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The Promise

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For the first few weeks after he'd come home, it just seemed that Winry couldn't stop crying. In the mornings, when she'd come down the stairs, her hair would be matted and wild, her cheeks red, and her eyes moist. She'd just look at him, and look away.

Edward had thought that, maybe, he'd done something wrong. That, maybe, she was upset because he'd been gone for another six months. Sure, he'd stayed at home for a couple years after the fall of the old Amestrian government, but maybe that hadn't been enough. He had felt bad, and had blamed himself for proposing and then walking away. She'd said yes, but he hadn't really considered her feelings before leaving.

This morning was very much the same. But, instead of wandering into the kitchen as she usually did, Winry went straight for the front door, and stepped outside. He thought about leaving her alone, thinking that she might get over it with time. But it had already been a good two weeks since his return. If it were his fault, he should have been the one to correct it.

Edward pushed himself off the couch and peered through the window. Winry was sitting on the front steps, peering down the road. He reached for the door, pulled, and walked right through.

"Winry?" She covered her face. He sat down beside her. "Is... something wrong?"

"No." It was a quiet, sad sound that came from her as she shook her head, blond hair falling around her shoulders. "No, Ed."

He didn't believe her. When Winry got mad at him, she either gave him hell or the cold shoulder. This time, it was the latter.

It bothered him, not knowing exactly what he'd done to set her off. He would have preferred her to be screaming and cursing him for being such a fool, not bothering to ask how she felt about him leaving again. He wouldn't tell her, but it had always wounded him when she cried. Even when they'd both been stupid little kids.

He touched her left arm with his right, moving around to circle her shoulders. "You're mad because I left again, huh?" It couldn't have been anything else. Edward wanted to smack himself. "Remember the promise I made to you at the train station in Central? I said that I wouldn't make you cry again. I'm such an idiot."

That's when she turned, throwing him off as she grabbed his arm. She was still crying, just as he'd thought. The way she was looking at him, with fire, Edward was sure that he was about to get it.

"Yeah," she said firmly. "You are an idiot. You didn't even come close to getting it right, you know. You said that the next time I cried, it would be because I was happy. Because you and Al got your bodies back." Winry smiled, her left hand in his right. "You kept that promise, Ed."