena said placing rini in the corner for a time out.

The whole time rini was in the corner she was crying her eyes out while Serena was sitting on raye's bed waiting for rini to come down a little.

After about 10 minutes rini had come down but was still crying a little. Serena then decided to pick rini up and placed her on raye's bed.

"There there rini, it's over now" Serena said then continued "now please tell me why you did all this"

"Sniff sniff because my mommy is in danger and I need the sliver crystal to save her" rini said.

"Why didn't you just tell me instead of doing all this stuff?" asked Serena.

"Because I was scared, I thought I couldn't trust anyone, and I though you wouldn't help me" rini answered.

"Oh rini of course I'd help you, I just wish you told me sooner, and because you didn't, I had to spank you for being naughty, and I'm sure your mother wouldn't want you to save her by doing naughty things" Serena said.

Serena then rubs rini on her head which makes rini smile, and then hugs her. Rini then hugs Serena back.

The end. Hope you liked it.