On one of the furthest corners of the Outer Rim, A man in a dark cloak covering his face was discussing a plot to throw the Republic out of balance with an enigmatic man from Naboo via holoprojection. As they were discussing their plot, the enigma paused and looked towards the stars of his world.

"My apprentice…I sense a great power on a planet not on record of the Republic…I want you to see what you could make of this. And hurry, I also sense that our enemy is aware of this power as well…." The enigma said with a low, sinister tone.

"I shall search for this mystery at once, my master." The man in the cloak acknowledged.

As he walked out of a hidden base in the Utipa System, he played with his beard, sensing a great power. Still contemplating, he went to his ship and commanded everyone aboard to take off out of the atmosphere and towards his specific directions.

"Lord Tyranus, there is a planet that fits the coordinates you gave us. Shall we head there first sir?" A lieutenant asked.

"Yes, I might just find what I was tasked to look for that much faster."

Soon the ship opened its solar sails and flew off towards the said celestial body. Tyranus shivered as the ship landed on the planet. He could feel the Force erupting from somewhere here. He calmly headed for the source with his lightsaber in hand. Walking into the vast vegetation of the planet, he felt as if there was no presence here. The man closed his eyes and waited for the Force to guide him. He soon locked on to the power again and headed towards it. As the day pressed on, Tyranus came to what looked like an old hut. As he approached, he sensed the most malice of intent. His pulled out his weapon and with a quick stroke, swung at a rusty blade giving off vibrations. He turned around to see his assassin, he saw a young boy, maybe ten years of age, glaring at him with his bronze eyes. This…child was strong in the Force….

Tyranus attempted a Push to knock out the boy but he imitated the movement and sent Tyranus reeling back into the wall of the hut. The boy charged Tyranus, only for the man to counter and dodge every swing and finally push the boy into a tree, knocking him out. This child was strong…is this the power his master sensed?

He went towards the child and moved the blade away from him. Upon closer inspection, the mild brown skinned child was indeed the source of the great power that both he and his master sensed. He moved the boy's braid locked hair to see his eyes. The boy still had killing intent even though his was unconscious. Tyranus sensed the area and knew why. The boy's parents had fallen here. He had to fend for himself. He looked him over once more before grabbing him up and carrying him to his ship. After boarding, he ordered the crew to take off while he placed the child down in a bed.

Hours later, the boy shot up and saw the man who defeated him sitting next to the bed, reading a holoprint.

"You know, for a child, you have excellent grasp of the nature around you. But it lacks…fine tuning. That is something I could offer you. I sense you rage over your fallen parents. I understand why you are angry. Let me help you hone that anger. Allow me to train you in your abilities."

"You sure talk a lot…" the boy said smugly.

"Ha-Ha. An impetuous one, are we? I like it. But you will show some proper respect for your elders. What is your name?"


"Well then, young Tan'nis, I am Tyranus. I am willing to teach. Are you willing to learn?"

"Yes…I want to have more…power…"

"And I shall give it to you." He smiled as his patted the boy's head, full of somewhat bedhead dreads. "Just don't hurt anyone on my ship until I get you to a proper place to train."


The youth soon took instruction from the man in the cloak, learning the ways of expressing anger through the Force. His power grew amazingly. In time, the boy was given the right to wield a lightsaber, like his master. He wielded two sabers with golden blades though typically only wielding one at a time. Through more training, the youth grew into a powerful weapon…of the Dark side of the Force.

After half a decade of training, the young man was competent enough to spar with another of Tyranus' warriors, Asajj Ventress. Tan'nis would always open with a Makashi stance that Asajj and Tyranus used, however as the battle progressed he would change into Shi'en, a more all-around type of stance. As flurry after flurry of light emanated from their weapons, Ventress was actually starting to get overwhelmed by the boy's heavy strikes. As soon as he made an opening, Tan'nis put some power into a Push and sent Asajj flying into a wall. She spat out a bit of blood before shooting straight up and seeing her Master Tyranus, who was also known as Count Dooku.

