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Prologue #2: Valeria POV

The hunt is what makes life surprising.

A long time ago, a deadly airborne poison, Miasma, swallowed our world. It's very touch deadly, it's very taste an inch closer to death. However, we have since discovered a way to fight it off, but others have discovered it as well.

Crystals. Our only means of protecting ourselves. They keep us happy, healthy for as long as they are able. However, like us, their power isn't permanent. Myrrh, the droplets of energy found in trees, is what keeps them alive. Such powers are guarded by monsters, wizards, goblins, the sort.

There are those who protect the myrrh, collect it for the crystals in their respective villages, called Crystal Caravans. However, those others that also know of the crystal's powers reign from another world. There are those who seek to gain it, utilize it for their own greedy purposes; then, there are those who are like us, those that seek to protect the myrrh, help us collect it, and collect it for few other uses.

….And I've met members of both sides.