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I hadn't seen him in years. Not till he walked in on our poker game. The table was filled with broken down actors and people who had nothing to do but lose money and hang out with thieves like us. Like me and Rusty, though I'm sure the others had their own share of prizes from shoplifting, we were different.

Most of them knew that we were different. Topher even had some deals with Rusty from time to time. But all of them were different. They didn't have money stashed in safes or a gun armory that could arm the white house or a phone with all the numbers of every person they ever did a heist with.

We weren't spies. We weren't hired for the government and never did any jobs for them. We didn't try to catch bad guys since the line between a thief and a bad guy is kind of thin.

We did have gadgets but we certainly weren't supplied them legally, since where's the fun in only having legal gadgets in a heist. I can't say how many times those illegal gadgets saved me from getting caught.

We didn't go to school for the stuff we do. Quite frankly many of us got kicked out of school for the stuff we do. But that doesn't stop a true thief.

I learned from the best. One of the best old school thiefs who knew what he wanted and knew how to get it. He taught me the ropes. How to deal with anything that came my way. By the time I was fourteen years old I was a true thief and had a major part in the Black Jacket Heist of 1985.

It shouldn't have surprised me to see him after all these years. The man that taught me everything. It shouldn't have shocked me after all I had heard through the grapevine his parole was up. But I was shocked.

Something a thief hardly ever admits or shows on his face unless causing a distraction or in private with other thiefs. Which I wasn't. I was among washed out celebrities and Rusty had just walked out for a smoke when Daniel Ocean my father walked in on our poker game and invited himself to the game.

"Are you gonna gawk at me all day or are you gonna hug your father?" he laughed with arms open wide as my mouth hung open in shock. My mouth formed into a huge grin as I ran and hugged him.

"Fill me in" I whispered into his ear.

"I will" he whispered back as we parted. I knew what was gonna happen as any good thief would know. Daniel Ocean was going to steal back what was stolen from him. And I was gonna help him.