With the Count was a large Cyborg with a bit of a cough. He glared at the boy before looking at Dooku.

"Is this what you kept hidden away, Count Dooku?" the giant questioned.

"Why yes, he may be a key in our conflict with the Jedi. His skills in combat are…exceptionally high. Even for someone his age."

"Ha! I doubt that he could take on a real Jedi. Much less, myself."

"Care to test your skills, General?"

"I welcome the opportunity. Although I doubt he will last." The cyborg gloated as he pulled out two lightsabers and began his attack.

The giant began his attack by quickly rotating his wrists and cutting the ground in front of him towards the boy. Tan'nis calmly watched as he got closer to his opponent. The general quickly struck both blades down only for the boy to block and counter the blows. A vicious exchange of blows occurred before the boy got pushed back by the random attacks of his opponent. Totally off on his stance. The boy saw the wide opening and took the offensive. The General got irritated from this display of skill and pulled two extra arms out with a grand total of four blades pointing at Tan'nis. The boy watched the General's moments before taking a new stance with both of his lightsabers. He seemed more focused on destroying his opponent now. Using a variation of the Vaapad Stance, Tan'nis allowed his senses to excel and push back the cyborg's flurry with his own. Sensing a new opening, the boy pushed the cyborg back and jumped into the air to send a rain of blows on him. Before the ending stroke was delivered, Dooku used the Force to slightly push Tan'nis back, telling him he was done. The general sat in shock of the power of this child.

"I see that you had some trouble, General Grievous…" Dooku chuckled. "I told you, he is strong."

"That…I'll have to agree with….perhaps he can help me with a task."


"I have acquired information on a system willing house stations for our battle droids; however, one can assume that the cursed Jedi will try to engage us as we set up those stations. Perhaps the boy could assist in this matter."

"Hmm…perhaps it will test the boy's skill…I shall assist in this venture."

Grievous chuckled as the boy headed off to get ready for his newest mission.

The boy donned black leather robes that hid his face before he grabbed his weapons and headed onto Grievous' ship with his master. Before they headed off, Dooku instructed Asajj to be hidden so as to not reveal more than one Sith. Boarding the ship, they took off into the said system where vagabond planets gave them access to their resources. On all the planets, droid factories started being constructed quickly. As the Droid army became stronger, Tan'nis just looked to the stars…sensing out an enemy. Jedi…he sensed Jedi. He had encountered them before. There were missions that required him to take down several of them before they could take Dooku's life. He could feel their presence. Dooku looked in to the same direction and started sensing the same thing.

"Do you feel confident in your ability, my boy?"

"…Yes Master…"

"I expected them to show, I have encountered these specific Jedi many times…they are powerful and wise…when I give the signal…delay their advance and meet with me when you are finished…should you survive."

"…Simple enough."

The Count walked off to attend to the matters of the Army. Tan'nis watched the sky…waiting to face the Jedi.

Meanwhile, A Republic cruiser slowly flies into newly occupied Separatist space. Along with squads of clone troopers, the famed generals, Kenobi and Skywalker, are among the ranks. Soon the Separatist fleet caught them on their scanners and opened fire. As Clone troops were taking out the droids, Obi-Wan sensed Count Dooku.

"Anakin? I can assume you sense it as well?"


"Yes…and it would seem that he has gotten stronger somehow…"

"This is the closest we have gotten to Dooku. I say we get to him fast."

"I agree, just…don't act rashly."

"I won't. Don't you know how I work by now?"

"That's exactly why I ask this of you."

"Oh brother…"

"Anakin…I sense something else down there, which is why I ask that you be cautious."

Anakin left the strategy room and went to his quarters, where he found his Padawan on the way. Her name was Ahsoka Tano, a Togruta Jedi who had already proven herself on the frontlines. She was meditating, sensing a great dark power coming from the planet.

"Master…this operation isn't going to be simply taking down factories isn't it?" she inquired before opening her deep blue eyes.

"No…Snips, I want you to watch the troopers on this mission. I sense Dooku here. I don't want you to get involved."

"I can handle the Sith, Master."

"Asajj is not the same as Dooku, Ahsoka. He would take you down before you knew what happened. How do you think I lost my arm…?"

"Skyguy? Are you…worried?"

"Not about Dooku…There's someone else down there…someone who has the Dark Side wrapped around them. I want you to be careful, Snips."

"….Alright…" she groaned.


"Okay, Okay."

Soon laser fire was exchanged between the Republic and the Separatists once more. The Jedi evaded heavy fire and soon landed on the planet, quickly greeted by fresh droid troops. The three Jedi quickly countered the offensive and were covered by troopers. The Generals quickly took the advance to where Count Dooku was said to be located. Ahsoka commanded the rest of the troopers under her to take out the factories.

As the Jedi closed in on Dooku, they kept sensing someone watching their movements. After covering their tracks, Obi-Wan found a large facility that seems to control the other droid factories in this system. Dooku must be there! The Jedi advanced to the large station and were greeted by destroyers and commando droids. With assistance from Cody and the rest of the troops, the Jedi finally took out the scrap in their way and rushed to the command room, taking out anything in their way. They soon found their target. Count Dooku was just discussing future plans with Grievous before he took off. The Count looked casual and confidant.

"Well now, isn't this a surprise? Master Kenobi and the shining knight of the Republic Anakin Skywalker, what a pleasure it is to meet you here."

"Enough of the chatter, Dooku. We have you outmatched and outgunned. I'm afraid you will have to come quietly over to the Senate to face your crimes." Kenobi stated as he pointed his weapon towards Dooku.

"How confident you are Master Kenobi…Let us see what you have learned during this war."

"With pleasure!" Anakin rushed.

"Always on the move…"

Dooku quickly took a defensive against the two Jedi as troopers shot down any droids while trying to get a shot at him. The battle was a brilliant display of skill with the lightsaber; however neither side quite had the edge. The Jedi lost their breath from the strong defense Dooku utilized. The Count suddenly stopped and closed his eyes.

"….I am afraid I must attend to other matters at the moment my friends. But rest assured, I have someone who you can play with for a bit."

At that moment, Anakin and Kenobi felt as if a meteor crashed on them. The Dark Side was everywhere at once. Dooku casually walked off and waved his hand to lock up his ship. Soon…the boy landed with a crash, his eyes bright amber with the power of the Dark Side. He quickly pulled out his golden lightsaber and went into ready stance waiting for first blood. The Jedi rushed him simultaneously and seemed to have the advantage at first, but the boy soon opened his rage and pushed back the attacks and those of the troopers' blasters at the same time. The boy then used parts of developing factories to make a cage of sorts to keep him and the Jedi in.

"Oh my…it seems Dooku has obtained fresh blood." Kenobi stated while catching his breath.

"The Dark Side…he's using it like second nature…you ready for this Obi-Wan?"

"As ready as I'll ever be."

The duo, finding their second wind, rushed the boy once more. As the battle went on, more ways of the Force were being used. Pushes and pulls on the environment made the battle more and more dangerous. Off in the distance, Ahsoka could feel that her master was in danger…she gave orders to continue the assault without her before heading off towards the generals. Meanwhile, Anakin had become isolated from his friend by the boy. Anakin quickly used his skills to try and push back. The boy was off balance for the first time in this fight. Pressure gaining on him, the boy pushed Anakin with the Force before his eyes went bright yellow. He changed his stance to Vaapad and laid pure assault on both the Jedi. They didn't even have many chances to get balance from his blows. As the battle continued, the boy kept going with offensive, even going as far as imbuing lightening into his lightsaber to add damage to his attacks. The Jedi were defenseless…until the boy paused when he sensed someone else strong in the Force. Ahsoka had finally arrived, cutting through the cage the boy made with her weapon. Now the tables turned. Three Jedi were facing this powerful foe. The boy actually chuckled at his odds…

"Well…it is nice to know that…more of you are required to take me on…hahaha…."

"Ahsoka! Leave this place!"

"I don't think I can do that…"

The boy rushed during the argument and effectively fought all three of them in equal measures. They could not read what stance he would change to. They got overwhelmed again and again. Ahsoka was starting to go more toward her instincts and rushed to isolate the boy. Acting more aggressive, she pushed him out of the stage he constructed and jumped after him. She then began to attack using Shi'en stance, something Anakin tried to get her out of. The boy copied her stance and smiled…he started going easier on her. She kept her momentum, finding any openings and taking them before he blocked, which was hard to say the least. After a while, she Pushed with all her might and sent the boy reeling into a wall, knocking his hood off. His eyes calmed down a bit…

"You're strong…for a Padawan…"

"Don't mock me!" Ahsoka yelled as her emotions went up and she rushed.

"Ahsoka! Don't" Kenobi pleaded.

It was a bit too late. Ahsoka got Pushed into the air by the boy and hard and as fast as he could. The sheer impact made her almost throw up. He then pulled her towards him before pushing and pulling repeatedly, practically punching her insides. He then just held her in the air, watching the other Jedi as they watched the bludgeoning. He then looked at Ahsoka. He felt a bit…odd. Surely this girl knew she didn't have a chance. But something about her bravery…made him feel odd. He looked at the factories and smiled.

"I believe my job is done…"

After he made the statement, the factories that remained started to take off into the atmosphere and soon out to the outer reached of space. He was only buying time to get the factories to get ready to take off. After he saw that the task was done, he calmly pulled the Padawan back to solid ground before kicking her saber towards her and Pushing down, almost making a crater where she was. She screamed in pain of the powerful blow before gasping for air again. The boy donned his hood and walked up to her. She flinched when he kneeled towards her and...waved his hand over her body. It didn't hurt as much

"You make a good fighter…for a Padawan."

He calmly walked off and it looked like he was showing mercy. The boy looked at Anakin, sensing the Dark Side in the man. He chuckled and thought to himself.

The irony of your destiny is sickening.

Anakin ran to his Padawan and quickly started tending to her. Kenobi didn't even attempt to approach the boy. He ordered a retreat and the troops obliged. With the Republic Army returning to their ships, Anakin didn't not let Ahsoka out of his sight, making sure that she could recover fully from that fight.

"Ahsoka…I told you to stay back… with the rest of the squad. Don't you realize you could have been killed?"



"I know, alright! I'm fully aware that I could have died. But for some reason…I didn't…he didn't kill me…in fact I think he…healed me a bit…"


Anakin looked at her abdomen and saw it was healing faster. The boy…held back?

"We…need to find him again…" Ahsoka said absentmindedly.


"I sensed it too. That boy had something about him…even against us. He could have killed us at any time but choose to hold back the final blow…perhaps he just needs to be guided." Kenobi intervened while stroking his beard.

"We will discuss this LATER. Ahsoka get some rest….it looks like we lost this time."

"Or have we my friend?" Kenobi questioned.

Ahsoka calmly looked down at the planet before lying on her bed again. When her assaulter healed her, she felt something…gentler coming from him. For now she would rest.

All the while, Dooku watched as Tan'Nis looked over at the Republic ships fleeing. He felt a sort of calm coming over the boy.

"I see that this battle as benefitted you...let us not forgot that you belong to me though."

"Of course…my Master…"

The boy looked on wondering what that odd sensation was earlier. He went to his quarters and reached out toward the ship, feeling the Togruta female and healing what he could before the distance became too great…He then sat down and rested before the next mission was ordered.